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Fantasy Monkey King RP, anyone?

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Honey, where's my alligator?
Hello. As you can tell from the title, I'd like one or two partners to tell a story with regarding the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. Or at least his descendants. In Journey to the West, he becomes a Buddha, and I'd like to use JttW as a guide, so it's not worth the acrobatics to make Sun not what he canonically is, so instead we've got a pair, or just one if I've misjudged whether you would also like to play a superpowered immortal monkey.
So, here's my idea:
When the Monkey King ascended to his heavenly reward, he left his kingdom of stone monkeys on Flower-Fruit Mountain without a king. To remedy this, he left his legendary staff, Ruyi Jingu Bang. Whomever could lift the king's weapon would wear the crown. Many tried to lift the staff, many failed. Centuries came and went. The monkeys vowed to be a pacifistic nation until they had a leader, making peace with their neighbors, the other animals.
Eventually, someone managed to lift the staff. The ruler had been determined. In the resulting celebration, he accidentally dropped his new staff. So heavy was this iron staff that whomever it landed on should have been crushed, but she managed to lift it as well. Two who could wield the staff. Two who met the literal only challenge to becoming the new ruler.
The monkeys became divided, who should be the ruler? Some said the male should, others the female, and others still said there was no reason they could not rule together. This feud threatened to rip the kingdom apart, forcing the First Monkey King to act. Reaching into the earth, he ripped a huge vein of iron and another of silver from the stone below, molding and shaping it into a second staff, identical in every way to the first save that it had silver bands, not gold.
Naming this new stuff Ruyi Yingu Bang, the Silver-Banded Cudgel, Sun said that to preserve the kingdom, the wielders of both Ruyi Jingu Bang and Ruyi Yingu Bang would rule together, thus solving the problem.
And so the two entered tutelage by elder monkeys in the kingdom. They were to rule, so they were educated and trained in Sun Wukong's skills, and encouraged to develop their own. Eventually, though, the two are called to leave their kingdom. Or something goes down and one takes off like a bat out of hell, the other has to chase them down, and our resulting adventure ensues.
Now, we don't necessarily have to have two Wukongs, if you don't want that. I'd like to form a cast similar in structure to the original, which is to say, a human, whom one or both monkeys are bound to in some way, a dragon, and a couple demons/other supernaturals. I'm flexible, though, as long as we're telling a good story, I'm sure we'll all have fun.
Now, we will likely be using Journey to the West as a frame of reference for the past, so if you don't have access to a copy, let me know, I'll shoot you a link to a PDF version.

I don't really have many rules. My main one is that if you think a word is dicey, substitute a vowel with an asterisk (*). If one of us asks you not to use a word because it offends them or they are on public access, do them that favor and don't use the word.

Where do I RP? Preferably here on RPNation. I do have a Discord, but I'm not able to access it as regularly as here.

Obviously, this is a fantasy setting, however as JttW took place during the Tang Dynasty in its four continents world, how about we tack on a few centuries to that? At least enough for basic radio communication. Walkies, radio stations, whatever. Obviously we'll be making stuff up as we go along, but I'd like at least that level of connection.

One more thing, magic is pretty nebulous in JttW, and basically used as just a plot device. If your character has magic powers, you can make up whatever rules for that you like, as long as it's not so totally broken that we the writers can create no challenges to overcome, and it has to be consistent.

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