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Realistic or Modern Modern Day Princess | 1 x 1 Search |

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Adventure, Realistic, Romance


falls for fictional characters
Welcome! my name is Marcella and I am currently looking for someone to write a modern day princess roleplay with me. read below for info about me , my rules , and why your here!

About Me
-Pacific Standard Time
-Dog mom
-Music lover
-Active reader
-I only play female characters
-3rd person, literate - usually writes between 3-5 paragraphs.
-Replies one to three times a day, depending on my schedule
-I will 100% make playlists, mood boards and art work for OCs.

Character sheets -Please use real face claims length of sheet is up to you.
Characters - I will write both canon and original characters.
pairings - Honestly any pairing is fine with me. if doubling, I will prefer either fxm or fxf ( though I have very little experience with this one )
Romance - I love romance in stories , but only if it happens naturally.
Doubling - I like to have my partners be prepared for it, but this is not a must.
Length - I’m not asking you to write a novel , but I do enjoy a partner who can write two to three paragraphs for a post.
Coding -Personally, I don’t code because I can never figure it out. If you wish to use coding in your posts , then go right a head.
Plotting - Please be willing to discuss ideas. I want a partner who will cooperate and unite our ideas to create a wonderful story.
Site rules ; please by all site rules.
Posts: I would be happy to roleplay in form, PMs, or a different platform
Question: Please tell me what your favorite kind of weather is, mine is a cloudy winters day. If the answer to the question is not present in either your post (here in thread) or private messages I will not answer.

Well as you can tell by the title I'm looking for a modern day princess roleplay, if you're still reading this I guess you're looking for something just like it. So I have no plots for this one but I love to come up with one together, I find it much better to have a plot both of us come up with then just something one of up come up with. I do have some pairings so I will just list them down below this one.

Princess x Bodyguard
Princess x Mafia Boss (This once just sounded interesting to me lol)
Princess x Prince
Princess x Boy

FACE CLAIM SEARCH (Aka I will love you forever, I do return the favor)

Jensen Ackles
Andy Samberg
Chris Evans
Tyler Hoechlin
Ian Somerhalder
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