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Fantasy Modern Medieval Monster Hunters, anyone? A long term partner search - ×

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Not a real lion
Hello fellow RPers,
After taking a thousand year hiatus to do life things, I'm back on my weird idea BS and I'm looking for a committed and creative partner to join in on my chaos.

I don't have interest in much other than this one idea, while I know there are many things to write about, this particular idea is haunting my dreams. If you find yourself semi interested but have something a little different/ along the same lines, comment or shoot me a DM.
If you find yourself very interested after reading the jumble that is my weird idea, let me know!!

The concept:
For centuries humanity has been watched over and protected by a secret order of knights, a siblinghood of skilled guardians. Some are skilled healers, others armour and weapon smiths and then there are those who are duty bound to fight. Fight whom? You might be asking yourself, what scourge could threaten humanity that such a society is warranted?
The answer is living nightmares, banshees, wraiths, werewolves, vampires, death dogs/hell hounds and a plethora of other monsters lurks in shadows no other humans dare to explore. The darkness seeps out into the world and when it does, the knights are called into action to protect the innocent from both harm and the knowledge that their fears are real.
Even in modern times, the order of knights is a service still needed.

Where our story begins:
There's a rising force snaking through the higher ranks of "The Order." Corruption is slowly poisoning the organization from the inside. While simultaneously an ancient darkness begins to spread into the civilian world and a powerful type of undead is starting to threaten more lives.
A dishonoured knight, struggling to find redemption after a tragedy they are responsible for; has lost their esteemed rank, and has been sent to a new chapter of "The Order"

Upon their first mission in their new locale they save a civilian and by code gives them the choice to die of their injuries, or be saved and join. Reluctant, they bring the civilian back to the infirmary within the walls of the Order, and finds themselves the ward of the newbie, much to their dismay.
The civilian agrees to save their life, but find themselves in a world of medieval authority, codes of honor and dangers beyond their imagination. Suddenly thrust into the position of Squire under the Knight that has rescued them, a battle for control ensues.

Important details, things you should know:
- If you decide you don't like my writing style, you're not interested any more ect, please just be honest. Ghosting sucks unless it's like an emergency.
- I have a fairly fleshed out idea of how this world works, but collaboration is at the heart of all role playing. So if you'd like to know more and or have any of your own ideas. DM me!

- A love of and interest in armour, action, swords, supernatural creatures and weird secret societies will be helpful.
- I enjoy romance, I see this as being a reluctant partners/enemies to lovers type dynamic. While it won't be the main plot, it will over arch through the story.
- I'd prefer a Masculine × Feminine dynamic
- I'm looking to play the role of the squire and the character will be a woman.

Potential triggers, things that will likely be part of the story:
- Physical violence
- Authoritative punishment
- Medieval hierarchy
- Emotional manipulation.

Small bit about me:
- Open schedule but likely my replies will be in the evening my time.
- I don't mind OOC chatting.
- 27 (Prefer a partner of a similar age)
- She/They
- I'd consider myself fairly literate and hope a partner can put in as much as I can, but I am rusty so, I'm not anywhere near advanced.
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