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Modern "Angels" and "Demons" - Nation-Building Possibilty

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Hey y'all! I'm Jules, i'm 14, I prefer they/them (idk normally i'm fine with being a girl just like the past few months i've been all over the place...don't ask). I like witches, superheroes, aliens and cool creatures! I'd prefer a modern setting (1960s or something to now is cool) but I'd be willing to go any time. I'm a budding writer (once wrote 10,000 words for NaNoWriMo! that counts...right? right?) and am interested in developing those skills. I've always had trouble with long posts though, 'cause I feel I'm telling the other person what to do. Maybe it's 'cause I DM. *shrug*

This could focus on the world as a whole, or on specific characters.
World in which "angels", a winged species living on high mountains and in magic clouds, live underground in our society, fighting a war to reclaim the cloud kingdom with the "devils", a sister race that literally lives underground.


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This sounds compelling and I think would make for a great RP if it were fleshed out a bit more

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