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Hello, Wanderer - let’s get this started.

About me:

  • I am 29 years old so I prefer to roleplay with people above the age of 18.
  • I am a stay at home husband. My husband works for almost ten hours a day and I have been finding myself very bored more often. I’d like a more active partner if possible. But I understand that most of the world has to work. I am lucky in that regard.
  • I am Narcoleptic but that doesn’t really impact my writing at all, just a fun fact I suppose.
  • I am in Central Time Zone, Minnesota to be exact. I am most active between the hours of 7am to 4pm. Though I can post in the evening sporadically sometimes. I just prefer to spend time with my husband when he is home.
  • Oh right, I’m gay. BUT, I have much experience writing straight males and like to think I do a fantastic job. Or I hope I do. I’ve not had any complaints anyway. So, I am open to writing M/F or M/M.

On to other things . . . .

I honestly don't have that many original ideas of my own. I tend to try to find people to write with who are ‘craving’ something fandom wise, or original content. So really this is an open call. I will list the Fandoms I think I could write for (characters I’m sure I could write included) and some genres but really it’ll be up to you reader, what you want to do. Just message me with an idea, even if it isn’t on my genre list. I’ll probably consider it.

Fandoms: (I’ve included an asterisk on ones I’m particularly interested in but as stated I could do any. I’m just looking into writing more regularly)

Supernatural (Dean, Sam, Rowena, Castiel, Claire.)
The Walking Dead (Carl, Rick, Daryl.)*
The Vampire Chronicles (Lestat, Louis, Armand, Claudia)
Twilight(Edward, Jacob, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Carlisle, Charlie.)
My Hero Academia (Denki, Bakugo, Endeavor)
Cyberpunk 2077 (V, Johnny Silverhand.)
TrueBlood (Sam, Eric, Bill, Jessica, Hoyt, Sookie, Tara.)
Batman (Bruce, Harley.)
South Park - Older (Eric, Butters, Tweak.)
Gravity Falls - (Dipper)
Stranger Things - (Eddie, Will, Eleven, Billy.)*
Invader Zim - (Zim, Gir, Dib)
SallyFace - (Sal.)*
Voltron - (Keith.)
Life is Strange - (Victoria, Max, Chloe, Rachel, Nathan, Jefferson.)
Gorillaz - (2D)*
Hannibal - (Will Graham)*
Hazbin Hotel - (Angel Dust)
Nightmare before Christmas - (Oc’s)
Nightvale - (Kevin, Cecil)*

Non Fandom Ideas are very welcome. Here are some things I’ve either written for before or hold special interest in.

Viking Era
Slice of life
Small town romance
Hallmark Themes
The Vatican
Greek Gods
Horror (Psychological, Slasher - you name it)

I am a semi-lit RPer. I prefer a couple paragraphs per post, and if people could get at least a couple posts out a day that would be very good for me. But if not a couple times a week is alright. I will give my discord for OOC talk and if you’d prefer to RP there that’s alright too.

I’m also just looking for folks to talk to, so no pressure if we are writing together and you don’t have time for it but want to maintain a sort of pen pal, friendship or whatever that’s fine too.

I realize this is a really loosey-goosey post but I’ve sort of gotten tired of searching through threads of interest checks and just wanted to do one mass one of my own so that people could reach out to me through DM/PM if they are also still looking. Since I’m not really looking for anything solid! I would PREFER original ideas I think but I'm up for anything.

Hope to hear from some of you.
I have come up with a couple Original Ideas for specific things that I'd like to add. When I think of more I'll add more.

Adventure Awaits: A couple living in a van goes from state to state and each time they find a sleepy little town to explore - odd, supernatural things start happening around them. They resolve the issue in each town before moving on to the next state. Will they find their forever home?

For this I figured we could have a sort of 'End' of the roleplay which would happen when they've gone through all fifty states in the United States of America. Feel free to message me with anything you might want to add to this vague idea. I will do M/F or M/M for this idea. Please be someone who writes at least a couple paragraphs with interaction for me to write off of.

Twilight AU - I'm doing something similar with someone already but I wanted to do it twice. Maybe in a different way. Basically I'd like to re do Twilight but for some reason Edward and Bella break up. He meets a boy and becomes a little obsessed with him. It will have some darker themes of possessiveness and Stalking.

This pairing will be M/M only.
I would like to add I will only do vague plotting. I will not plot every day with you. I will do overarching themes but you have to give me a little trust in being able to drive the story. I will plot big events or if I think I need to OOC but I can't do that all the time. I like to let our characters and in roleplay posts drive the story the most.
I’m adding my character profile for “Adventure Awaits” as a Bump!

Nikolas “Niko” Caulder

Age: 30
Eyes: Blue to Steel Gray depending on the light.
He will occasionally wear a pair of vintage glasses to read. When he remembers where he’s put them, that is.
FaceClaim: Brock O’Hurn
Build: Muscular and tall. He works out almost daily in some form or another.

Personality/History: Niko is a fairly easy going guy. At least around those he deems friends or lover. He is a mommas boy, but very independent otherwise. He has been living on his own since he was 17 so is no stranger to how the world works. Tired of paying rent prices every month and wanting to make a change in his life being newly thirty, he bought a old renovated van and decided to hit the road. He can be quick to anger towards certain types of people (bullies, homophobes etc) but tries his best to reign it in. He’s been “out” since he was 14. Neither of his parents being at all surprised or upset about the matter.

Hometown: Belfast, Maine.

Notable people in his life:
Griselda Caulder - Niko’s mother. She is a Swedish woman with a thick accent. She is tall, brown haired and slender. Her eyes are a carbon copy of Niko’s. She likes to cook and is a social media influencer in her free time. Mostly reviewing makeup or kitchen items.

Bjorn Caulder- Niko’s father. He is shorter than his wife by a couple inches but makes up for it with his huge extroverted personality. He is a Lobster Fisherman and spends long weeks at sea. He does his best to give all of himself when he is at home.

Reigna Caulder - Niko’s little sister. She is 17 and a senior in high school. She is a lot like her mother in personality. The two are more like sisters than mother and daughter. She plays the guitar and has half a million YouTube Subscribers. It was her idea for Niko to do a film diary for his travels and to start his Instagram @AdventureAwaits

Rachel Price - one of Niko’a closest friends. She has known him since middle school. She appears in many of his families videos as a background character. She is very interested in Niko as a romantic partner but for obvious reasons he never takes her offers to go out. Even so they remain close. Though she can be quite annoying with how often she tries to “check in” with him and act like an authority on his life.

Hobbies: Fishing, Hiking, kayaking, motorcycle building, horse riding, mountain climbing. He also enjoys a good Rom-Com. He paints, sketches and sings (though he isn’t very good at singing anything that isn’t country coded)


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