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Hi everyone, this will just be a thread that I do quick flash fiction when the inspiration hits me. A good kind of creative outlet I feel like to help me get out ideas on the fly, with the possibility that I may use some of these to either develop into full stories or use as ideas for roleplays!

This is honestly freewriting more than anything, so don't expect anything too good or structured out here.


Moments Captured: The Eighth Grader

Eleven-year-old Michael went to what was considered a "K-8 school", which just meant it was an elementary and middle school combined into one building. Elementary school went to grade five, and middle school was grade six through to eight. And he just started grade six this year, which although he was in the exact same building, meant he was now considered as being in middle school. Now, even though it was all the same building, the middle school classrooms were only in one section of the building, so before this point he never had a reason to wander over to this part of the building. The middle school kids also had their own play area, which was actually just the outdoor multipurpose sports field. The playgrounds were on the elementary side.

And then, there was that boy.

That eighth grader.

It was well, a boy in grade eight like he said. Which meant he was probably around thirteen.

It was a couple of weeks into the school year when he met the boy. Well, using the word "met" may be a bit too big of a liberty, since all they really did was smile at each other. But the smile... it made him feel really warm inside. It had been during lunch hour, when he was sitting on the grass using his phone, and the older boy had glanced over from a group of other boys who he guessed were his friends. Michael had peered up from his phone in just the right moment to catch the older boy's glance, and the two of them shared a soft smile.

It was a smile.

Just a smile.

But... Michael couldn't stop thinking about him now. He looked... nice. The word "nice" was the only word his brain would let him use, even though he knew another word that would've been better. He just couldn't use the other word he was thinking of though, because using that other word would've implied that there was more than just a friendly interest in the older boy. And that would imply he liked the boy in the way a boy would like a girl. It wasn't that his parents had any religious beliefs against... well, against boys liking boys, but still his parents had very strong feelings about that kind of thing. They weren't religious, but they were violently against that kind of thing. Michael didn't even like bringing any of his male friends over to the house, because he afraid his parents would interpret something wrong and chew his ears out for being "gay".

Such a contrast to the way that kind of thing was portrayed at school. For as long as he could remember, the public school district where he lived was openly and warmly accepting of that kind of community. There was even a little rainbow sticker at each door of the building.

He hated going home, and that was one of the reasons.

But it wasn't the only reason.

Maybe, just maybe... he could... talk with him.

Kinda like friends, right?

Like friends.

Thinking about that made him feel all warm inside. All he could think about was him and that smile they shared with each other.
Moments Captured: i miss you

i miss you
so much
oh how i wanted to kiss you
when we were under that night sky
that magical night sky
lit up with the vibrant colours of the fireworks
like the winds of love that brought us to this moment
when i looked into your eyes
and saw
when i felt the summer night air on my skin
and felt
when every moment
feels like
a movie scene
and then when i had to leave
oh to leave
and to not know when i could see you again
when i was on that plane
when that plane was taking off the runway
oh how my eyes filled with tears
when the wheels of that plane
lifted off
into the air
i hid
from the world
because i was falling apart
because of you
because of how i let myself fall so in love with you
and i knew
i knew how much of a broken mess i would be
when we had to separate
and i knew
that we were going to have to separate
but i let myself fall in love with you anyways
because what's life
if i don't let my heart fall in love
if i protect my heart
if i protect my heart, i won't love
if i love, i won't protect my heart
i want to love
even if it means falling into a broken mess in the end
because love
love is the magic
the magic that makes you feel
i love you
even though i'm on the other side of the world, i want you to know
that i love you
and you do know
because i said those three little words to you
on our last night together
and you said them to me
i fell apart when i had to leave even though i knew i had to leave
and i let myself fall in love with you even though i knew i had to leave
but if i had to redo it all over again, i wouldn't change a thing

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