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Fantasy Misfit heroes of Seyoncè


The one who made Aerth
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The Misfit guild is well big famous all across the lands as heroes, business owners and more. A group of Half-castes, mongrels and humanoid monsters who got forced into a world ending plot and somehow emerged out the other end of the ordeal better off for it and as friends...

This rp would start with the characters being arrested and forced into a dungeon to retrieve magic artefacts. The strangers are forced to band together to survive, in doing so they are dragged into a nefarious plot with no way to escape apart from slaying the big bad to prove their innocence. Or to lie their way out of trouble...

If the rp starts and the group gets through the first campaign then I have a few others to continue on.

Making a character requires two main things, first being they are a race that's stereotypically "bad guys" or monsters. Goblin, dark elf, reptilian etc. Main gist is society at large looks down on them.
The second thing is they need a dream/goal that's unusual to them...
A goblin chef who wants to run their own restaurant,
a succubus with aspirations of being a wedding planner,
A vampire dark elf whose adamant about becoming a beloved doctor...
These dreams would eventually come true in some form, if possible they do something as a group incorporating everyone's goal.

Post requirements is two paragraphs or more once/twice a week.
I have a soft magic system in mind with race specific pros and cons or we can use a more dnd inspired system.
Choosing a class and looking up the spells/abilities they are known to use.

If you wanna know more post below.

Cs page
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I've got a few ideas percolating around in my brain. A drow who dreams of being a tavernkeeper, a wererat who loves learning and wants to be a teacher, or a tiefling who wants to be a weaponsmith, to name a few
I think for me its between a tiefling, which in this world would be any sort of mixed race with demon. They looking for friends and family.
A goblin rogue/bard who wants to become famous for music.
Nothing concrete yet, but I am sure it will come as planing progresses and we take a look at the class system
Its up to majority vote by the players for what class/magic system we use. I can explain either one better if we start deciding.

But put simple its my soft magic/race system ive used for most of my medieval fantasy worlds or ripping off Dnd
Not a big fan of ripping off DnD. Could you tell us a little more about your system?
Essentially, every living thing is born with a type of mana that allows them to use magic. So say your half demon/tiefling character has fire mana, they can do fire magic. How good they are is based on experience, practice and sometimes genetics or race.

A elf would have more mana then a human, A human more than a dwarf or beastkin. Kobolds and goblins would have the least amount of potential for magic but even then they can learn it.

All races can use other magic outside what they were born with via magic items, artefacts and solid chunks of mana that grow in nature and in monsters known as runes.
So while your half demon has fire he could have a dagger of ice that converts his fire mana into ice magic.

For our cast being the sort looked down on as monsters or bad guys it depends on what your planning but each race has a bonus and flaw.

Goblins have shitty mana amounts but are sneaky and fast, elves have great mana amounts but are physically more frail. You can home-brew your own idea and we can come to a agreement if it makes sense.
Ill only say no if it seems broken or OP
Sounds very good to me.
Are the Undead a thing? If so, an undead knight with a tendency for drama and flamboyancy, wishing to direct stage plays is one of my ideas.
Or the Drow sorceress who seems unapproachable, harsh and cruel, but secretely wants to be just pampered like a princess.
Will probably get more ideas as things go on
Undead are generally monsters, the rp starts with each character being arrested/kidnapped and forced into a quest. I think if any sort of undead was out and about in the open sentient or not they would be killed rather then subdued
I’m pretty interested, myself.

Thinking about going with a Changeling. They’re distrusted by many, often being labeled as deceptive tricksters due to their innate ability to shapeshift.
Some even believe Changeling steal newborn babies so that they take their place and feed off the unsuspecting parents.

Most Changeling are silent rogues who are rarely seen by others in their normal form.
My character? Simply put… he wants to be a star! He sees himself as an entertainer- an icon even!
He hopes to see his face plastered at the top of every news headline he can…despite not really having a face.

Ofc this could obviously change if the concept doesn’t fit the setting- but I’m interested nonetheless.
I am thinking either a fallen/dark angel or a demon who wants to become an actor or knight or something , (depending on what works best for this)
Cs page is here and in the first post.

Got one character up. Have another one I want to do - she'll be up once I get her done.
NeonFlow NeonFlow figured I might like to participate once it gets going,so I dropped my CS in the corresponding thread. Let me know if it fits what you're going for,otherwise I have another idea or two I might use.
After much thought, I decided to revamp Gwen's Background and make it less doom and gloom.

Will we be getting an OOC thread?

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