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Monster Love [Open]


Beautiful Disaster
I have witnessed man change by uniting, fighting for their belief's, the right to exist in the same Earth they are born into. Today their acts have made the world better. Tolerable even. This has inspired me to visualize a new era where magic and man can live together in harmony without fear. It seems monsters have become wanted more than the mideaval days. Now is our chance to change the world once more for the better with the help of love~ That's why I created this institute for all creatures where the institute is active at night, human and monsters alike, to come together as one. Some among you will choose to hide their forms for their own safety while others have no trouble showing off who they truly are. Know that if you're accepted into our college we have one major rule here, come with an open mind."

(Summary credit to: @thespectacularstorm )

  1. All RpNation rules apply
  2. No god modding/ Mary sues & definitely no godly monsters keep it spooky
  3. You may be monster or human
  4. Humans will have equal power and mostly be witches and wizards afte making a contract with your monster partner
  5. This is a romance match making so you will have a partner
  6. All sexualities/ genders accepted ex: mxm/ fxf/ mxf just be sure to write it in your cs when match made
  7. This is a college rp so I expect 19-25 year olds for humans
  8. There can be older lovers but they must be npcs/ teachers pm me for position
  9. The school is always at night for reasons
  10. You will have dorm rooms residing in the forest with a lake side view and cabin dorms all will be explained in the rp during orientation

Questions? You may ask here: Monster Love OOC

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