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Fleet-fingered Father of Falcons

  • About Me​
    Without further ado, allow me to introduce myself properly: my name is Featherstone (he/him), but most folks call me Fea (as in the first syllable of "feather," not to be mistaken as "fae," which are not the sort I would dare take the name of lest I cause offense). I consider myself an advanced literate roleplayer, typically writing somewhere between 500-1500 words, but sometimes dropping as low as 150 or as high as 3k depending on where my partner is at and what they doth require, prefer, or otherwise request! As a general rule, I will write no less than a paragraph shorter from what you posted--typically I mirror entirely, but ah, such things are unfortunately fickle, depending on the state of the character, the situation, et cetera.

    Aside from this, one may always count on me to come through on OOC chatter! Send me a raven and I shall reply in a prompt manner, and if I do not, then my raven has merely gotten lost and I require naught but a second communication to inform me of this mix-up so that I may remedy it. I typically write a single main character with a rich cast of side characters, but I've dabbled in doubling and am certainly open to such things. I've even delved into doubling partway through an rp because a couple of the side characters vibed quite excellently. I tend to be a rather flexible fellow, willing to plot in detail or fly by the seat of my pants, always perched upon the edge of my finely carved cherry-wood chair and poised at my writing desk with inkwell in hand in anticipation of unseen character developments and plot twists. Also, in case this style of monologue hasn't tipped you off already, I am most accustomed to fantasy, be it modern, medieval, or (dare I say it!) historical (but not much and not very well so bear with me if we do something like that).

    To avoid making this positively interminable, I shall conclude with a few bullet points as far as what you can count on from me:

    * Typically daily posts, often more than one; generally no more than a week between posts, with few exceptions
    * Pacific Standard Timezone
    * Very LGBTQ+ friendly
    * 500-1500 word replies on average, and a willingness to use the edit button if you need more to work with or I missed something
    * Avid world/lore-building
    * OOC chatter
    * Original characters & worlds & things, I don't really do fandom at all :/
    * Really bad puns and sometimes being really extra
    * Random bird facts and pet pictures
    * Male, female, and enby characters, tho rn most of my muse preferences are male
    * Any pairing, including platonic
    * Smatterings of mediocre BBCode and maybe even (genuinely) bad sketches
    * Probably a fair amount of hat tipping
    * Dark & mature themes, but not with pointlessly excessive explicitness
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