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Fantasy Monster Mash- CS



There is nothing to fear
1. Read the lore first it will give you an idea of the world your putting a character in and i will not accept those that wont fit.

2. Monster are required to have some form of mythology or "real" monster history. In short you cannot make up your own monster species but must use existing monsters. Though there is much room for individuality in how you tell their legend.

3. For the time being only DL-3 or below monsters can be made. Human agents are expected to be Badasses in whatever field they specialize in. This is not the rp for the Innocent and weak characters. Damsels will be left in distress.

4. Multiple characters are allowed but you must keep it neat, put multiple characters in spoilers on the same post you will see an example of this in my roster.

5. Ask me before using any higher teir monsters in your history. Most of the DL-4 and all of the DL-5 are controlled and managed by me and my soon to be picked Co-gm.

6. No metagaming, powerplaying, or 4th wall breaking will be allowed period.

7. If i ask you to edit something please do so with minimal debate, you can make your case but if it doesnt change my mind odds are it doesnt fit the world.

Appearance: (I prefer images but a written discription can work as well if its very detailed.)


Age: (nothing is older than 5000 years and you must pitch the character to me via dm if you intend to be older than 800 years old as most monsters were killed by that time.)

Species: (what are you)

*Monster Genre: (see lore)

*Danger level: (Max is DL-3)

*Inspired mythos: (what legend is your monster based off of?)

Nation of origen: (where did you come from)

Faction: (monsters cannot be members of the Divine Order or the Knights of the Round)

History: (what is your individual beings history how did they make it to where they are today. The older the being the more history i expect to see.)

Personality: (how do you behave and who are you to those around you, keep in mind allies are almost absolutely nessicary for survival in the late game so dont make yourself too unapproachable.)

Natural abilities: (what powers and abilities does your creature naturally come with.)

Learned abilities: (any powers spells or skills that were learned over the course of your monsters life but didnt come naturally to them.)

Weapons/Equipment: (whatchu got on ya?)

Weaknesses: (All beings have weaknesses. Personality and mental state is not a viable weakness.)

Hobbies: (what do you do in your free time.)

Likes: (at least 5)

Dislikes: (at least 5)

Other: (anything you want to add.)


There is nothing to fear
Name: Frank Stein

Age: 326yrs

Species: Human Simulacrum

*Monster Genre: Aberration

*Danger level: DL-3

*Inspired mythos: Frankenstiens Monster

Nation of origen: Italy

Faction: U.N. Saint Squadron

History: In 1770 the man known as Victor Von Frankenstein was born in Italy. He always seemed to be obsessed with science and medicine, eventually with this obsession resulting in the creation of a new lifeform in the year 1793. This life form was Frank and he was a farcry from what was expected. He entered the world with an otherworldly flash of emerald lightning that has since never been seen again. For nearly a year he lived with his "father" until one day the Catholic church's Inquisitors came to hunt the monster and the man who created them.

The priests managed to slay the man but this only brought a hellish fury from his monster who watched his father die. Despite their magic and experience the thirteen inquisitors found themselves torn apart by the creatur and his seeming immunity to their efforts to slay him. After wards the final inquisitor gathered a mob and chased the fleeing monster into a barn with his fathers body where they set the structure a blaze. Frank used the shifting shadows cast into the night by the blaze to make his escape into the nearby woods and from there he spent nearly a century being the thing that he had been told by the mob he was...a monster.

He wandered north towards Transylvania where he encountered a ressurected dracula forming an army of monsters to wage a genocidal war against humanity. For several decades Dracula took the monster under his metaphorical wing and trained him in combat and magic hoping to create a mighty general. However it was around that time that frank started to view humanity as his brethren after all his father was human and he refused to believe he was a weak being. Thats when frank turned against dracula and went to leave only to find dracula less than willing to let the Simulacrum walk away. The two had a brutal battle that cost frank his arm and half his chest, not to mention a fall off of a mountain.

Yet Frank survived and again wandered the world, occasionally raiding freshly dug graves for spare parts to repair himself. Eventually this lead him to a Tibetan monastery full of Monks where he was accepted by the small community. He spent seventy three years living and training with these Xiaolin monks. He mastered Martial arts and more importantly became enlightened and accepting of his place in the world. It was this enlightenment that allowed him to make the decision to save his monk brethren.

As the Nazi party searched for monsters and mystical beings they came to the monastery and threatened to wipe it out until frank agreed to go with them. He was held with them for nearly 20 years using the mysterious green force within him to open the dimensional gateway into the realm of the demons. However the allies managed to raid the facility he was in and he was again captured. This time by the british forces and brought into the newly formed U.N. organization as their first Saint Squadron member.

Since then he has spent 70 years helping the U.N to hunt down and eliminate monsters, Demons, and Dark sorcerers. His many adventures have lead him through the world, under the ground, and even through time and space itself. He has fought Dracula once more, punched out dinosaurs 66 million years ago, and even Been involved in the death of at least 2 dragons. However his greatest struggle came with the Greecian war god Ares and his attempted destruction or mankind via the cold war. This resulted in the death of the war god, at the cost of seven of franks Saint squadron allies, and several dozen agents and Researchers that were caught in the resulting explosion of Mt Saint Helens.

In the modern era frank has begun to display strangly Dark humor, and a personal hatred of Vampires and gods. However he is very friendly towards humans and seems to have developed a love for heavy metal music. However he seems to have a hard time relating to people and their problems, not sleeping, eating, drinking, or breathing makes it easy for him to forget others need these things. However he nonetheless seems to be content with his life the way it is.

Personality: Frank is an exceptionally calm and impossibly patient being. Usually very kind but in no way willing to let people walk all over him. Heis bold and fearless willing to stand toe to toe with a god and still smile and fire witty retorts the entire time. He wears the guise of ignorance well, but is very knowledgeable and humble. Though it is rare he has on a few occasions displayed a cruel and terrifying demeanour in the presence of those he hates.

Natural abilities:
Supernatural strength- Frank has displayed incredibly high levels of might even overpowering other creatures renown for their strength. His limits have been registered at between 85-100 tons.

Supernatural Speed- Frank is big and seems like he would be a lumbering creature. However that is far from the truth, he has displayed reflexes fast enough to catch missiles out of the air and his movement speed is hard to quantify on account of his teleportation abilities, he has been seen able to run down vehichles that move under 100mph while on foot.

Supernatural Durability- By far franks most pronounced and famous ability. His body morphs the flesh of newly attached parts into the greenish color his body displays. Once they are fully integrated which can take a few hours the flesh actually changes and he is easily able to withstand even high caliber rounds fired from vehichles like jets. Even point blank shots from tank shells seem to only be a minor inconvenience to him.

Unnatural physiology- Franks body requires no food, water, oxygen, or sleep to function and will continue to function even when vital parts like his head or limbs are removed. His mind seems impervious to manipulations be them magical, chemical, or otherwise. His body cannot be manipulated even by highly skilled necromancers and he even seems unable to be moved or directly targeted by kinetic abilities. He also has an abnormal resistance to magic and has displayed the ability to easily pass through wards and barriers unhindered. Lacking blood or a blood stream also makes him unable to bleed or be effected by poisons toxins or venoms and coerosive materials have a hard time getting through his flesh. Finally he seems to have endless stamina literally never being exhausted or tired regardless of how much exertion or strain he endures.

Electrical power- Frank is capable of absorbing both mundane and magical electricity and storing it within his body to be unleashed as powerful magical electric attacks. He can also unleash EMP's and even manipulate magnetic fields to a degree.

Supernatural Movement- Akin to teleportation Frank is able to move himself through space at will so long as he is not being observed. The moment his foes lose sight of him he is able to appear anywhere that people arent currently looking. This ability has been the single largest annoyance to his handlers.

Soul searching- Frank is capable of seeing into the souls of man and monster alike. He cannot be lied to, and he can sense the motivation and alignment of any other being he lays eyes on. And if they are poweful enough he neednt even see them just feeling their "aura" is enough.

The Emerald Force- Information Redacted.

Learned abilities:
Unholy sorcery- Frank was trained by the Dark Lord Dracula in the arts of Unholy magic. Using this he is capable of spawning unholy weapons, unleashing destructive blasts of unholy energy and even coating himself in a burning aura of Unholy force that immolates those who touch him without sufficient power to do so. He is nowhere near the best practicioner but would still be qualified as a master of the unholy arts.

Way of the Xiaolin- Frank spend 73 years training in the Xiaolin temples, never needing to sleep. Because of this he grew into a wondrous master of their martial arts, particularly Tiger style as his dead and unnaturally hard hands allow his tiger claw strikes to cut cleanly through steel and shatter stones into dust.

Rock god- Since being liberated from the nazi's frank has developed an interest in Heavy metal music. He has learned to play the drums, the electric guitar, bass, and even the piano though he rarely plays the last one. He has many Famous songs published under the false name of Thunderstein.

Requip- frank has a wide range of infernal weaponry he can summon in a pinch, From javalins to swords and even a bow and arrow. Though He usually prefers to fight with his bare hands, his favorite weapon is an Electric guitar with bladed edges and the ability to summon electrical energy that frank can then consume and redirect. He is also very adept at using improvised weaponry such as wrecking balls, cars, and even other monsters. He has even been known to use his own severed limbs as clubs.

No healing- Franks body possesses no ability to heal. If he is damaged the only way to repair it is to graft new parts from corpses onto his. Even then it takes at minimum 3 hours for the grafted flesh to be turned from human to frank flesh.

Music- frank spends most of his free time making music, uploading it onto the internet and donating the procedes to orphanages around the world.

Meditation and Training- Frank will spend the time he isnt making music in deep meditation or sharpening his martial arts skills.

Likes: Music, Other Saints, his life, Humans, and Tacos

Dislikes: Dracula, His "Father", Being ugly, human haters, having to fight people.

Other: Frank is the first member of the Saints squadron and the longest serving official ally of humanity. He is widely known by both monsters and agents in the U.N. and is usually called "Mr.green".

Name: Vladimir Tepes

Age: 588

Species: Vampire Lord

*Monster Genre: Cursed Being

*Danger level: DL-4

*Inspired mythos: Dracula

Nation of origen: Romania

Faction: Army of Darkness- Leader

History: Vladimir was born in 1431 over a century after the Black plague ravaged the world. His life as a man can be found in the history books as he grew into the impaler. However his death was a little bit less true than history would have you believe. As when he was a young man he encountered a witch, the last if the coven of witches that had started the black plague in order to gather the dark magic generated by the death of millions. She told vladimir this story and he asked if she would grant him some of this dark magic in order to vanquish his enemies. The witch agreed and let him tap into the Black pool stating he would receive what he could survive.

The witch was horrified when she found that Vladimir was able to survive all the power she had gathered and he indeed took it all. Forever changing him into the most powerful vampire lord in all of history. He took the witch as his first meal to thank her for his efforts and returned to his nation and proceeded to do just as he said he would, he crushed his enemies in horrific ways that were purposefully removed from history. It took him less than a century to become disgusted with humanity and decide he would be their doom.

He started by waging war against his neighbors but found his armies to be easily vanquished by the superior forces. Finally his own people turned on him burning his palace to the ground and he knew that humans would not be his tool he turned his sights to the supernatural world instead. He began to recruit and create monsters of his own eventually encountering a powerful demon who taught him his infernal magic before meeting the same fate as the witch who made him.

Having fed on the Demons blood Dracula aquired an even higher teir of power becoming the Dark lord of Monsters. After another century he had built an army of monsters and was aiming to take out the traitorous nation of Romania, that was until Frank arrived. Vladimir was smitten with the nature of the creature and aimed to make him his General, teaching him the same magics the demon once taught him and continueing to amass an even larger army. That was until the day his student ironically betrayed him and tried to take his life.

Unlike his own masters however vlad would not be brought down. He blasted his protege in half with a tremendous force then snapped his neck and cast him from his mountain fortress. It wasnt long after his fight that he and his army met their end when a man named van helsing came with Excalibur to slay him and his army. Though he managed to bring the hunter down with him. However the story of dracula didnt end there.

When the Nazi regime opened their hellgate with the horde of demons came the vampire lord. His time in hell only serving to further strengthen his dark power. He has spent his time since then gathering and producing new proginy and of course building an army. The Saints squadron had been sent to defeat him but he and his eldest three children were able to fend them off for long enough to teleport his entire palace thousands of miles away before then warping himself and his children back to his palaces new location. He has not been seen since that day.

Personality: Dracula is an obviously evil and cruel being, he punishes failure with death and rewards successes with infernal power. He is vicious and merciless to his enemies relishing in their suffering and torturing them as much as possible before they perish. Those who he loves or cares about however such as his children find a different side of the monster one who is gentle and kindhearted.

Natural abilities:
Vampire lord Physiology- Dracula possesses superhuman strength, speed and durability that greatly rival even other vampires. His strength is not his best feature as he has been physically overpowered by beings like Frankenstein's monster and alpha werewolves. Likewise his durability is not his best feature as he has shown that swords and bullets can damage him if they land. However his speed is remarkable and he easily ranks as one of the fastest beings in existence. Able to easily move at hypersonic speeds and has shown he can dodge lightining and even lasers and fast moving magic. He can easily leave after images and vanish before a persons eyes on his speed alone. He also possesses an incredibly powerful healing factor capable of regrowing limbs and organs in a matter of seconds. His senses are sharpened to the point where he can smell a being from miles away, hear the heartbeat of his prey from a dozen city blocks, see perfectly in the dark and notice details even forensic teams would miss, he can even taste the air like a snake and detect foes that hide from his smell or hearing. While not immune to toxins and poisons his healing factor paired with his dead body make the vast majority of them useless or at best a minor inconvenience.

Dark lord- Dracula's exposure to the dark forces of the Witch, the Blood of the Demon, and his stay in hell cause his body to radiate an aura of darkness that can cause fear and despair to form in the hearts of mighty monsters and even demons. This same aura makes him virtually impervious to Infernal, Darkness, and Unholy magics.

Learned abilities:
Unholy magic mastery- Using his unholy magic Dracula can corrupt the hearts of others, summon powerful demonic weapons or demons themselves, empower others with unholy energy and unleash destructive blacl fire which burns the very soul. He can also cast every spell frank can as he taught the simulacrum what he knows.

Darkness magic mastery-Using darkness magic Dracula can manipulate shadows into constructs, turn into creatures of the night such as rats, bats, and wolves likewise he can bend them to his will. He can use this to teleport between shadows and even have spells and attacks warp through shadows to hit his foes. Darkness magic also has a wide range of spells that weaken their foe in one way or another though dracula tends to avoid these as he likes fighting powerful foes.

Blood magic mastery- Dracula's final magical specialty is his blood manipulation. He has fine tuned this to be able to morph blood cells into a virus which creates Zombies, cause foes to bleed more rapidly, Create blades and other weapons from them, and most importantly amplify all of his physical abilities including his regeneration. He prefers to drink by killing foes and drawing the blood from the wounds with magic rather than fangs.

Armory-Dracula has a wide variety of unholy weapons he can summon and is said to have many magical artifacts within his castle including a philosopher's stone, the spear of destiny, and the Holy grail.

Sunlight- normally the sun will cause vampires to burst into flames, however dracula himself is powerful enough to resist this. However in direct sunlight his darkness magic if drastically weakened as is his healing factor.

Holy- Dracula is vulnerable to holy weapons, artifacts, and magics. That said he hs taken multiple blows from Excalibur, the most powerful holy weapon on the planet. He still was killed but only after four different wounds were inflicted on him by the sword.

Hobbies: Plotting global genocide.

Likes: Killing Humans, Fighting powerful foes, Frank, Building armies, Torture

Dislikes: Living Humans, Weak opponents, Demons, Failure, Excalibur.

Lies- Dracula is responsible for spreading many false weaknesses about vampires, such as garlic, running water, dead mans blood, and not being able to enter a room unless invited.

One True King- Dracula has not allied with any demons and in fact views those who do as his enemies. This is because they thought they could torture him in hell. Needless to say it ended poorly for all parties involved.


Age: (nothing is older than 5000 years and you must pitch the character to me via dm if you intend to be older than 800 years old as most monsters were killed by that time.)

Species: (what are you)

*Monster Genre: (see lore)

*Danger level: (Max is DL-3)

*Inspired mythos: (what legend is your monster based off of?)

Nation of origen: (where did you come from)

Faction: (monsters cannot be members of the Divine Order or the Knights of the Round)

History: (what is your individual beings history how did they make it to where they are today. The older the being the more history i expect to see.)

Personality: (how do you behave and who are you to those around you, keep in mind allies are almost absolutely nessicary for survival in the late game so dont make yourself too unapproachable.)

Natural abilities: (what powers and abilities does your creature naturally come with.)

Learned abilities: (any powers spells or skills that were learned over the course of your monsters life but didnt come naturally to them.)

Weapons/Equipment: (whatchu got on ya?)

Weaknesses: (All beings have weaknesses. Personality and mental state is not a viable weakness.)

Hobbies: (what do you do in your free time.)

Likes: (at least 5)

Dislikes: (at least 5)

Other: (anything you want to add.)

Name: Marshall Argossi

Age: 39yrs

Species: Human

Nation of origen: Italy

Faction: Divine Order, Exorcists Army

History: Marshall is a man whose name is both feared and respected among the monster community. He was born to a couple of Catholic Exorcist who werent particularly good at thier jobs leaving him to be raised by the church after they died when he was only 5 years old. Nonetheless he was not a man who would swear vengeance or Revenge, instead he followed in his parents footsteps becoming an exorcist By the age of 16 setting a record for the youngest person to perform a demonic expulsion in recorded church history. Yet he didnt feel pride in this act, instead he focused on helping the young girl to repair her life afterwards giving nearly every penny he had made to help her to find the help she needed after such a tramatic event. Needless to say this got him noticed by the higher ups.

He managed to continue to climb through the ranks of the exorcism sect of the church eventually meeting the same demon who slayed his parents. Much to both his and the creatures surprise he felt no rage or anger towards the being and simply absolved the creature of all its infernal power leaving it as as little more than an ugly human. Eventually he was granted access to the Apostalistic archives where he would spend close to a decade in solitude studying the texts of previous popes, exorcists, and even the 12 apostales of christ themselves.

He emerged only after a powerful demon had slain the previous pope. While cardinals and bishops argued over who would take the popes place Marshall hunted down the demon and manaaged to not only best the creature, but did so without any damage being done to his robes. Their bickering ended immediately for the first time in history an exorcist was needed to he pope and marshall had just proven he was the best exorcist they had. That very same year Marshall was named pope at the young age of 28 years old.

In his eleven years as pope Marshall has taken to combating the broken image of the church diligently hunting down those in his ranks who do not live by the word of god and excommunicaing them faster than they could say "Holy father". Not only that but he has also gone on personal missions to eliminate the demons and monsters who called rome theirs. His pressence alone making rome the safest city in the world from the dark forces. However after he encounted the Dark Lord Dracula he has begun to worry that something very dark is on its way to pay mankind a visit.

Personality: Marshall is a very kind and loving man who embodies the Idea of gods love. He is merciful even to his enemies while not being naive enough to leave them with their powers intacts. However those who would threaten the sanctity of his clergymen will find him to be an indomitable force with the unbreakable will of the Father above. Whats more is he is quite humble claiming anyone could do what he does if they would only walk the path of the light.

Natural abilities: N/A

Learned abilities:
Miracle worker- Marshall has cured diseases deemed incuravle including certain strains of the zombie virus, vampirism and lycanthropy. He has been seen transmuting matter, Rebuking darkness itself so that the room lights up,and even feeding masses of people with very little resources. He has even utterly reversed the damage of a burnt building and most impressively raised the dead.

True divinity- Marshell is not immune to the whispers of darkness. However his will is far beyonf that of a normal human and even that of gods pales in comparison. Telepaths and illusion casters may find themselves vulnerable to him reversing their powers and turning them against them. Those who have seen into his mind claim it to be brighter than the sun itself, searing their Retina and even on occasion permanantly blinding them. Furthermore creatures and humans alike with darkness in their hearts find themselves very unnerved by his pressence.

Angel of Justice- Information Redacted

The Bible

Human- The pope is still a human and dispite having divine kknowledge he will still die of age or grevius injury as any man will...at least most of the time.

Marshall enjoys living a normal life, due to this he will often wander the streets of rome in disguise so as to not be treated differently. He also seems to enjoy studying scripture and volunteering in his community.

Likes: Innocents, Those who seek to be good, nature, Cleanliness, Seeing people turn from evil to good.

Dislikes: Cruelty, False conviction, Lyers, having to destroy something, Wolves in sheeps clothing.

"True power comes from the Lord, What you have is not power but The false promise of it."
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Praise the sun
Appearance: 20F46B85-147A-48ED-9361-6F7B9E142965.jpeg(edgy asf but the closest I could find)

Name: Cain

Age: 29

Species: Demon

Monster Genre: Other-worldly being.

Danger level: DL 2-3(Not really sure).

Inspired mythos: Christian mythos

Nation of origin: America

Faction: U.N. Saint Squadron

History: Cain was born from the rare union between a human and a demon. Why this happened is really anyone's guess, Cain hardly knows either of his parents. Another demon eventually tracked down Cain's family and got into a battle with Cain's father. His mother was killed in the process and just before he could be killed the U.N. Saint Squadron appeared and ended up killing the other demon. Cain was found being around maybe three or four, he was already beginning to show a few demonic traits, so there was little doubt as to what he was. He was taken to the headquarters, and was basically raised, and schooled by a mage. When he turned fourteen an Imp showed up which seemed to be bound to Cain. Eventually he was put onto the Black squad for the facts that he had a few interesting and useful abilities, and he was generally easy to handle.

Personality: Cain is an energetic individual, he is hardly ever quiet and can often be brash. His personality can often annoy others, but Cain isn't a fool. He can take a hint on when to shut up and not make bad attempts at comedy. Internally Cain is constantly at odds with his demonic instincts, though if you couldn't stare into his mind and soul you wouldn't be able to tell.

Natural abilities:
  1. Strength and Speed: Cain is not too physically powerful though he is quite a bit stronger then your average human being able to lift several tons with limited strain. Cain can run at a top speed of around fifty miles per hour at a sprint, though his stamina is far from limitless and he can't go that fast for more then a minute or two. Though he does regain his stamina at an extremely fast rate.
  2. Regeneration: One of Cain's most notable abilities is regeneration. He can recover from just about any wound, he can grow back limbs. He can come back from being cut in half or from being beheaded.
  3. Fire and heat resistance/immunity: Cain is not harmed in any way by fire, be it magic or normal Cain can walk through fire like its nothing.

Learned abilities:
  1. Sharp shooting: Cain seems to be an incredibly good shot. This may come from the fact that he has a gift for mathematics and other forms of things that help him to judge trajectory.
  2. Mathematics: As a field Cain seems to excel mathematics. Though he doesn't like to do math as he dislikes anything where he has to sit still and think something through.

Weapons/Equipment: When it comes to weapons Cain normally only uses a pair of handguns, and sometimes carries a bow.

Weaknesses: Holy objects are a major weakness to Cain, holy water burns him like acid and he cannot heal from it or at least not at his normal accelerated fashion. Cain's regeneration is also grinded to a halt when he goes onto holy grounds, he is also attacked by headaches and nausea when he goes to holy ground.

Hobbies: Cain is a bit of an aspiring artist and spends a lot of his free time drawing or painting.

Likes: (at least 5)

-Fast paced music
-jokes(mainly dark humor)
-The color red
-optical illusions

Dislikes: (at least 5)

-cold things
-small fuzzy creatures

Appearance: 7EE0EA39-5DD0-4BB3-8303-ADF398AE740C.jpeg

Name: Toby

Age: No-one knows exactly how old Toby is though he insists he's been around for over five hundred years.

Species: Imp

*Monster Genre: Other worldly being

*Danger level: 1(normally). 3(Potentially).

*Inspired mythos: Christian mythos

Nation of origin: Came from hell, so?

Faction: Whatever Cain is apart of.

History: Where Toby initially came from or what manner of creature he is isn't really known. Apparently he lost some sort of bet with Cain's father and is now in debt to Cain's father and by extension his descendants until those debts are paid off. Toby first showed up when Cain was around fourteen and has stuck around since.

Personality: Toby is a whiney creature. He constantly complains that he has to do the bidding of a creature that is so much younger then him. He is loud and borderline unappeasable, Toby constantly complains and tries to get Cain to give into his demonic nature.

Natural abilities:

Toby's only real ability seems to be shapeshifting. Though he has a base form he can change into whatever form Cain wants him to be. Though he cannot go into the forms of incredibly powerful beings. The only other thing he has going for him is minor illusion magic. Though Toby can copy the physical forms and abilities of just about any monster he cannot copy they're magical properties.

Learned abilities:

Much of what Toby can do is a mystery as he barely ever shares any of his abilities with anyone, most simply take this as Toby being generally useless outside of shapeshifting.

Weapons/Equipment: Though not really a weapon or his Toby appeared alongside a clear crystal ball. Toby can be put into the crystal ball, which Cain often takes advantage of to get Toby to shut up.

Weaknesses: Toby's base form is generally weak and unthreatening aside from his illusions which can normally be easily seen through. Toby's shapeshifting give him whatever weaknesses his new species would have. If he becomes a werewolf he's weak to silver, if he becomes a vampire he can't be in contact with sunlight et cetera. Toby also has little to no control of his own powers and if Cain doesn't have him change he can't change.

Hobbies: Whenever Toby isn't doing something he claims to be plotting his revenge. What this means or who it is about is unclear but Toby's power is so inconsequential that no one worries about it

-Getting his way
-burning things
-being left alone
-Being put into a strong form

-Having to be helpful
-Quiet but insistent noises
-Bright Lights


Name: Blue

Age: 40

Species: Wyvern

Monster Genre: Beast

Danger level: 3

Inspired mythos: Western European mythos

Nation of origin: Switzerland

Faction: Lives mostly on her own.

History: As an egg Blue was found by a group of humans. They stole the egg and attempted to hatch it with the intention of gaining profit from owning a wyvern. Once she hatched it was apparent the humans had very little idea how to care for a wyvern or anything for that matter. Blue carries a few scars from the rough methods they used to attempt to train her. Eventually Blue grew to large for them to handle and escaped. She flew to a place that seemed to be away from most human society and has lived on her own for a long time.

Personality: Blue is an inquisitive creature and sometimes has too much curiosity then is good for her. Blue carries a great fear for humans as a result of her early life. She is a predator but does not carry any form of ferociousness outside of normal territorial behavior with other wyverns. Blue does not carry a lot of social skills and does not speak proficiently though she can put together simple sentences.

Natural abilities:

-Dragonbreath(Blue Fire)
-Incredible sense of smell
-Bladed tail(Which can spray foul smelling toxins)
-Corrosive blood
-Potent venom delivered via fire blasts

Learned abilities:

-Hunting and tracking prey.

Weapons/Equipment: Yeah Blue doesn't hold stuff.

Weaknesses: I can't think of any direct weaknesses a wyvern would have but I also can't think of any resistances either so swords, guns, rope, fire, magic just whatever.

Hobbies: Blue likes to collect shiny objects, in a sort of hoarding fashion.

-Warm places
-Shiny objects
-New things

-Things touching her collection
-Loud unexpected noises

Appearance: Finneas.jpg

Name: Sir Finneas Gargeous

Age: 45(mentally), 5(Physically)

Species: Human with his consciousness trapped in a dog.

Monster genre: Beast

Danger Level: 2

Nation of origin: United Kingdom

Faction: Allies himself with the U.N Saints Squad.

History: Finneas was a highly proficient mage in his youth. He has been involved in many different magic projects. He was working on a way to extend human life when he was attacked by monsters, who wished to stop his progress. Fortunately Finneas was able to move his consciousness into that of his dog just before his body was killed. He lived on but his ability to do magic was crippled as he no longer had access to thumbs. Today Sir Finneas uses his magical knowledge to assist the U.N in any way he can though his usefulness in any kind of field mission is small.

Personality: Finneas is a man who wishes to know how the world operates first and foremost. He is incredibly interested in the more scientific parts of magic and he constantly tries to apply rules to it. Nothing vexes Finneas more then the unexplained and when he can't explain something he will use almost all of his energy to try and explain it. Finneas is extremely obsessed with things being orderly, although his current form makes that complicated he still tries his best to keep things neat.

Natural abilities:

Dog physiology: Finneas has all the advantages of being a dog, enhanced senses, greater speed, and sharp teeth.

Learned abilities:

Magic: As a human Finneas was adept at many different types of magic. Some of them being elemental such as fire, lightning, or earth. Some of his magic had to do with shaping metal, and other had to do with creating holograms that would play out in the shapes of what had happened before.

Weapons/Equipment: Finneas still has possession of a book where he wrote most of his findings.

Weaknesses: Finneas in his current form cannot use magic as well as he used to. It is also on a much smaller scale then it used to be. As a human he could shake the earth but as a dog he can hardly raise a spike out of the ground.

Hobbies: Finneas still likes to experiment with different forms of magic.

-Classical Music
-Explaining the unexplainable
-Dog treats(Though he'd never admit it).

-People who speak too much.
-Sloppy people
-The unexplainable
-Being stuck as a dog.

Appearance: (I prefer images but a written discription can work as well if its very detailed.)


Age: (nothing is older than 5000 years and you must pitch the character to me via dm if you intend to be older than 800 years old as most monsters were killed by that time.)

Species: (what are you)

*Monster Genre: (see lore)

*Danger level: (Max is DL-3)

*Inspired mythos: (what legend is your monster based off of?)

Nation of origen: (where did you come from)

Faction: (monsters cannot be members of the Divine Order or the Knights of the Round)

History: (what is your individual beings history how did they make it to where they are today. The older the being the more history i expect to see.)

Personality: (how do you behave and who are you to those around you, keep in mind allies are almost absolutely nessicary for survival in the late game so dont make yourself too unapproachable.)

Natural abilities: (what powers and abilities does your creature naturally come with.)

Learned abilities: (any powers spells or skills that were learned over the course of your monsters life but didnt come naturally to them.)

Weapons/Equipment: (whatchu got on ya?)

Weaknesses: (All beings have weaknesses. Personality and mental state is not a viable weakness.)

Hobbies: (what do you do in your free time.)

Likes: (at least 5)

Dislikes: (at least 5)

Other: (anything you want to add.)
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Exiled Ace

Victoria Rosamund

Age: 647 Years old

Species: Spectre

*Monster Genre: Spectral Being

*Danger level: DL-2

*Mythos Inspiration: Somewhere between Voodoo, Egyptian, and ancient Roman, stemming off the usual "Dolls are creepy" vibe you might encounter in your day-to-day life.

Nation of Origin: Germany

Faction: U.N. Saint Squadron

Victoria wasn't always a monster. Once she was a human, born 1338, 9 years before the blight that struck Europe enveloped her life. She had lost her brothers and her youngest sister to the plague, leaving her an only child to a family of 3. Of course, her parents gave her more brothers and sisters as the years passed, but she had grown to be a very strong-willed person that had problems with forming attachments to others. Cut forward to the ripe age of 16, and she had just been gathering fruits within the woods that had bordered her entire village. Her siblings weren't of age to do this task by themselves, so it was up to her to do so, and today, she paid the price of going alone. Two highway men, haggard and gaunt, ambushed her just when she had stepped out from the green and onto the road.

She barely escaped after she dropped her apples, and a few ounces of blood that lingered on their blades when she escaped into the woods. There, she hid herself, and the gaping wound in her side that plip plip plipped a trickle of scarlet wherever she walked. Those men had dogged her until she had found a outcropping of rocks she could hide in, and that was where she lay, waiting for the men to leave, and waiting for the light to fade from this world.

She died there, but with such an amount of fear, anxiety, familial duty, and overbearing hate, she came back as a spirit shortly after, scaring anyone and everyone that entered the woods away. She was known as the Red Lady, for the misleading trails of blood she would leave wherever she would walk.

Time passes. Young girls disappearing in forests are only remembered for so long before the news has to find a new story. Her little hamlet had been changed. Her woods were slowly being cut down more and more each year, and as decades passed, one man decided it would be a good idea to start a logging industry. He was what many would call "eccentric", to say the least. Barnabas P. Wilson. Son of a rich logging monopolist who had a passion for women's fashion, Barnabas had been given the company on his father's deathbed. Wishing to honor his father's legacy, he began operations on a nearby wood, but his workers and men had reported a figure scaring them away from the site repeatedly, writing warnings in blood and brimstone. A demon, they would say. Of course, he set off to more profitable ventures on a different forest, but he thought to himself: "We have all this excess lumber sitting about in that place that these superstitious workers are complaining about. Why not make a mansion?"

And so he did. Mr. Wilson, owner of Barnabas Logging, created his house there. A large estate with a gate, windows, and a second story. This was his vacation home, where he took the time to do things like study, and pursue his true passion. Of course, he had multiple encounters with the Red Lady at this point, but he had overall pushed her out of his mind, focusing solely on his work. He even had, in a particularly well intentioned wine-fueled episode, commissioned a lifesize wooden doll, to help better his hobbies of creating clothes.

This gave Victoria the perfect vessel to enter the world, and truly exert her will. She remained dormant inside this doll, and as Barnabas was affixing a bonnet for a new outfit he had created, she had strangled him to death, and nobody ever found his body.

Years pass now, decades even. People come and go. Moving into the strange mansion, before long disappearing or moving out within a month. Victoria had been killing them all the same now, for centuries. This grew boring. Quickly. Living alone in the woods was one things. Mortal concerns often kept mortal minds at pace with itself. Victoria was no mortal, she barely had time to be a mortal, as she had spent most of her time as a ghost. She didn't even know what had happened to her family. Were they still alive? Time had passed her by, and now her forest was mostly gone, replaced by streets and lights that came from strange glowing boxes. She had watched Barnabas sow all those years ago, so intently did she want to practice. To be alive again. That's what she would do. She would be alive again.

So, in the later months of 1969, she had begun to adopt the times. She made sure to reconstruct her doll from the inside out, and to never talk. It was an interesting experience for her, as if she was stepping into a whole new world of possibility, one that was entirely alien to her, despite it being filled with faces that were once like her own.

It took only a month for soldiers to burst through the roof of the mansion she had grown to love. She had tried to fight back, with less than lethal force, just as a challenge, but these men had muskets that didn't need to be loaded after every shot. She had told her house to defend her, but as the planks reached out to restrain arms and club away guns, she had found herself shattered, and her very essence sealed away.

Some time passed, and she was presented to a group of people, and what she could only be sure was the end of it all. A bright light in the shape of a cross. They made one demand. "Work for us, or we'll send you to wherever you should be going." Her freedom was gone, for the time being, but if she had herself sent to heaven or hell, she wouldn't get a chance to get it back. She agreed, and she was funnelled back into a body that felt familiar, yet distinctly different. Rebuilt. Reborn.

Now, Victoria works with the U.N. in their quest to capture or dispatch supernatural entities and return them to where they should be, wherever that is.


Victoria can appear to be this distant, shady figure, whose mouth never moves and eyes never blink. Always watching. Always listening, as if plotting your downfall at this very moment, waiting for the perfect time to unravel your very life with a few short gestures, and a wave of apparitions eager for you to join their ranks.

Rather, if you were to actually swallow your fears and approach her, you would find a somewhat awkward, but very excited person ready to greet you with every wooden grain fiber of her being. Her possibly forced, cheery demeanor is something that may seem unnerving to most, is something that she forces herself to undertake with a genuine undertone. Years of murder can change a person, and when forced to work with others, pretending to be nice is the least you can do for everyone else that so happens to work with you.

Otherwise, she would be communing with the spirits of the dead, hers or not. She finds it easier to talk with them than the living, but they always tell her that there's much more to learn from the living than the dead. Paradoxically, she likes to stray out from her encampment and into the city to experience "life" before she gets caught and turned back in.

Natural abilities:

- Deadwood: Victoria can manipulate most any type of non-living wood to do her bidding. The less processed it is (laminated, cut, etc), the more control she can exert over it. This can be used to send a hail of wooden splinters at a person, or to haul a large log out of the way of an objective. She can even finely manipulate wood to change texture, shape, and size. This also extends to being able to sense wood, of course, and dead matter.
- Spirit Siphon: Decades of murder have left Victoria with a collection of spirits at her beck and call, still frozen in terror from when she had extinguished their life. She can release them after they accomplish a final task. Scaring somebody, fetching something, sending a message over very long distances, etc. Of course, these spirits are freed, but she has such an abundance of them, that it does not matter to her. She can add new spirits to her entourage by killing people.
- Ghostly Voices: Due to her current form, Victoria does not speak using vocal cords, as wooden manikins do not have those. Instead, she is able to project her voice into the minds of others directly, her words echoing into their mind. She can change her voice as well, and even briefly stun a target by being incredibly loud inside their head.
- Frighten: Years of scaring others have given her a very useful edge: Stealth, and giving people heart attacks. No, seriously. She can pad her footsteps expertly, and appear in places she really shouldn't be.
- Legend of The Red Lady: Some things that should not be, simply are. Victoria can emulate things from her own life with dizzying effect. She can bleed real blood, produce rotten apples from nothing, and even grow hair out of her manikin, as if she were a real capricious apparition.

Learned abilities:
- HEMA: Since joining the U.N., they had trained her in multiple martial art forms, and even in the art of swordfighting. She was not a skilled swordfighter beforehand, but now she is competent with most types of blade (longsword, shortsword, dagger, etc.), but some more exotic weaponry (bo staffs, nunchaku, sais, etc.)
- Sowing: She had been stalking Barnabas for some time, and attempted to partake in his hobbies. Mostly sowing. She knows how to sow a mean dress together.
- Information Gathering: The U.N. gave her ideas that maybe, not everyone is telling the truth. Having a very large amount of ghosts keep tabs on what people say and report back to her is very, very useful.

Victoria does not keep much on her person. However, inside her person is a different story. Within both of her forearms are shortswords that extend out from her palms, and a gun that she keeps in her stomach. She honestly has no idea how the gun works, but has it nonetheless.

Fire. Fire is a pretty relevant weakness for a being who resides in a vessel made of wood.
You know what else is relevant to wood? Water. That's also very relevant for something made out of wood.
There you go. She doesn't like fire, or rain.

Sowing. She enjoys trying to emulate the newer styles of clothing she hasn't yet seen before giving up and buying them for herself.
Sword fighting is incredibly invigorating for her, and she practices with her blades often enough to have to get her arms replaced every so often.
Cooking, despite the fact she can't eat. It feels right to her, having died in an age where food was to kill for.
Reading. Most reading is done on a phone for ease of access with a touch-sensitive prosthetic. She very much finds things like twitter and facebook fascinating.

Likes: Victoria greatly enjoys...
Baking, specifically baking. She does not enjoy any other way of making food as it can prove to be too "imprecise" for her.
Going out into society
Children. She hasn't killed any of those before.

Dislikes: The things that irks Victoria the most...
Being reminded that she's a ghost. She doesn't really want to be reminded of this.
This is sort of the same as above, but being reminded that she's inhabiting a wooden (or at least, mostly wooden) doll. It's just rude.
Priests. There has been more than one occasion where she had almost been forcibly exorcised.
Being chaperoned. Yes, she more than incurred that penalty on herself, but she doesn't hate it any less.
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The lord of randomness and the warp
Appearance: 1575793775616.png

Name: the smith

Age: incredibly difficult to gage but less then 800 judging by the armor’s design

Species: animated armor? armor wraith?

*Monster Genre: construct

*Danger level: DL-3

*Inspired mythos: English folk lore

Nation of origen: unknown

Faction: the forge callers



Natural abilities:
plasmatic mist: a sort of plasmatic mist the smith can emit from its helmet to be used as a weapon or if his armor is damage a spray of this substance is shot out, this stuff is incredibly hot and can be deadly to most being and melt most objects, although if smith does use it as an intentional attack its very easily dodged the damage to the armor however it not so easy dodgeable but it is basically him bleeding out constantly

mark of the forge: a sort fo symbol upon a willing not subject that makes then "part of the forge" allowing them access to the smith's vast banks of knowledge and skills so that he may have others to work in his sted.

matter assimilation: to repair his body the smith is able to assimilate metallic object onto his armor as to repair it, this can actually be done mid-battle meaning usage for a sword isn't him isn't the best idea

machine possession: any machinery the smith or forge marked have constructed the smith can directly control without the need for external assistance

Learned abilities:
runesmith: rune smithing self-explanatory magical rune carving some so old there many don’t know them or entirely knew runes bearing the smiths own twisted imagination
metalsmithing: self-explanatory
argumentation: the smith and his forge callers are able to merge metal limbs and other parts onto and into organic structures giving them magical powered depending on the runs on the metal, to many, or poorly made will cause the person to go insane, or brain dead

"rail sword":
"force shield"

Weaknesses: (All beings have weaknesses. Personality and mental state is not a viable weakness.)

Hobbies: experimenting on people

when people join him
"modern" tech
creating new things
improving others
"helping" people

Other: (anything you want to add.)
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The Morrigan

New Member
Name: Scathach ni Uanaind
Age: TBC
Species: True Fae?
Monster Genre: Divine Entity
Danger level: DL-3
Inspired mythos: Irish Mythology
Nation of origin: Scotland
Faction: U.N. Saint Squadron, The Morrigan

AppearanceScathach is an extremely beautiful woman of average height with long purple hair and red eyes, commonly found within some of the more refined if teasing clothes that highlight her curvaceous body. Her battle attire itself does not fair much better with a ornate purple dress with metal adornments and shoulder pads leaving the majority of her chest exposed. While such would such would seem impractical within combat, the design seems to allow for maximum movement while hidden runic enchantments provide the fortification required even in uncovered areas.
HistoryQueen of the Land of Shadows, Witch of Dun Scaith, Lord of Spirits, Warrior of Darkness. The being known as Scathach has gone by many titles though currently the foremost and last are most prominent as she serves as the guardian to the foreign territory/haunted ground of the true Isle of Skye. A being that has existed through countless battles to be known as "strong like a monster" she eventually ceased being human and started to be closed off from the world until events brought her back to life and to where she stands now.

Little is known of her life prior to transcendence, though it has been theorized that it was perhaps due to the land of her birth which lead to her eventual transformation. Scathach herself was known as a Scottish warrior woman and a powerful sorcerer who lived in an impregnable fortress known as Dun Scaith whose remains still stand upon the present day Isle of Skye. The island itself is one of several to be deeply connected with the Otherworld of Celtic Myth, a realm of ghosts and demons. Living where she did, the woman became known as more than human, even some equating her to a Celtic goddess of the dead whos task it was to look over the battlefields of war and lead the fallen souls of the dead on what was known as the deaths journey to the greatest of the otherworld's hence her appearance upon such locations. The truth of the matter however was simply she had become a chosen of The Morrigan through her studies and life of battle attracting the attention of the being, and soon had begun serving as one of the many servants in a not all too dissimilar way to the Valkyrie of Norse tales. She would seek out the souls of warriors specifically, but would also be responsible for collecting any wandering lost souls along the way so even began to be prayed to after the death of a loved one, in hopes she would appear and lead there souls to safety and past the dangers of the afterlife, or if she encountered a evil soul it would be left upon her isle to suffer until it had learned.

Her association with death itself left a dire mark upon the woman's character, perhaps pushing her further in their refinement of their skills and arts to maybe one day not befall the fate of so many collected, seeking out greater and greater battlefields and taking to such herself in turn, yet even still she was still human and despite appearances the scenes of so many unprepared for the realities of the fields began to sway her nature. This would eventually cumulate in her stopping one of the largest battles of the country, followed by her ascension as well as both gift and punishment from The Morrigan for forsaking her duty but the enlightenment gained by coming to a truth core to the being.

The Battle would be known as the Réalta Mochthrath, one with whom she had walked with the people of both sides with what actually took place having been lost to the ages but what remains was a single passage recovered from the scribe of a noble at the time.

“Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the stars shine bright, everybody lives. That was the day the Witch acted”

The acting of fate being defied and souls deviating from the designed route had greatly displeased the goddess resulting in Scathachs binding to the Land of Shadows as well as to be forever denied the true end she sought, though the action was multifaceted and within such came reward as befitting of the triple goddess as the true understanding of the value of life gained from the feat regardless of known consequence had allowed Scathach to grow in their affinity to a second of the goddesses faces. She had begun at where most would normally end, the affinity for death, and now stood with the affinity of life, Yet the third would be forever denied to her, for her journey would never reach its end on the wheel of life, her stream will never meet the great ocean and the severance would separate her from both in many respects. This would be the end of her existence as a human becoming something else entirely, yet even to this day she does not understand the true reasons behind the goddesses actions despite remaining one of her chosen, fitting for a three faced deity but frustrating none the less.

The first notable event following this in her story is the only that remained to this day in mortal minds despite attempts to conceal such beings from the world, when the young man known as Sétanta travelled to her Isle when it still existed within the material world in search of fame, and through their meeting would have her become his mentor. To those that could reach her fortress of Dun Scaith, which incidentally could only be accessed by crossing a thin tightrope spanning a gorge filled with boiling water and malicious screaming phantoms, she would teach them the arts of war and as many as 30 "feats", including pole-vaulting, underwater combat, and use of the spear and javelin/harpoon. Not only was finding this fortress exceptionally difficult as it bordered the Land of Shadows, but the training itself was so demanding that many died from it, and few were even capable of surviving it, yet he was a human who did.

Guiding him along his path as a hero and endearing himself to her even to the point she willingly granted him her favoured weapon, even while serving as the master of many pupils. This eventually lead to her involvement once again to her past life in the war with her sister who had claimed dominion over a neighbouring country, and although she argued with her students over their involvement she would eventually relent, her and the students "causing hell together".

Sétanta though instead of slaying her sister captured them alive at the culmination of the final battle of the war, leading eventually to becoming involved with her and as a result harsh punishment from a infuriated Scathach regardless of the action leading to a series of events that would unite the countries. Time would pass once again, the students leaving their master and many more taking their place over the years including her nephew and son of Sétanta yet she would remain alone upon her isle though using her abilities to view the final moments of her beloved students with both pride and mourning as they fell in battle as valiant warriors. Unbeknownst to her was The Morrigans involvement within Sétanta though such was not her story.

Due to her nature and shifting of the world, the true Isle of Scathach eventually become sundered from the mortal world taking its place as the Land of Shadows, a land of the dead as well the home to those the Morrigan had claimed, a difficult place to exist with their title as "Queen" being vastly different from the human one, but her spirit a lynchpin in its existence. Fortunately while stuck she did hold a unique position within the worlds able to view through from her realm, allowing her hold connection to the material world through the ages and final moments of humans, though still the isolation changed her once again as the wheel continued to turn.

This imprisonment did however come to a point of fortune or ruin depending on the view, as in order to protect the realm itself from access from another she would be pulled from such during a ritual of another, a being seeking ever greater power being a grateful liberator but in turn using leverage to have her become a mentor to many new students against her will. While normally she would have made taken her leave, doing so would have left the Land of Shadow open to the being which after seeing his actions could not be allowed, neither could simply rejecting him, for a moment she wondered if The Morrigans hand at work but never could confirm such. So for the time being she played her part until the moment arrived that she could make her leave from a new prison, teaching the students and ensuring they memorized it all especially the flaws, a teaching that would continue until the being that had enslaved her finally met his end and slipping from his story without a trace back into the world to live once more.

For the past several centuries she been expanding her work as a teacher and refining her arts for herself as well as finding new ways to live beyond battle, her time of servitude for the previous evil not dulling her passion for teaching and using such to pass on what she learned here and there. Her lives would be far too short however, being in one place too long would raise questions for the unageing woman but it was still life, eventually coming into contact with the U.N in the mid-fiftys and eventually the Saint Squadron itself.

PersonalityA beautiful young woman who possesses a light disposition, a queen and a teacher proven to be reliable, and for some reason or another, has the flavor of an elder sister that lives at the house next door. She can still go on.

Proud and not serving anyone anymore and overflowing with talent, she herself understands more than anyone else that she is different from the mediocre. That being the case, rather than granting her own desires, to protect and teach appears to be the natural thing to do, something of which can be said to be her thought on the matter. Although her mind has no intention on becoming a slave again, she has absolutely no hesitation in refining herself for the sake of the peoples happiness. In the same way how she has an understanding about herself, Scathach is also endowed with a reliable eye to see through the character and traits of others (in particular, whether they are mediocre or not. A wise woman who grasps every incident and all origins, but does not speak of these understandings. To say why she doesn't talk about these, concerning her, she already moved on from this World. For example, even if the World falls into a crisis, it would be a discourtesy to "those who presently live in the World" to personally resolve the problem and have herself stand out since it will result in those people's opportunity for growth to be taken away, therefor only willingly intervening in the most crucial of crisis. So basically, Scathach does not cooperate or participate in direct battle and refrains from giving advice... Although, it can be said that, given that she has a genuine fondness for battle and people, she may frequently deceive herself by attaching a reason one way or another and participates in local battles.

Still regardless of her age, times have come when she lets herself revert back to their more younger days, a fondness for teasing and immaturity at times as a woman truly now in love with life and bonds despite sometime being difficult to tell. Deep down however she still wonders how she would have ended had she acted differently in that great battle and what The Morrigan has in store for her, the longing for falling in battle having long left her knowing the truth of the matter.

Hobbies: Teaching, Shopping, Antique Collecting, Writing, Socialising, Research
Likes: Crows, Wine, Ice Cream, Teaching, Dogs, Opera, Dramas, Children, Fried Foods
Dislikes: Historical Fantasy's, Metal, Bats, Churches, Royalty,
Natural abilitiesDivine Inheritance of the Morrigan
Elevated from her position as a mere mortal through her life Scathachs divine nature came to the forefront during what would have been the final conflict of her life, transforming her being, or more accurately awakening to a new existence as a daughter of the Morrigan. As a result of being a human standing too close to the realm of the gods, she incurred the "reward" of ascending to a plane that is neither part of the current world or the next, left behind in the outside of the world and as a result is unable to die as a person, neither beautifully or even hideously, only returned to the domain of her new mother. This transcendence has gifted her numerous abilities as a result with the most prominent being a superhuman conditioning, elevation of her already formidable magical reserves and of course lordship over her own Shadow Realm. There are also a few lesser gifts included within this such as her Avian affinity in the form of Crows to the point she may even adopt the form of such herself and access to schools of magic beyond her own such as War, Death, Earth and strangely enough Fertility.
True Darkness Magic
Darkness does not govern the absence of light, but rather it manipulates the very power of the shadows. It controls all negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and hatred. It also represents the power of secrets, among which concealment and obfuscation are included. Like Light, its power is very well balanced. While among the modern age such things are seen to relate more to the evil nature within the hearts of beings the truth is very much the opposite as it exists a integral part of the worldly balance as much as the day needs the night. These magics are infused into the very soul of Scathach to the point such are as natural as breathing, her position as a favoured of the Morrigan likely attributed to this allowing her access to a portion of her abilities should she wish to call upon them.
Learned abilitiesProdigal Spearmanship
Said to have been born with spear in hand it was with this tool that she forged her own destiny and cut down many as she rose to prominence through skill and deed, with the elegance of a dancer and ferocity of a demon. Having refined her style considerably through every battle to the point she is considered the foremost teacher in the art.
Primordial Runes
Vastly different from the runic magic of modern day, the intricate nature and countless conflicting or paradoxical rules of their creation and use has lead to the knowledge being impossible to pass down as it is a magic that can only be learned by the self through feeling and understanding impossible to communicate through mortal tongue. It is perhaps even more so than her spearmanship for which she is known, being one of the lost magics that even the greatest minds have only manged to create a bastardized shadow of its former ability. These runes may be used to create a variety of instant magical effects or transcribed into items and areas to create longer lasting ones. Sadly for though for those who believe simply seeing the rune is enough to garner its ability will be mistaken, even should the symbol be traced exactly it would hold no more power than a child scrawling in mud leading some to believe the intricacies of how the magic is interwoven have far more levels than can be observed and even potential non-Euclidean methods in each with the subtlest of motions.
Forbidden Knowledge
Protecting the Land of Shadow as well her research into the Runes have allowed her privy to a wide range of long forgotten knowledge as dangerous to the holder as it would be if brought to bare against enemy's. History that should never be spoken and tales that should never be told less they have lesser man fall to madness and burn the mind with hidden truths.
The ability to perceive beyond what is physically possible and sight beyond sight. Not simply seeing the future but seeing the world from a vastly different perspective that the physical and said to be akin to the way those of divinity do. While such may sound to be a unbeatable ability within reality its power has waned though the purge did bring it back somewhat, as a result beyond the immediate moments such becomes heavily distorted and vague as premonitions are incredibly unclear and difficult to decipher. This is a result of the number of beings capable of "defying" fate send ripples through the weave with there action and split the possible outcomes countless times to the point such becomes unreliable, Only a true master of the ability such as The Morrigan may overcome this distortion and even then the ability is not absolute.
Legendary Instructor
While many would assumed any of the above ability's are the source of greatest's pride in Scathach it is actually her accomplishment as teacher that holds the place, having proven capable of imparting skills or difficult lessons onto even the most unwilling. However for true training such requires incredibly risk in the student being pushed too far for them to handle, a facet she has toned down significantly following her time training at the Isle due to the number of students lost.
A Ancient cursed spear originating from the Land of Shadows, once gifted to her most prized student but now returned to her own hand. Carved from the skull of the great sea monster Currid, its name itself is derived from the term "serrated throwing weapon", Ga Bool'ga, evoking the image of lightning. The lance curses the target upon striking them, delivering wounds that cannot be healed while Gae Bolg or Scathach exists within the material world.

The true power of the weapon however comes from one of two the ritualistic techniques that may be performed by those skilled enough with its use.
Spear of impaling barbed death: Focused on a single target it is a fatal blow that always pierces the heart of the opponent and ruins their body from within with its thousand iron thorns, during the charging of the technique the magical energy within the air can almost appear frozen and perceived even by the inexperienced as a technique with only one end result should it be allowed to be unleashed. The cursed spear reverses the nature of causality itself, meaning cause and effect in order of things in order to make it so the act of the lance being thrust comes from the effect of the opponent being pierced, determining the opponents fate through its use and an attack on their destiny itself. The lance will move at impossible angles that always manage to reach its target though their are two main defenses should one be aware of them against this ability, the simplest is understanding that its range is limited to a field of ten meters at which the strike may be initiated, the later is overcome the curse by defying their own fate with sufficient will or luck.
-Spear of striking death flight: The largest and most powerful attack that may be delivered using the spear but also one of last resort, it is the attack that unleashes countless darts at the enemy spoken of in legends and notably the one that made Cu Chulaiinn the hero of myth. By converting all of the users magical energy into raw power and then releasing the accumulated power after the spear is hurled from the foot, the impact is enough to blow away countless enemies though must be prepared from at least a hundred meters away, accelerating for at least fifty before taking to the skys. Hurling the spear with all their might enough to damage their own body, it distorts space to create a "tapestry of action" that splits into countless spear heads that pour down over the enemy, incorporating the curse to a far more magnified effect to which it may even impart the concept of death to the deathless. To the outside viewer such a attack would appear nothing less than a carpet bombing of mass destruction, due to being hurled in the manner it is such cannot be blocked nor dodged under normal circumstances as even a resilient bulwark or an agile body are not immune to its power.
Created with ancient knowledge gained within her mortal life and perhaps the key which lead to the existence she holds today. Those with both possession and knowledge of these items can make use of true rune magic in its pure form. The original items she holds are unknown to where they originated but she has since constructed her own through much research and study to create what she uses today. In totality she holds knowledge of 18 of the Primal runes which may be sacrificed in various combinations to unleash their effects, with the stone items also serving as miniature stores of the magical energy forced into them during their construction.
-Light Magic:
-Unholy Magic:
"Among my peers within this organisation there is one thing I can claim without a single doubt to have no equal in, the source of the greatest strength and weakness, it may be most beautiful yet monstrous thing upon this earth, a gift and terrible danger that while other monsters may only grasp at I embody despite anything else. I am Human, that is my pride, and that i shall never forget"

"Hey, do you mind if I tell you a story? One you might not have heard. All the elements in your body were forged many, many millions of years ago in the heart of a far away star that exploded and died. That explosion scattered those elements across the desolations of deep space. After so, so many millions of years these elements came together to form new stars and new planets. And on and on it went. The elements came together and burst apart forming shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings. Until, eventually, they came together to make you. You are unique in the universe. There is only one and there will never be another. Getting rid of that existence shall never be a sacrifice, it would be a waste!"

Additional Feats:

-Established the first private orphanage within Scotland as well as the Setanta Private Academy.
-A Notable author upon a range of topics under numerous pen names with aim to ensure knowledge is not lost.
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