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Fandom MLM Canon/Canon Only!! MCU + various games

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New Member
Hey! Anyone out there up for some rp?

I'm mainly interested in things dealing with the MCU or RDR2 fandoms.

I write strongly as:
Tony Stark
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers

But, I can also write:
Clint Barton (comic based)
Peter Parker (comic based)

I have written as John Marston once, but I'd like to try Arthur Morgan if anyone's down for that ✨

I have my writing info under my profile! Lmk if you're interested!


New Member
Hello! I've been searching for a Tony Stark! Would you be interested in doing some RP with you playing Tony and me playing Bruce? I'm open to doubling, crossovers, AUs, pretty much the whole nine yards.

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