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A place for submitted character sheets. Do your thing, everyone. ;-)


I suppose I'm back. Hello again.
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Placeholder for now. Will fill in the details later.

Name: Your character's name

Character Summary (this is just quick few words that encapsulate the notion of your character)
ex: "Beautiful Dreamer Far From Home", or "Socially Awkward Pizza-face"

Age: Your character's age (in Earth years, of course). 15 -18 years old's should be in high school already, unless they have been held back in their studies.

Sex: Are you a boy, or a girl?

Orientation: J/k no one cares, this isn't a romance RP If you feel it is paramount to your character, you may briefly mention elements such as sexual orientation in the character's background field. Please keep rule 3b in mind, please.

Build: Chubby, Skinny, Stout, Lanky, etc.

Height: In feet and inches

Weight: in pounds (optional, just make sure to specify body type in build)

Occupation/Rank: if applicable. For characters still in school, simply put "student"

Distinguishing Features:
- Bright, blue eyes
- Weird birthmark on left hand
- Tattoos
- Scars
- etc.

Background: A few brief paragraphs that entail the gist of who your character is: Where they came from, what they do for fun, their personality, goals/ambitions, etc.
Skills: please try and keep this realistic. A small-town highschooler is not likely to know rocket science or astrophysics, nor is it likely that they have a black belt in karate

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