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Fandom Monsters of the leaf village ROSTER (cs page)

Neon Chilli

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Heyo sheet is below. Know that some stuff may need to be edited or changed as these characters will have backstory together
Notable info:
(birthday, height, mannerisms, whatever you think should go here)
( description and a picture if you can.)

Likes and dislikes:
Backstory/clan info:
(if making a original clan explain a bit about them.)

Kekkei Genkai: (if your clan has one)

Best at: (how you have been trained to deal with a tailed beast host, be it taijutsu, Ninjutsu, genjutsu, sealing techniques or emotional manipulation of some kind.)

Jutsu you know: (if I determine a genin shouldn't be able to do this I will ask you to change it)

(It's implied all students who make it as genin know the simple things such as clone jutsu, transformation, escape ropes etc pretty sure they are all E level jutsu)

((If you wanna make a jinchuriki list that in the sheet somewhere and give a tad about it))
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Name: Suzume Kotone [雀, 琴音]

Age: 11

Birthday: December 21st

Height: 04"11

Weight: 98lbs [44kg]

Blood Type: AB-

Mannerisms: Kotone is known to be a rather 'professional' girl despite her young age, if almost unfriendly in the way she speaks to others. More privately however, she's known to be incredibly rude and informal, forgoing proper titles, honorifics, behavior, and even attaching improper nicknames to others, rarely referring to others by their proper names if she's comfortable with them. Her 'loving nicknames' as her teammates might refer to them, are simply a shortened version of their name... Less favorably, they only know her grandmother by the title of 'Bitchfest'.

Bodily, Kotone is very guarded around those she doesn't know, and tends to flinch away from unwelcome touch of any kind, going so far as to literally dive around the person who tries. She's marginally more accepting of it from those she's known... For pretty much her entire life. As a life fact she came into very young, in the Suzume Clan, if Suzume Rika touches you of her own volition, the woman has either incredible news, on her behalf anyway, or she plans to run you into the Godsdamned ground behind closed doors.

Less seriously, Kotone plays with her hair when nervous or agitated, and picks at her sleeves when impatient.

Handness: Left

Personality: Sharp tongued and dry humored, Kotone typically presents herself as a deeply jaded young woman with a rather... Morbid outlook on life. So yeah, Suzume Kotone is what you might call a misanthropic asshole, she's not overly fond of people, and much prefers the company of animals, and only those she considers hers and would very much like to keep it that way, for all appearances.

Beyond this though, her general attitude is relatively amiable if only for the fact that she likes NOT getting punched in the face. She's distant from most people, and would rather keep it that way, however she does have a few people she holds high respect for, as few and far between as they might be. Even the Kage isn't in this list, and she'd sooner die than admit either of her teammates are on it... So good look getting on it.

She also shows a notable soft spot for small children, and has, on occasion, been physically forced to let go of a toddler. This stems from her own childhood, and a want to at least give every child a single bit of kindness as she was given by her... Exceedingly few friends.

Appearance: Suzume Kotone is a notably slender young girl, if reasonably muscled from her time training with both her clan and at the Academy, and is noted for her long brown hair, typically brought back in a long sharp braid at the base of her skull, piercing green eyes, and pale skin. She is known to resemble her mother, Igarashi Tsubame, greatly.

Typically, her wardrobe consists of very dark colors, and is typically known to wear form fitting, sleeveless, mesh undershirts with a longsleeved navy blue overshirt that reaches to her mid-thigh, a dark green overcoat that's at least three sizes too big for her, long dark green leggings, and navy blue shorts that reach just below her knee, with the pockets along her shorts littered with rather... Clunky expansion seals, very basic in design.

She has three weapons pouches on her person, two are strapped to her left thigh, for easy access, and are filled with Genin regulation kunai, shuriken, and ninja wire. The third is strapped firmly to her right hip, and is full of blank sealing scrolls, white, blue, black, and red ink, numerous brushes, and a small, if incredibly thick, Kanji based dictionary, with two smaller books based on other languages found in the Elemental Countries.

Likes: Unadon, Drawing, Fishing, Harp Playing, Dorayaki, Anything relating to pork.

Dislikes: Natto, Tempura, Mitarashi Dango, a lack of ink, flimsy brushes, Dealing With Idiots That Are Not Her Idiots, Icha Icha: ANYTHING.

Backstory: Suzume Kotone was born out of wedlock to the couple Suzume Mukuro and Igarashi Tsubame, who, do to Tsubame's status as a civilian born Iryo-nin, and therefore 'useless' in the adding to the bloodline, were not permitted to marry, even after their daughter's conception, however, the clan did lay claim to Kotone as a member, if only to keep their Kekkai Genkai to themselves.

Clan Info: The Suzume Clan migrated to the village several decades after it's primary establishment, and set up shop, originally, as artisans and merchants with an odd bit of Jutsu up their sleeve, it was only after their head at the time, Suzume Seimei, married Uzumaki Sorako, did they begin to transition into a clan of Shinobi proper, (although, Sorako and Seimei married for love, not political reasons).

It was their grandson, Suzume Ryou, after that, that began the 'Selective' marriages that led to the development of the Ribinguāto: Ketsueki, which took hold as a very special ability that the Suzume Clan took pride in. By moving their blood with their creations, they can bring them to life, and it was often encouraged in Seal Work, of which they are most known for.

Their most notable members, to this day are Suzume Fumikage, the first member to openly develop their Kekkai Genkai, Suzume Kin, the wife and teammate of a previous Kage, and Suzume Hiro, their founder.

Suzume Kotone, will never be written in their history books, as they see no reason to write down the name of a girl ultimately born to die young.

Kekkei Genkai: Suzume Kotone did not inherit the Suzume Clan's 'Ribinguāto: Ketsueki' [Living Art: Blood] Kekkai Genkai. And, was, instead trained in the clans numerous Sealing Abilities instead, although, Kotone does wish she had, if only to be more useful, (to add just that bit more kick in case things really do go south).

Best At: Sealing Techniques [Her Next Best Talent Lies In Ninjutsu, Followed Shortly By Arythimitic, Genjutsu, And Taijutsu.]

Known Jutsu:

  • Transformation
  • Clone Technique
  • Body Flicker Technique
  • Body Replacement Technique
  • Tree Climbing Practice
  • Water Surface Walking Practice
  • Basic Expansion, Explosion, and Water Based Seals.
  • Currently being tutored rigorously in the art of Seal Repair, Reconstruction, and Pure Creation.
  • Mizu no Waruasobi (Trick of Water): A very simple technique which involves a simple flick of one's hands and a muster of sweat in the fingers. A precise flick comes from of the hands or even a shake can be made as if trying to get something off one's hands. The water streaks from the hand of the user and towards the enemy's eye. This unexpected irritation can blur their vision.
  • Uo Tsuba (Fish Spit): A simple jet of water shot from the mouth. It can hit with enough force to stun you if it hits properly. It can be done up to 5 times in succession, or one jet can be shot. To give an example of its power, Mist academy students usually use this technique to play a game much like tag.
  • Heki no Jutsu (Burst Technique): An overall simple move that is generally taught to genin to assist in generating and controlling chakra for the sake of ninjutsu, the shinobi vents electric chakra from his entire body, causing anyone that touches or attacks him to receive minor electrical shocks and burns. The shinobi cannot move while in this state.
  • Nagare Isou no Jutsu (Current Transfer Skill): An overall simple yet very effective technique, the Shinobi creates a sort of electrical current on his hand, this current can then be transferred onto any weapon he happens to be holding at that moment be it a kunai, senbon, shuriken, or even a sword. The next physical attack he performs is charged with this electrical current, if he blocks a weapon attack with his own weapon the current transfers over shocking the attacker. If by chance the user is not carrying a weapon he can transfer this current into his opponent's weapon shocking him, or can even hit him with this current.

Ninja Rank: Genin

Affinities: Water and Lightning Natured

Academy Graduation Age: 11

Ninja Registration No.: 012421

Family: Suzume Mukuro [Father] (Alive)

Igarashi Tsubame [Mother] (Deceased)

Suzume Kisuke [Paternal Uncle] (Alive)

Suzume Aiko [Paternal Aunt By Marriage] (Alive)

Suzume Ichiru [Paternal Cousin] (Alive)

Suzume Toshirou [Paternal Cousin] (Alive)

Suzume Misato [Paternal Cousin] (Alive)

Suzume Chiasa [Paternal Cousin] (Alive)

Suzume Sorahiko [Paternal Cousin] (Alive)

Suzume Nanami [Paternal Aunt] (Alive)

Suzume Ushio [Paternal Uncle By Marriage] (Alive)

Suzume Jun [Paternal Cousin] (Alive)

Suzume Akio [Paternal Uncle, Clan Head] (Alive)

Suzume Yuuki [Paternal Aunt By Marriage, Clan Matriarch] (Alive)

Suzume Airi [Paternal Cousin] (Alive)

Suzume Tohru [Paternal Cousin] (Alive)

Suzume Rika [Paternal Grandmother, Caretaker] (Alive)

Suzume Katsuhiko [Paternal Grandfather, Caretaker] (Alive)

Igarashi Namiko [Maternal Grandmother] (Deceased)

Igarashi Yuuya [Maternal Grandfather] (Deceased)

Igarashi Subaru [Maternal Uncle] (Alive)

Igarashi Yui [Maternal Aunt By Marriage] (Alive)

Igarashi Tsubame [Maternal Cousin] (Alive)

Yamada Haruki [Maternal Uncle By Marriage] (Alive)

Yamada Naoko [Maternal Aunt] (Alive)

Yamada Daiki [Maternal Cousin] (Alive)
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