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Fantasy Monster Hunting!

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I'mma Die On Top
Hello RPNation, I’m going to do something a bit unusual – perhaps not for RPing, but certainly from my usual style, so bear with me.

I’m going to give you all a world, and the gist of a plot. Heavily inspired by Witcher, Pokemon, Supernatural, Castlevania, and other “monster hunting” things, because quite honestly, I love monster hunting things, and also believe not all monsters need to be slain. Thus some of the Pokemon influences, not so much in catching and sending them into battle, though.

Read the rules. There is a code.


  • Don’t Godmod. This should be obvious. Godmodding is making a character not under your control, do things, like talk, react, move somewhere, do something, eat a donut – you get the picture. Godmodding is acceptable in the circumstance of characters already in motion, and agreed upon timeskips. If you’re uncertain, just ask in a PM, I’m usually willing to negotiate movement from one place to another or timeskips.

  • Doubling. I only double. I am always going to play one female character. The other character is debatable. I expect you to also be able and willing to play a plethora of characters, and not “just female” or “just male” – or even “just trans” – I haven’t seen that issue yet, but ya never know.

  • Threads Only. I don’t RP in PMs. I am not offering myself up to RP off-site. I will only RP in threads.

  • Lazy-Lit, aka multiple paragraphs, but not one-liners. I can do 2000+ words, am I going to? Probably not, unless the scene calls for it. 500-1000 are more common. If you’ve read this far, please tell me your favorite food.

  • Hit me up via PM if you want to start something. Don’t respond to this thread, unless you cannot send PMs yet.

  • Character Sheets are required. Yes, I’ll provide a template. The tl;dr reason for this is that I’m very tired of information being withheld, that then no longer fits into the world or the plot that has been built up to that point. I understand wanting to protect information from being known IC; I know people godmod in that fashion. I also understand wanting secrets and surprises. I get it, but if that’s your style, I’m not the partner for you. I want to know things so we can brainstorm as it goes along and weave character stories into the “larger picture”.
  • Please talk with me OOC! Without OOC chatter, even memes and daily updates, I find my interest in an RP wanes. I’m not saying OOC chatter is a guarantee to a lasting RP, but I am saying without it, the RP won’t last. So, it helps.

  • Don’t bump the IC thread. If you’re concerned about pace, reach out to me in our OOC PM. If you bump the IC thread, I will, in fact, ghost our RP out of spite.

  • Romance – I enjoy romance in a thread, so long as it isn’t the story. I don’t want to force romance, either. I do prefer it, and I do hope for it, but I’m also of “if the chemistry isn’t there, it isn’t there”. We can introduce new characters down the line, and who knows, maybe they’ll get on better! So for that question: yes, I like romance, yes I prefer romance, but if one “pair” just isn’t clicking, we can figure something else out.

Welcome to the world of Zosta.

Zosta has technology around the point of Medieval/Renaissance era, that is, traditional fantasy elements, aided somewhat by magic.

Magic and Monsters are both new to Zosta, so far as being recognized. Rumors existed, tales of demigods and fiends, and while perhaps they were once believed to be true, such belief faded until about 300 years ago.

That was when people became familiar with monsters not as old wives’ tales, but as real. Though certainly things happened before, the town of Oprim was destroyed by the arrival of revenants – animated corpses, which had been animated not by a necromancer, but a powerful ubume who wanted to find a child, but raising the revenants did not suffice – they were not children.

After this event, people began to pay attention when merchant carts went missing on the road, when people were troubled by sights no one else could see, sensations no one else could feel, and gradually, an understanding of the monsters arose, but not where they came from, or why.

Not all were, indeed, malevolent spirits of humans or raised corpses. Griffins, chimaera, manticore, spriggans, kelpie, and a host of other beasts arose.

Magic also rose, in humans, as well as witnessed in these beasts. Perhaps magic was always there, but now, it was allowed to flourish. Kings took mages into their courts, the weird woman at the edge of the village was given respect – or feared and executed – but in either case, the power of magic began to be acknowledged.

And with this, of course, there rose a class of people to hunt fiends. At first, it was anyone who dared, anyone who was troubled, but gradually a few classes of people arose as professional monster hunters.

The main schools of thought were:

Moone: One can always tell a Moone by the eyes, which either have pitch black irises, or white irises. Not even those in the Moone know why such differences arise. They come from the West, from a fortress-academy known as Crone’s Peak, for it is indeed difficult to venture to. The Moone are capable of superhuman feats, spontaneous magic/quick rituals, and much else, but their lifespans are notably short, cursed as they are by the mutations they’ve undergone – a secret to the outside world, of course, 50 seems to be the time in which their lives are cut short, if they even live that long. They’re generally considered the best at the job.

Amalios: From the East come the Amalios, the more scholarly sorts of monster hunters, accused of breeding monsters and releasing worse things out into the world. It is true they do tend to capture more often than kill, and some they have bred – what they claim are useful for the world for food or medicinal reasons. Many Amalios are rumored to be long-lived, though they all look quite youthful, because of the things they’ve taken from the monsters – mermaid tears, unicorn’s blood, and things of that nature. Located just outside the idyllic Pleshville.

Cassle: Named after a family, many more outside the family have joined the ranks of hunters who are scattered across the world, meeting in taverns that announce themselves as part of it through their signage of a Goblet with an arrow leaning inside the cup. They’ve compiled bestiaries and spread information across the world so the common folk stand a chance, and also so each of them can. Their histories are varied, their skills assorted, and they tend to work in groups rather than alone.

The question remains: where did the monsters come from?

Is it tied to the rise in magic? Is it separate?

Most of those involved are not looking into that; they’re too busy dealing with the monsters. Ideally, the story we craft together will get to that answer, and I won’t offer that answer here. I have ideas, but I’d prefer to brainstorm that with a partner so we can have that much unique.

Character roles can vary, though ideally they’ll all have a purpose. Hunters and Mages are the obvious roles, nobility and knights as well. Someone who gets caught up in the mess with a monster has potential, but needs reason to stick around.

I’d love to have a bit of a “monster of the week” start that gradually gets deeper into the plot as the characters are drawn in.

Doubling required. It’s already in the rules, but too many people come to me with plots that only indicate one pairing, or one character, and no indication of another – and I’m tired of it.

Also, as should be implicit, there’s going to be a lot of side characters as we build the world, the schools of thoughts, and much else. So be prepared to pick them up.

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