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Discussion in 'Site Questions & Information' started by The Dark Wizard, May 16, 2017.

  1. The Dark Wizard

    The Dark Wizard Unity is False

    Will try our best :)

    For now it will be the default white/blue. There are more important priorities that are being made for the app like new features.

    Also sorry that I keep telling you to read the first post. It's really late and I haven't had any sleep yet :3
  2. BubbleButt

    BubbleButt Sonic Avenger

    No need to apologize.

    I'm glad this is coming out, maybe I can use my phone to post some stuff in OOCs now that there's a more polished version of it for mobile.
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  3. Sunstone

    Sunstone Wagwan piffting wots ur uber discount code

    I've only been waiting 2 years.
  4. Sibelle Grey

    Sibelle Grey The Scholar

    Eeeeeeeeep I've been so excited for this! Good work, guys!
  5. ineffable

    ineffable ♥ ♥ ♥

    This will be compatible with iPads, yes? Not just iPhones? Aaaaaah. I'm so excited.
  6. Gegawat

    Gegawat I love nuts!

  7. LifeNovel

    LifeNovel Lazy's Conscious

    Ah hell yeah as an avid phone Rpn user I am stoked for this~

    Praise the Dark Wizard and all those in helping to develop the app.
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  8. The DoomyFish

    The DoomyFish Previously Jefferson

    Awesome, the only quarrel I had with this site is that we didn't have an app so we could Respond quickly. Kudos and thanks
  9. pandification

    pandification littlest panda

    Been looking forward to this for so long!
  10. BubbleButt

    BubbleButt Sonic Avenger

    "Can't wait to use this on my iPod Touch"


    Seriously though, I'm sure it'll be optimized for both phones and tablets once it's actually finished.
  11. Killianfan1

    Killianfan1 Looking for a rp always

    sweet would be nice to use Rpnation on a android mobile app =D Especially when I'm not home. Sounds awesome. e
  12. eevee-chan

    eevee-chan Mermaid Rainalei

    This is such a great idea for a RP site.
  13. Malhyanth

    Malhyanth The Wolverine

    This is AMAZING!!!

    As someone that SOLEY uses a phone? Super excited right now!!!
  14. kokobuns

    kokobuns New Member

    okay this looks really good !! i like to check up on things mostly by my mobile so i'm ecstatic.
  15. ibepeyton

    ibepeyton Two Thousand Club

  16. Of Little Talks

    Of Little Talks Daughter of the Stars

    Soooo looking forward to this!!
  17. Vampiress

    Vampiress Vampire Princess/Queen of Fire

    So will it be called rp nation app or Rpn app or what will the app be called so I can search for it when the android version is ready?
  18. Lyro

    Lyro Unblinking Eye
    Helper Supporter

    I think it's safe to assume a search for "RpNation" will return appropriate results. Besides, I'm pretty sure there will be another announcement when it's actually released.
  19. Vampiress

    Vampiress Vampire Princess/Queen of Fire

    Sorry just excited
  20. BubbleButt

    BubbleButt Sonic Avenger

    They'll probably have a link to the app's page when they announce it anyways.
  21. Vampiress

    Vampiress Vampire Princess/Queen of Fire

  22. CrystalTheDinosaur

    CrystalTheDinosaur Never be afraid to be who you really are

    Can you make it available to download for iPads from schools.
  23. Musician

    Musician The Pear Queen

    This is not something that he will be able to control. Downloading apps on school property is controlled by the tech administration at your institution. It's not really polite to download content without your school's permission. You could get in trouble for doing so. The app will already be available for iPads.
  24. Omgoo Yeashhhh!!!!! I can be online almost al the time now <3 <3 <3
    This is gonna be pretty AWESOME :DDDDDDDDDD
  25. ReadingTheRunes

    ReadingTheRunes Proud to be pagan




    Waiting so long for this! WOOP!
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