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MOOD: excited

LOCATION: the school

OUTFIT: a patterned button-up, jeans, mismatched socks, and red chuck taylor's

MENTIONS: punky, delilah

TAGS: n/a
Lips pursed together; hazel eyes focused on the green chalkboard with a coat of white dust ahead. Archie’s eyebrows furrowed with a particular frustration as S.H.I.T. was now an official, school-ordained club.

Mrs. Morris had a soft spot for Archie. However, she never showed up to the meetings despite being the faculty advisor. Evidently, she’d spent enough time with him during first period when he was already bouncing off the walls. Constantly churning out content irrelevant to the lesson, Archie was aware he could be too… much.

A deep sigh from his own chest dragged him from his temporary daze. He straightened his back, sitting upright on a desk shoved against the far wall. Archie cleared his throat before a wide grin stretched across his face.

“Members of the Supernatural Happenings Investigation Team, may I please have your attention? Over.” He pretended to speak into his hand as if it were a walkie-talkie.

Archie’s feet touched the ground, and he stood up, a head or two above everyone else. “A couple important announcements to make.” He clapped his hands together but didn’t keep them clasped for very long. Seconds later, he was pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “You may have noticed a new face uh… a couple meetings ago? Ms. Punky!” He introduced her properly, pointing over to her before giving several resounding claps. Delilah reminded him to do it, finally.

“Next order of business: Cindy Fischer. The name ring a bell?” His eyes scanned the crowd, but Archie waited for no particular reaction. “A peer that went missing in June—June! And I think with no recent developments in the case, we must take things into our own hands.” Organized searches with volunteers had turned up with nothing. This was another favor and not meant to encumber the investigation.

Gliding between the rows of desks to the front, Archie plucked up a piece of chalk and began scribbling down illegible words as he talked. “It’s the perfect case for us! The police were never looking in the right direction because the answer lies in—” he drew a big circle around the words “—Aliens! Or something… supernatural, anyway.” He twisted around and dropped the chalk in the tray.

“Who’s in?”

This was a democracy. Group votes usually led to the final decision, though Archie thought his presentation was relatively convincing. The others must have wanted justice for their missing classmate and to ease their worried minds, right? Up until then, things had been slow with cases that didn’t even pertain to the whole point of the club. Plus, Graysville had enacted a loose but inconvenient buddy rule.

“Ah… And I guess I should mention this stays between us. Mrs. Morris can’t know we’re having club activities off the school premises. ”

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the vice president

Delilah flipped through the aged paper, eyes intently on the printed words, and mind imagining the fantastical world they described. In her hands was a book she remembered Sterling recommending her, which she borrowed from the library shortly after.

It was a slow start to the day, although the prospect of Archie finally getting the Supernatural Happenings Investigation Team recognized as an official school club was exciting. How he managed to pull that off while somehow keeping the name and it's crude acronym on the roster? It will forever remain a mystery. He just has a charm to him that even the school administration could not resist she supposed. Delilah would have only wished that he was there with his charm when she told her father of the news, who was displeased as a result but luckily didn't make a complaint to the principal.

The D.I.Y. radio broadcast of the group's beloved president brought her back to their club room. Smiling and giving a nod to his words as she swiftly bookmarked the page she left off at. Mere mentions of their club's name never failed to crack a smile on her face, not only was it a mouthful but ironic to Delilah's beliefs. A skeptic joining a club focusing on the supernatural, someone should make a sitcom on that. Surprisingly it didn't take that much convincing for her to join; although she didn't quite buy the "supernatural" aspect of the club, the "investigation" part caught her attention immediately.

Delilah let out a small sigh of both relief and approval as she clapped her hands in welcoming their new recruit. When she noticed the presence of Punky in the meetings prior, yet no context from her president the curiosity ate her up and she finally asked him about it. Only for her to proceed to remind him to give an official welcoming to her day after day.
"We're happy to have you here."
She looked to the younger girl, Delilah hoped that she felt welcomed enough despite the spontaneous nature of everything. Hopefully she'd get used to that as well, for S.H.I.T. was renowned for being spontaneous.

Looking back up to Archie, expression mixing with a small hint of pity at the mention of Cindy. Gone since June with no leads whatsoever, face still probably plastered on telephone poles and milk cartons all over Graysville. She remembered the solemn dinner she had with the Fischer family after the first week of their daughter's disappearance. They say food heals the soul but not even the chef's cooking nor her father's promises of search teams could heal the despair Delilah witnessed in their eyes. Especially after each search team would come back barren.

The mention of aliens carried her out of her depressing recall of events. Letting out a soft laugh at the idea of those grey skinned, big eyed, Martian men Hollywood depicted in sci-fi films roaming in the woods of Graysville.

"We'd have to make sure we're extra careful this time around, guys..."
This was a more serious case than what they were used to. It was enticing, yet also created a cause for concern when thinking about the hypotheticals of if they get caught. Both the school and her father would ring their necks. She looked back at Punky, who probably didn't know what usually goes down during the case investigations of the club.
"Investigations can go south if we're not too careful. Especially since this one in particular is barely legal."
There's slight apprehension at the mentioning of the latter.

"But as long as we follow at least a buddy system and keep it discreet, I'm in."
Despite the clear hesitance in her tone, she couldn't let this mystery remain unsolved, it was different from their usual missing cat cases and petty thefts, it was a missing person. Their schoolmate nonetheless.

High risk, high reward. She looked to the rest of the group,
"What say everyone else?"

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location: the school
interactions: archie, punky, delilah
tags: oliver oliver , aeneas . aeneas . OzzDog OzzDog
outfit: x x
Dottie Dobson
“all we have is now.”

The sharp sound of gum snapping could be heard coming from the back of the classroom. La’Donna Dobson, more commonly referred to as Dottie, had claimed her usual seat. With one hand supporting her chin and keeping her head upright, she waited for Archie to officially begin their meeting. The dark blue glitter pen was twirled between her fingers. Her thoughts were beginning to stray now, she was starting to feel like she was in class. Archie should be grateful that she wouldn’t skip out on him. She really was a great friend.

In his defense though, the entire day hadn’t been too eventful for her so far. Dottie didn’t have any heads scheduled for the day. The one head that she did have, had backed out last minute. Lil’ Mary had a pretty head of hair, but her mama was so damn picky about who she let in it. Word had gotten back to her that she was taking her kid to the “nicer” part of town. When her friend had ran it down to her, she could only shake her head. Dottie would pray for baby girl’s scalp and hoped that the stylist knew what they were doing.

Her musings were interrupted by the make believe sound of a walkie talkie. She couldn’t hold back her eye roll at Archie’s antics. There was no hiding the fondness of the gesture. The sound of gum snapping had come to an end once the club President had started talking. Dottie’s expression, which had been one of someone lost in thought, became one of focus. It was surprising really, how serious she took her position in the club. For all her complaints and teasing, Dottie made sure that she was doing what was needed of her. And if she were being honest, she felt a little grown up with her title.

Dottie paused for a moment, her writing stopped while she took a look at their newest member. Another bubble was blown from her signature Sweet Strawberry gum before it popped and she was speaking again. The first thing that came to mind while looking at the kid was “short”. For a second it had crossed her mind that maybe Archie’s hard work had paid off and he’d found some type of fairy or leprechaun to join their club. “Yooo, Petite P. Archie, you finally found one of those fairies you told me about.”

Her mouth opened again, intent on poking more fun at the newbie but she stopped short. Of course she’d heard about Cindy Fischer. Dottie hadn’t known the girl personally before she’d disappeared. Now it seemed like she was everywhere she turned, and for a good reason too. There hadn’t been a single lead of her whereabouts yet and word around town that the cops weren’t feeling all too confident in whether they’d find her or not. Dottie couldn’t help but feel bad for her family. She knew that if she happened to be lost somewhere, her own mother would be sick with worry. The only thing that she could compare it to was when she’d lose her mama in the store, but that feeling was multiplied by like one hundred.

There were all types of stories going on. People speculating about what had happened. Some weren’t confident that she ran away while others believed that she had been kidnapped. Someone had even gone as far as to say the family had gotten rid of her themselves. Dottie guess that she understood the buzz, it wasn’t too often that things like that happened in their sleepy little town.

“Yeah what she said. I’m all in.” With that she stopped her writing and leaned back in her chair. Dottie eyed Delilah Abbot. She was still weary of the younger girl because of her ties with the mayor. “As long as I aint’t paired up with Swan Lake, I’m good.”
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sterling coleridge
the s.h.i.t. secretary
Mrs. Morris's classroom.
Good, but cautiously optimistic.

The entire club!
The shift in Sterling’s personal atmosphere when he stepped through Mrs. Morris’s door threshold was obvious.

All thoughts of correctly parsing sentences, kinematic equations, and proofs melted away the second he entered this space. Despite the sometimes overwhelmingly chaotic atmosphere this classroom became after school hours, the S.H.I.T. club was Sterling’s refuge at school. Even though he could talk about these sorts of things with his math and physics peers, it just wasn’t the same: he wasn’t among true friends.

He took his usual seat next to Delilah upon entering the classroom, and was pleasantly surprised to see she had picked up a copy of Ender’s Game from the library. The feelings went deeper than his excitement about getting to see her developing opinions of the characters and plot; most of the people in his life somewhat consistently make him feel as if he’s talking to a wall, but Delilah always listened.

“Oh, neat!” Sterling exclaimed, flashing a grin at his friend. “You’ll have to tell me what chapter you’re on after—“ The sound of Archie clearing his throat from the front of the classroom cut him off.

A light, glowing sensation of pride welled up in Sterling’s chest as he watched his friend mill about in front of the whiteboard now bearing this club’s name. Just some time ago, the two of them had been laughing until their stomachs hurt from the very idea of tricking their school administrative staff into accepting their pitch for a club that ‘unintentionally’ had such an obscene acronym. Now this idea had spread to more than just the two of them: they had an officially recognized club, now complete with a full executive board.

Sterling flashed a tight-lipped smile at Archie before setting down next to Delilah. His sparkling eyes and lopsided, dimpled grin did its best to say We did it, buddy.

Archie’s speech was like all the others he’d witnessed over the years: a surprisingly entertaining (and not at all overwhelming) result of wild gestures, whiteboard chalk chicken scratch to emphasize key points, impromptu acting, and ample dramatic pauses. He flashed the newer, younger Punky a kind look once she was addressed by name, finally—why hadn’t they addressed the tiny, frizzy elephant in the room for so long?

The second major topic in his announcement troubled Sterling somewhat; his easy expression shifted into a doubtful one, but he still listened with an open mind (albeit through a furrowed brow). Cindy Fischer was something people stopped talking about some time ago, and hearing her name announced loudly for the first time in months sent a chill down his spine. He opened his mouth, ready to contribute a more cautious opinion than Delilah and Dottie, but then it dawned on him: this is kind of exactly what the club was founded to do. It just felt different because something suspicious happened in his town, to someone he actually knew.

Sterling opened his mouth, closed it, sighed, then shrugged. “I’m in,” he declared. “Let’s definitely be careful with how we’re going about everything, though. I can’t get in trouble.” He paused, then added, “And none of you should, either. This one is kind of a big deal—bigger than our last mysteries, no offense…” He had trailed off to a half bashful, half worried whisper by the end.
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He/They/It | 17

Punky Dowdy

The Newbie




The school


A big pink sweater with a cami underneath, a denim coat adorned with patches, a pair of crumpled jeans with a belt, and sneakers.


Archie, Delilah, Dottie

Punky ran her thumb along the edge of her walkman, pressing down on the peeling stickers and decals that adorned it. Damn, she’d need to replace them soon. It was a bit upsetting to know that these ones had only lasted two months, but that’s on her for continuing to buy the cheap stickers. Maybe she’d invest in some puffy ones.

Well, that is if she comes across the cash to do so. It was one of two options for her after school activities: Get a job, or join a club. And, odd names aside, she’d been thrilled that there was a club that catered to her interests. Upon hearing what Punky had enlisted in, her father’s expression knitted up in something that she thinks was an equal mix of worry and, well, a tinge of disappointment. Her brother, Richie, had been much more receptive— saying stuff like ‘at least she’s not doin’ the shit I was as a kid’. A very valid point that she prays her father keeps in mind.

Tucking the walkman into her pocket, Punky perked up as Archie finally began to speak— to her, he was a natural born speaker, one who she gave the utmost attention to. Punky listens, rapt, and smiles as he introduces her to the fellow members of the club. The popping of gum, however, makes her twitch in annoyance. She cranks her music up a bit louder, but not loud enough to miss the playful jab at her height.

“Hey, fairies are pretty! Including when they’re evil, then they’re pretty and evil! So, that makes me pretty. And evil,” Punky huffed in mock offense at Dottie, not really having a point to make, but feeling the need to respond nonetheless. She liked the sound of her own voice. Her jaw snapped shut with a click at Archie’s next point, however.

Cindy Fischer. The wake up call for the sleepy town of Graysville.

Punky never knew the girl herself, but by god did dear old dad make sure Punky knew what happened to her. Or, at least, what he thinks happened to her. Kidnappers, cultists, and other such evils— his theory changed every time. There was a small twinge of pity in his voice every time he warned Punky to be back before nightfall, lest she meet the same fate.

Punky wasn’t exactly sure how a high school supernatural club would help in a missing person’s investigation, but hey— it wouldn’t hurt to try? Although Delilah’s mention of legal matters made Punky’s heart twist in nervousness. It’d be fine, probably. The older kids seemed to be okay with it, so she was too.

“I mean…” Punky mused aloud, tapping a finger on her desk, “If I were Cindy, I’d want everyone to be looking for me! So, I’m in!”

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clinically insane

edwin choi

mood | dead.

location | the school

outfit | fit

interaction | everyone in the room

Edwin could be spotted in the corner of the room, head plopped onto his arms half-conscious, half-dyed mullet tied into a sloppily made bun. He was dead tired.

The day has been nothing but shit just like every other day, head engulfed in a ridiculous amount of schoolwork and other bullshit, he has no energy left to do anything. This includes skipping the shit classical song that magically appeared in his playlist and has been playing for over five minutes.

Dozing off, he reconsidered his entire life. The entire reason that he’s stuck here in the S.H.I.T club was that he didn’t know how to say no, the shit they do is fun and all but he really could be napping in his haven right now instead of sitting here and waiting around for the meeting to officially start. Snapping out of his train of thoughts, he raised his head up only to support it with his arm, the president has finally stood up. About the time the guy starts speaking.

Pausing the horrible song that has been playing non-stop, fucking Webern's Five Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 10. The voice of the pres filled his ears instead, apparently, there's a new member of the club. Punky or whatever her name was. She seemed familiar—he probably has seen her around somewhere around the school already, small world. At first impression, Punky was intimidating, not in the physical appearance, he probably could beat her in a fistfight, but the tiny brunette seems to have way too much energy for that height and it's even more terrifying.

Cindy Fischer. The second topic that the pres brought up.

Edwin has heard of the girl before, barely, he knew her from all of the boxes of milk that he bought for himself, and most of them having Cindy’s face printed on the side which is admittedly pretty scary when he drinks them in the middle of the night. Her parents seem pretty desperate to find her despite the fact that the cops don’t have jackshit information on her case. Supposedly, she went missing in June—three months ago, and has yet been found. Isn’t that just a case of kidnapping but the kidnapper actually has a brain and uses up to perfectly cover up his track? Or something else, maybe, he doesn't really care.

His parent probably has some documents on some missing cases, and probably this one. Maybe he should look into it soon. “I don’t really care, I’m in.” Delilah’s entire speech about precaution doesn’t really bother him one bit, whether or not the case is legal, he’s not going to be affected anyways, an entire family of lawyers to protect him. If he doesn’t get disowned by them that is. Besides, it’s most likely just a case of finding where this missing girl is anyways, nothing out of the ordinary, right?

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