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AHHH okay
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intro / about me
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hi hi! I go by Moe and I use she/her or they/them pronouns (whichever one feels right i don't really care) I'm twenty-one years old and I've been roleplaying since I was like thirteen lol. I feel like I should say that I have ADHD so sometimes I forget that I exist. OH and also I'm an artist so if I'm invested enough I'll draw our characters i mostly rp romance type stuff but i NEED more than that to it!! i love talking fluffy and sweet but i also need that sweet sweet,,, everything else. i'm a writer and character lover soooo


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my roleplay rules
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❀ preferably i only rp with anyone 17+ because i am 21 and anything below 17 i'm uncomfy with.

❀ i prefer to rp onsite via PM but i'm okay with discord too most of the time.

❀ i'm not really picky on line length or whatever... I usually just need more than like 4 sentences! But I don't mind shorter responses especially if the RP needs to move faster. Novella style RP's can be exhausting sometimes im ngl.

❀ i'm pretty ghost friendly because if you're not feeling it/feeling me then feel free to go you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.

❀ yeah so as i mentioned i have adhd which means sometimes i reach max dysfunction and cannot give u a full reply <3 THAT BEING SAID!! It's super important that we PLOT AND HEADCANON outside of the rp otherwise i will lose interest. like I can give you 5 paragraphs of plotting bullcrap trust me. PLUS I WANT US BOTH TO BE INTERESTED IN THE CANON WE'RE CREATING!! esp with these original plotlines i like to have more than,,, just our main OC's involved

❀ i don't have any triggers but I will always respect yours!

❀ good luck getting me to say "no thanks lets not do that" because besides like TABOOS i'm open to just about anything ever,

❀ i'm more than fine playing LGTBQ+ pairings!! this includes characters who are nonbinary, transgender, intersex, etc!!

❀ none of my plots are SUPER CEMENT and can always be changed/adjusted!!! they're just ideas/starting points. also love to mix and match stuff so

❀ Private Message preferred but i don't mind if you post here! (esp if you can't PM)
if you PM please hit me with your name, pronouns, and any triggers i should be aware of!! and then obviously whatever plot(s) you wanna do.

❀ PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST YOUR OWN PLOTS!! esp if they seem in the same ballpark

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writing samples
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the following is an example of STARTER for a FIRE EMBLEM THREE HOUSES rp
The warmth of Midday intruded an otherwise cool, stone room. Inside stood Seteth, just as cool and stony. He seemed far away, his thoughts having wandered away from him sometime ago, leaving only a breathing vessel as proof that he was still there.
“Seteth, The woman of Sha-Furis has arrived,”
The man flinched out of his distant state, startled. He turned to the Monk who stood at the door and was unable to hide any ounce of surprise.
The monk nodded, folding his hands in front of him, “She’s in the company of the Archbishop already,” At hearing this, Seteth’s surprise quickly turned to alarm. He quickly uttered his thanks and left the room, barely stopping himself from breaking into a sprint.
He walked briskly, or half-ran perhaps, and kept his irritation pointed only toward himself as he dodged and maneuvered around the fresh faces of students who would be attending class in only a few more days. Had he not been hurrying to meet Lady Rhea he might have taken a bit more time to admire the youth; to fully appreciate their excitement and vitality. It was exciting afterall, seeing what each year brought. Though, he had hardly had time to consider what unique personalities this year had for them — he was apparently running late.
Through the courtyard, up the stairs, and finally waving Alois off only semi-politely before the doors were once more opened to signal his arrival.
Lady Rhea looked away from the shorter woman and instead up to her advisor and closest friend, smiling cooly as he took his place by her side. If he was disheveled he hid it well.
“My Apologies, Lady Rhea…” He bowed his head politely, rising to regard the woman known to him as Cynil. “I did not expect such an early arrival.” His remarks were met with a breathy laugh and a deep nod, Rhea gesturing toward their guest. “I made similar remarks but all the same we are grateful to be in your company so quickly, Cynil,” The tall woman turned her full attention back toward Cynil.
Seteth regarded Cynil silently with an unreadable expression. He wasn’t entirely sure why Lady Rhea had asked to bring her here, why now? Classes were starting soon — Rhea was not what Seteth would call an eccentric, in fact, she had become somewhat predictable… Or so he thought.
“Thank you for joining us, Seteth,” Rhea took control of the room once more, redirecting the energy completely — She would not waste her breath on anymore smalltalk. “Cynil, I have a proposition for you,” Despite the language she used, there was already no room to deny this unspoken proposition. It was just the courtesy of pretending Cynil would have any real say. “Our Academy is short one professor due to… unfortunate circumstances,” There is little kindness or sorrow in her gaze, only business. “So, I would like you, Cynil of Sha-Furis, to become a professor at our Officers Academy.”
With a widened glare Seteth turned toward Lady Rhea, jaw falling a bit slack. “Lady Rhea I’m not sure—” She held a hand up to quiet him, the man only able to look back at Cynil with a somewhat horrified expression.

What is Rhea thinking?


“Sometimes I think you’re the only one who really listens to me.”
Euphemia squatted beside one of the many cats that loitered within the monasteries walls, mindfully petting the calico that she was sure she befriended — it probably wasn’t sticking around just because she kept giving it meat scraps… right?
She had been excited to join her childhood friends at the Officers Academy and even more excited that she had managed to keep it so secret! Letters had become more and more scarce between them as they started to grow up and as Euphemia's siblings suffocated her more and more but that didn't mean it had been easy for her to not tell them when she had been accepted into the Academy just as they had! Oh how pathetic she sounded writing them I'm so happy for you! Perhaps one day I can return to school as well. or Be sure to write me lots of letters! I want to know if Lady Rhea is as pretty as I imagine her to be and the entire time she knew they would all be here together.
It was pleasant in theory but old habits die hard, and upon seeing her it seemed like any excitement was shortly overcome with the estimation that she would not survive more than a year.
Tired of her brooding, her animal friend decided to move on. They nibbled her hand playfully to signal it’s departure and padded away. The teenager was left only to stare after it, wondering briefly what it was like to be a little cat like that. No one expects anything of you, and you’re still so small and helpless… if we weren’t here, who would feed you? No one.
Deciding it best to follow her feline friends decision to move on, Euphemia stood up straight and brushed herself off. Despite having no real direction, she started to walk, nothing but very quiet clicks following her presence. She stopped once or twice, looking one way; looking the other, and continuing on.
She remained aimless for a while, fixated on her own thoughts until she heard the familiar scolding of Ingrid, met with the all too familiar groaning of Sylvain. Sure enough, a handful of the Blue Lions had gathered outside the classrooms, among them were Sylvain, Ingrid, Dimitri, and of course Dedue, and then soon before Euphemia got much closer, Mercedes and Annette joined them.
She took up a spot on the other side of Mercedes, not wanting to interrupt with any sort of greeting, and only listened in as they pondered the identity of their new professor — which Euphemia had also forgotten about.
“Well, we’ve still got a couple of days before classes start, we should do something fun,” Mercedes suggested, attempting to divert the attention from Dimitri’s forgetfulness.
“And once we know who our Professor is, maybe we can invite them too!” Annette chimed in cheerfully, looking around the group for nods of approval. Euphemia offered her own approval with a nod, finally speaking up to add, “Even if it’s just sharing a meal, I think it’s important to properly introduce ourselves to them, you know, before they’re lecturing us and all that.”

[ my 1 x 1 will almost always be shorter ]
They couldn't say they were surprised by the events that unfolded -- at least not more than strictly necessary. Zephyr's eagerness to escape was not lost on them and they made a note; He wants desperately to be alone... doesn't he know how suspicious that is? Does he think we... I... don't notice? A smile crept on his face despite Karim's growing anger, which, was growing rather quickly by the way. Wow, wow, wow, they were really kind of winning! They gazed out at Zephyr for just a while longer before stepping back to allow Karim to do... whatever he needed to do... and stood ever so slightly to the side to better enjoy the show without being in any cross fire.

Despite how humorous it all seemed to be Keres did not dare laugh, no, no, no, they held themselves together with remarkable stillness because perhaps they were just used to this sort of nonsense. He had a brother once, after all! A spoiled rotten brat who never knew when enough was enough; wait a second. No, Karim was much prettier and didn't annoy them half as much!! Although, the night was relatively young. As the young man stomped across the room and narrowly avoided knocking the clown over, they only watched silently, observing. The screams should have been enough to concern them but they hardly seemed fazed, another time perhaps, as they were much more interested in Karim, trained on his mannerisms. He truly was just a large, nicely decorated, child. Such a realization would have saddened them if there wasn't that nagging voice at the base of their skull that reminded them that children are only allowed to cry when they have a good enough reason too, and what reason did he have to cry? Was Zephyr worth crying over? Maybe, but Pierrot didn't see it... but maybe Keres could.

They made no movement toward the window when they were vaguely demanded too, simply folding their hands behind their back and tilting their head slightly to the side, similar to that of owl that had spotted something small and odd in the corner of the barn. Stepping away from the window slowly, they approached Karim with more caution than they had before, not because they feared their own safety but because despite any criticisms they might have about it he was still clearly in some sort of distress. Maybe if Ye Olde Chancellor had given me the chance, I could have been just as nice! But now that I'm given these cards... The game had changed completely! Oh yes, yes, yes, Karim was sooo vulnerable right now! He was putty in Pierrot's ungloved hands, waiting to be scooped up and molded into whatever they needed. Having a powerful companion could be essential is whatever was to come; Karim was the richest man in the kingdom and had a plethora of loose meat hanging around that would do anything for him, not to mention he followed Keres so seamlessly thus far. Without fail, Karim had joined in on Keres' cruel jokes toward the Chancellor which had definitely not helped make Karim look remotely empathetic but it certainly put him on the right side. What could Zephyr give him? A little bit of kindness? The cold shoulder? Karim is making the right choice playing along with me.

"Kari?" The clown stepped closer again, hovering just a few feet away. Their usual distorted and slightly unnerving vocal patterns flattened slightly and became something close to soft -- close but not quite. Their stagnant mask stared at Karim and was a silent reminder that they had to follow the rhythm of this next dance carefully, but what song were they even listening too?

Be kind to him. Something closer to Keres' voice chirped up, stinging the base of their skull. It doesn't matter how much gold he has if he has no one to share it with -- you know that he deserves some genuine kindness.

But gee oh whizz isn't it kind of fun to be mean!! Now the voice was like someone was talking through a broken mirror, complete with awkward vocal fry and pitch changes. Who cares about this dummy? Take that sopping heart of his and squeeze it for every drop it's worth! Selfish people live longer, statistically!

If it were possible, a clown with horns and a tail, accompanied by another with a gown and a halo, would be sitting up on their sagging shoulders. Thankfully, this sort of polarity wasn't new to the morally absent Pierrot, who decided to take both of their ideas and combine them. Turning toward the window again they walked back with a sort of comfortable sway, "Kari, Look," They pulled the window shut, only releasing when there was a soft click that signaled full closure. "All gone! Zephyr has decided to be a very bad guest, so I say we let Karma deal with it, and if she doesn't then we will," Walking back over to Karim with much more confidence this time they stopped just about a foot away, only letting their hand rest on the other's forearm. "Even so, you can cry if you want," Even with the bluntness of their statement Keres maintained an uncanny softness, squeezing their new toy in an almost reassuring way, "I used to cry a lot and people were very mean to me, so I won't be mean to you. Zephyr already said some very mean things after all -- accusing you of locking him away like an animal! You're a much better host than that, aren't you?" They didn't even let Karim answer before they quickly added, "Of course you are! Any servant who made you look otherwise should die, they don't respect you enough to live. But then the only other option, of course, is that Zephyr was lying just to hurt you," With an undeniable nonchalance, Pierrot attempted to plant the seed that they would be able to further nurture into turning Karim against Zephyr or any other council members that might stand in their way.

Further burying the seed, Keres reached up to grab Karim's chin and turn his teary eyes back to the jester who's cemented expression stared up menacingly, contrasting the kindness that they seemed to be offering. "I wouldn't lie just to hurt you, Kari," Their lavender eyes flickered, thankfully concealed by Pierrot's jolly mask.

It was then that Lucky returned to Keres' side, fluttering through the doorway empty-handed, er, talon-ed. The clown dropped Karim's chin in favor of turning their attention toward their familiar, buzzing with excitement until they saw that Lucky clearly did not have their clothes. It only took a little bit of chittering for Keres to understand that Lucky either couldn't find them or they were indeed somehow disposed of... Either way, Keres would just put a positive spin on it! Oh, ho, ho, ho, weren't they just a godsend. "Now this is the Lucky we're looking for! What's that? My clothes still aren't clean? Oh dear, I guess Karim and I will just have to find something!"

They did sort of wonder how long they could avoid all that screaming.

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plot bunnies
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °

- muse a is the prince/princess of [insert kingdom here] born without a heart after having been cursed by a witch while they were still in their mother's womb. they've lived their entire life watching others love and be loved while never understanding it -- maybe they didn't even want too. everyone has always looked upon them with pity, wondering if they'd even be able to properly rule without the ability to truly empathize... then one day they meet muse b who upon first glance seems fairly normal but soon reveals they are also missing something (sight, hearing, a limb, etc.) and together the two learn it's not what you lack that makes you who you are, but instead all the parts that you already have... but will muse a ever get their heart back?

- muse a is the prince/princess of kingdom a, and muse b the prince/princess of kingdom b:
- muse a and muse b hate each other but are betrothed by their parents to unionize their kingdoms.
- muse a and muse b are childhood friends and are betrothed by their parents -- shenanigans of going from friends to lovers.
- muse a knows they have to marry before they can take the throne so they pick muse b -- with or without asking.

- muse a is royalty and muse b is their personal servant/guard/knight/etc.

- it's that time of year -- court season. cuffing seasons for all the noblefolk to find the cream of the crop. one way or another muse a gets invited to court:
- muse b is the king/queen/prince/princess and takes fancy to muse a. bonus points if muse b is already married or betrothed.
- muse b is a servant/knight of the castle who catches muse a's attention

- muse 2 stole muse 1's car but the police aren't doing anything, so muse 1 tracks down muse 2 themselves... okay but now what? muse 2 is the ringleader of a notorious crime ring and muse 1 is... well, just someone with a stolen car.

- muse 1 is the child of muse 2's worst enemy, and muse 1 is quite the rebel so they sleep with/pretend to be seeing muse 2 just to spite their parent. but muse 1's dad is out for muse 2's head. optional: muse 2 isn't even aware of the lies muse 1 is spreading about them being together.

-muse a and muse b are from rival mob families (romeo and juliet without the death).

- muse a is the kid of a powerful family so, they are assigned a personal body guard. muse b is either assigned to muse a or was lucky enough to get the job -- but nothing can really prepare them for muse a who is anything but grateful to be in someone else's care. reluctantly, muse a and muse b become closer but it's a struggle on both ends.
alt: instead of a romance/friendship geared plotline could become more of a "i know ur mom/dad wasn't around so just give me a chance" platonic type thing!!

- muse a is a renowned detective and muse b is a public menace and an anomaly to the police force. muse a is hired to track muse b down and take them in:
- muse a and muse b are already friends/coworkers and muse b is just knowingly hiding in plain sight.
- muse a successfully hunts muse b down... but now what? do you really think you can take me?

- muse a is the rich trust fund kid who’s golfing with daddy and his associates one afternoon and muse b is the idiot at the driving range trying to learn how to golf because they bet their friend they could beat them at any sport. turns out muse b sucks more at golf than they thought because they just nailed muse a in the leg with one of their terrible hits

- muse a is stuck at grandma’s beach house for the summer and doesn’t know anyone in town. when grandma leaves to run errands for a couple hours, muse a opts to stay home & go tanning. the only problem is, grandma didn’t tell them about muse b, who stops by a few times a week to help her out around the house.
ALT: muse b is a local and muse a and muse b slowly fall in love over the summer but summer is flying by and muse b knows muse a will be leaving eventually.

muse a is a fallen angel exiled from heaven for falling in love with their human. they wake up outside a club with their memory wiped and the wings ripped from their back. the club run is by muse b, and is actually a sanctuary for other supernatural creatures in need. muse a stays to heal, and gets wrapped in muse b’s world—both of them having to deal with the things they’re running away from.

muse a is a demon summoned to earth by muse b, a human in desperate need of protection/companionship. perhaps they’re sick or dying and need to make a bargain for their life — either way muse a endears themselves to muse b, who has to deal with the fact that their relationship is a contract and nothing more.

muse a is a fallen angel exiled for... whatever reason... and muse b is a clueless Nephilim -- a.k.a the key to muse a becoming fully human. if a fallen angel kills a Nephilim, they're offered a ticket to hell as an immortal demon, or better, a small, mindless human with no memory of ever being holy. okay but against muse a's intention... muse b starts to grow on them.



New Member
Good evening. I hope you are doing well miss. I've been looking for a long term RP partner as well, and i found your post really interesting. Send me a message, if you'd be interested in writing a story with me. Also, i used to write quite a bit, but I needed to take care of some things, and my writing skills got ruined by that. I'll be able to get back to my routine. I hope, that this is not an issue. Thank you in advance.

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