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Oddly enough
So!!! You like the idea classic literature but know nothing about it! Well you are in good company. I've just digested an entire Wikipedia article and a Spark Notes, and you know what...

This terribly efficient if not somewhat un-original but nevertheless SUPER DUPER FUN adaptation of Moby Dick is all the comradery and drama anyone could ever need.

I'll summarize it for you. I only have a rough outline.

Mid-Nineteenth Century themed Somewhere or other Fantasy land, magic, other races, questionable mechanics.

3-4 Players? Literate is obvious but Im talking a special eye for detail. Want to turn this badboy into a novel? Sign up.
(Im just kidding, none of us are that special)....>>

Dragons, like every other creature in the gods given universe have lots of special body parts that fuel the rapidly modernizing world! Beavers for perfume, seals for jackets, werewolves cured rabies! Dragon's light street lamps and oh so much more!

Lets discuss!


Raptor Shapeshifter
I like the idea of a fanasty world that takes place in the 1860s. You got me there. Almost all fanasty takes place in medieval times so a fanasty that takes place in the mid-1800s has definitely got me interested.


Alive? Alive.
Yes! Maybe, different kinds of dragons are used for different things? That could be a great incentive for seeking the new Moby Dragon (I did not read the book, sorry if that isn't right) and, will we go full-sailing adventure on this? Cuz exploring a lot of islands sounds interesting too. Dang it a pirate ship that owns dragons would be awesome. Idk the idea is cool 'xD

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Originality is overrated. The best ideas I have seen are both simple and inspired, and this meets both that criteria. I absolutely love the idea, and add fantasy with the adventure and romance of the whaling trade sounds like an absolute blast. I'd be interested in joining if this gets started. And I like the potential small size of the player count. Keeps things manageable.


Oddly enough
Sweet! Then if all are agreed we have our three! Ill start working on it tonight. Sit down and think about your characters, who they are, what they do, how experienced they are, etc.

Id like to keep this pretty LOW fantasy, but that doesnt mean characters cant have cool powers, spells, or goofy contraptions meant for dragon killing.


1. Pretty serious rule of mine NO *MODERN* GUNS. If your character had a reasonable story for owning/creating a muzzle loader or a hand cannon, lets hear it!

2. Kindness. We will all be civil, polite, and treat each other with respect.

3. Minimum of ONE reply per week, standard two.

Thats it so far! Ill keep you all updated.
In the mean time, for your consideration


D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball

So what sort of races you looking for?

And as for our hunters, are we nautical or land based?

As much as I love me some gunpowda. I been looking for an excuse to main harpoons and whaling lances.



Oddly enough
What races ARENT we looking for! Id say keep it within the popularized realm.

Elves, dwarves, gnomes, humans, orcs, goblins, giants, hobbits, vampires, werewolves, winged people? Centaurs? Fauns?! Nymphs! Satyrs!!?!?! Be creative!

Just don't be a jerk and pull some deep lore bullshit from somewhere no-one has ever heard of.
"This is a bloodfling half moon nar nar from the Ketchupmcfries series"

Also lets avoid TYPES of elves. Elves are elves. Who cares if they are blood or moon or high or not high xD

This rp will be all over the place. Land! Sea! Caves! Taverns! Air!

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Elves are jerks and can go suck something lewd.

Though just beware, if you tell me to be creative I might go above and beyond and make a furry.

Though I quite enjoy letting the mind run with what can be fun. It's a good policy.

And that sounds absolutely adventurous. A bit of everywhere. Now I'm very excited.


Oddly enough
I mean...not excited about furries. Really dont like them. But Id say if you must then I cannot stop you.

The whole purple green blue yellow multi colored nonsense is a huge pet peve of mine.

But there are tabaxi etc in dnd etc! Those are fun!

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Lol was teasing. Mostly :3

And I would never dream of such a gaudy color scheme. Would give me a headache just thinking about it. Unless it was like a race of parrot people.

As for the tabaxi, I was indeed referring to animal like them and gnolls and the like. Or kobolds and lizardmen.

I need to think a bit on what to play. So many fun things to choose from!

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