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Heyo post them here, if I give your sheet a like then that means your character is accepted.
As I said on the check you can make it your own race/lore/magic etc but I may ask for a edit or change if its broken, op or messes with the rules of the world.
"My goblin was born with gravity mana and has a void sword so technically he can teleport anyway"
Ima say no cause goblins never have rare mana and a magic item so early in the game makes shit easy.

The sheet below is the minimum I need but feel free to add more if you deem it needed.

Race: (This can be almost anything, main deal is they are looked down on/hated for their race alone)

Age (This can vary between races, for example goblins rarely live past 30 years. A dark elf might be 200 years old in their prime. Use your best judgement or ask questions elsewhere)

Appearance: (I'd like some visual representation but even with a picture give a description, height colours whatever)

Gear: (if used list it here)

Abilities: (this includes the mana type they are born with, traits unique to them or learned talents.)

Flaws: (or weaknesses, even the strongest monsters have a weakness. Like the vampire is killed instantly in sunlight, hurt by fire or anything blessed with holy energy. Again use best judgement or ask questions)

Background: (don't need a novel, just kick a bit about who you wrote and how they might have been picked up in or near the city of Mograi during the harvest festival celebrations. A event held by human royalty to honor the gods of harvest. Its basically a two day long party in the streets/outside in the open)
Name: Tik
Age: 16 (From what I've seen, Kobolds mature at age 6, so she is definitely not a teenager)
Appearance: 2'3", pale reddish skin, tan horns, eyes a very light red
Gear: Hammer, Tinker tools, a whole lot of pouches full of scraps.

Abilities: Puppet Mana, ability to manipulate the toys she makes. Tik is known for her trap-making and tinkering abilities. She is also decent at sneaking around and has an eye for scraps that can be repurposed towards her projects. In a fight, she would be cowering or sneaking around, making traps to trip up enemies or commanding her toys to assist.

Toys she has on hand:
Bad News Bear: A Teddy Bear that's also a Bomb
1 foot tall Wooden Soldier: Little wooden soldier that shoot arrows
Bouncy Ball of smoke: a ball that bounces but also emits smoke.
Mechanical shield (a smallsquare device that extends at the press of a button to turn into a circular shield to hide under. Think turtle shell. Only has one of these)

Toys she can make on the fly:
traps using surroundings and materials on hand (she is quick-witted in this skill), catapult, parchment flying dragon

With extended amount of time:
While not in battle and with more time and the right materials (and blueprints for more complex designs), Tik can create most any toy that could be thought of.

Flaws: Not really good in melee battle, or any fight for that matter. Her toys are useful, she is not without them. Sensitive to the sun.

Tik's tribe is from the deep undergound caves of the north mountains. Each day, the tribe of hundreds would surface from their cave and sneak to the nearby villages to hunt for materials, foods, scraps, anything that can be used in service of their dragon lord, Uldrim, the Eternal. One day, one of the villages they pillaged caught the kobolds in the act and fought back against them. Many kobolds died that day. Tik wondered if maybe they deserved the loss. After all, they have been taking from these people for as long as she can remember. And for what? A Dragon Lord that kept most, if not all, to himself, leaving his minions without. After that point, Tik started collecting for herself, creating a little hidey hole no one in her tribe knew about. In an overpopulated cave, her hiding spot didn't stay hidden for long. One of her brothers found her hole, and when he threatened to turn her in to the Dragon Lord, Tik ran away. For the next year, she lived on her own, scrounging for food, clothes, and materials. She of heard of a festival in passing. She didn't know what a festival was, but with so many excited to go, she decided to attend as well. Maybe this city of Mograi could be where she finally starts working towards her dream of owning a toy shop, if people give her a chance that is.
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Name: Xaphan

Race: Tiefling

Age: 28

Description: Xaphan is 5’11”, with long, wavy black hair, and a strong physique earned from years of swinging a hammer. His skin is red, and his eyes gleam like hot coals embedded in his skull. He has curving, ram-like horns, sharp teeth and a long, slender, prehensile tail. There is an odd, but beautiful ornamentation embedded in his forehead between his horns. Scars around it give evidence to his unsuccessful attempts to remove it.


Gear: His old master’s smithing hammer, blade oil, sharpening tools, and a heavy leather apron.

Abilities: He can manipulate fire and is resistant to fire damage. He has excellent night vision (can see in dim light as if it were daylight, and in darkness as if it were dim light (though he can only see in black & white in darkness). Can forge and repair weapons.

Flaws: He nurses grudges like it’s an Olympic sport, which can impede his ability to see reason. Allergic to perfume (sneezing, runny nose, etc.)

Background: Xaphan was born in the eastern slum district of Grebul, in western Fallah. His parents were killed when he was still a child, and no one was willing to take in an orphaned Tiefling. As a result, he grew up with few friends and no real support system. He was desperately lonely, and wanted nothing more than to find people he could connect with. Xaphan resented being constantly shunned and learned from a young age how to hold his own in a fight. When he was thirteen, and strong enough in his magic and physical strength to gain the upper hand against his tormenters, he was run out of town. He wandered from town to town, looking for a place willing to at least give him a chance, until, finally, he reached the city of Rosefalls, and found someone willing to take him in. A weaponsmith, named Mose Monsel, agreed to teach him his craft and give him room and board in exchange for labour. The only stipulation was Xaphan could not be seen. Xaphan naively agreed, and spent the next 15 years working at Mose’s forge, using his ability to manipulate fire to bring the forge to the perfect heat, and, eventually, making better weapons than Mose could. Mose took all the credit, and the money. He was allowed to go outside at night, as long as he stayed out of sight. Xaphan loved the craft, but hated his lack of freedom, and wanted to try opening his own smithy. Surely people would look past his species for a good quality weapon? When Xaphan turned 25, he asked Mose about being released from his apprenticeship to seek his own way. Mose promised he would think it over. Two weeks later, he woke one night to a pressure in his head, and a voice chanting over him. He tried to move, but was held fast as a woman in long, flowing robes held something to his forehead while reciting an enchantment over him. When it was done, Mose apologized and told him he was too valuable to let go. As long as Mose was alive, Xaphan wouldn’t be able to leave, harm his master in any way, or refuse any command. Xaphan raged and promised him he would kill the old man if it was the last thing he ever did. Two and half years later, his master was murdered, and Xaphan was discovered and blamed. No one would listen to him when he tried explaining the enchantment he was under, so he fled, taking nothing more than his clothes, his leather apron, his master’s hammer and a few other items.
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Name: Oroseus Niralis

Race: Oryctoid
These large Insectoids hail from a far away region of hot jungles and are rarely seen around these parts, which adds to the mistrust against them. Their caravans usually consist of pilgrims, keeping their intentions and rituals amongst themselves. Their appearance resembles that of rhinoceros beetles and scarabs, which is perhaps the main reason why they are disliked. A thick carapace shell engulfs their bodies and a fluffy frill of sensitive whiskers around their necks warns them of changes in temperature and weather.

Height: 6'5''

A dark, thick carapace shell of mat black chitin with purple accents forms the massive body. The legs are long and segmented, the arms relatively short in comparison, but very broad. The face is small, consisting of ant-like mandibles, thin antenna and tiny pearls for eyes. The main antler is very prominent and the back of the head covered by a thick shell. Around the neck, a grey fluff looks almost like a beard. The body carapace has many segments and individual plates, those he could reach himself would be scratched with small, irregular patterns. The strange appearance and massive frame will be intimidating for many.

Age: 35 years

Gear: Large Falchion, round shield, backpack, sample pouches and vials, torch, blankets, incense and burner, writing coal

Abilities: Thick carapace shell - makes armor redundant, but also prevents most clothing from fitting in the first place
Low amount of electric mana
Sensory frill - can detect changes in temperature and weather as well as electric phenomena

Flaws: Very susceptible to cold - will slow down or even get paralyzed by cold
Limited peripheral vision - the head plate restricts vision, the eyes are focused to the front

In his jungle home, Oroseus was part of an aristocratic warrior caste, growing up with lessons in chivalry, martial arts, philosophy, logic and debate. He was raised to be a defender of his people and their knowledge, following ancient and very strict codes of conduct and having little freedom or autonomy to diverge from this path. Oroseus enjoyed philosophical debates with travelers, mostly elven merchants, and developed a growing curiosity for the outside world. As Oryctoids dont live in traditional family structures, but rather as collective hives structured by castes, they were taught to put their hive above their own good. He tried to follow all teachings and being a model student, but found himself less hungry for combat compared to his brethren. He decided to focus on the scientific and spiritual component of his role, only starting to compete in traditional martial arts and combat tournaments very late in his path. His undoing was his compassion for outsiders, as he went against traditional codes to warn traveling elves that they had been selected for sacrifice according to ancient hive rituals. Choosing exile instead of trial by combat, he started to travel the world aimlessly, before slowly finding a purpose in the many new and exciting forms of art he got to see now. Music, sculptures, poetry and the like were fascinating things to study, while his physical strength and size kept him afloat as a daytaler. The most exciting curiosity however was experienced by his smelling antenna and he soon began cataloguing and developing interesting scents - perhaps settling down as a perfumer was a good choice. Unfortunately, as culture and rules of these foreign lands still were mysterious to him, he got on the wrong side of the wrong people during the festival.
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Name: Boh Rudjoy
"Smokin Boh"

Race: human/Emotick

Age: 20

Standing 5ft10 not counting the horns, Boh looks human apart from said horns and his eyes which change colours depending on the strongest emotion in the immediate area.

Apart from armor and the bare necessities for travelling like waterskins, fire starters etc. Boh carries a sturdy dagger and two instruments, a flute and a guitar.

Empath, Boh's mana is unique to the Emotick race, able to manipulate the emotions of sentient creatures.

Bard, has practiced with multiple instruments but prefers the strings and singing over anything else.

Quick, be it running away, playing a instrument or swinging a blade.

Empath, Boh is not in complete control of his emotick magic and is effected by strong emotions. In turn he can unknowingly effect others if his emotions are unchecked.

Coward, afraid of pain and death is more accurate.

Boh is the son of a Emotick and a human. The Emoticks are blue horned humanoids that feed on the emotions of other creatures. Boh grew up trying hard to avoid conflict and spread joy, it was hard. Said conflicts made Boh somewhat famous as a bard. 'Smoking Boh' speaks and sings words that burn.

It took three guards to subdue him after he killed someone with a vicious "fuck you"
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Name: Gwen Aubert

Race: Ratling. Their society is hierarchical, often violent, and outsiders who wander in are usually killed. Ratlings who aren’t happy with status quo will leave to live in fringe settlements. They don’t have the protection of The Warrens, which is a risk they happily take for the freedom to live a peaceful life without strict authority.

Age: 17 (akin to a human in her early 20s)

Appearance: 5’4” & slender. She has mostly white fur with touches of grey, and brown eyes. Wears simple, peasant farmer’s clothing.


Gear: A sharp dagger used for cutting herbs and plants, pouches of various herbs, a satchel of a few of her favourite books

Abilities She has a very keen sense of smell, excellent hearing and can see well in the dark. She is quick and lithe and can drop onto all fours to move even faster if need be. Like her non-humanoid counterparts, ratlings have somewhat collapsible rib cages. Their ribs have a greater capacity to flex, enabling them to flatten themselves temporarily to squeeze through tight spaces as if they were small creatures. She loves to read and is well-versed in the various uses and application of tinctures & herbs. As a farmer, she knows how grow various crops and identify plants, and is familiar with the care and feeding of most farm animals.

Flaws: She is not a fighter by any stretch of the imagination and loathes violence. Ratlings do not possess a lot of physical strength.

Background: Gwen is a farmer from Shimmerwick a quiet, fringe settlement outside of the ratling Warrens and near a town called Simpelwater, in south central Fallah. She had a largely uneventful childhood filled with days of working hard on her family’s farm or helping her neighbours with repairing fences & re-thatching roofs. There were a few incidences with wolves, foxes or bandits, but, for the most part, her early years were simple and happy. Her curiosity of the world drove her to books – any book she could find – and to harass other ratlings, or the odd adventurer, passing through with questions about what they’d seen and experienced. Any time her parents had to go to The Warrens to do their monthly trades, she would sneak off to Simpelwater and slink through the shadows until she arrived at a school, where she would hide and listen in on the lessons, dreaming of a day when she might, somehow, be allowed to attend and then, perhaps teach. She always managed to get home before her parents, though she often had to cajole her brother into not telling on her. She continued this for 4 months before she was caught by a dwarven school administrator on his way in. She was so caught up in the lesson she forgot to pay attention to who was around her. She was terrified. Most humans, elves and dwarves looked at her kind with suspicion, not understanding that the ratlings who willingly left The Warrens may as well be a different species of ratling because of how peaceful they tended to be. After questioning her, and realizing all she wanted was to learn, he dragged her into the schoolhouse and deposited her in front of the teacher, stating if she wanted to learn, she may as well do the work for real. With, of course, her parent's permission.

Her parents were reluctant, but finally agreed, and she spent the next 4 years, until she was 15, and an adult by ratling standards, attending classes with a building full of non ratlings. There was some teasing, and some bullying, but she put up with it gladly, and did make a number of good friends. When there was nothing more they could teach her, she returned to doing full time work at the farm, applying much of what she had learned to growing better crops and keeping healthier livestock. Eventually, she found herself growing restless, and longed to travel, so she packed her belongings and said her goodbyes to her family. Surely, there was more to learn. Surely, there was somewhere she could teach and not be looked at as a monster.
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Name: Jinku Hoimo

Race: Beastkin (Apefolk)

Age: 29yrs

Appearance: Jinku Stands 5ft 5in in his usual hunched over gait but can stand to a full height of 6ft 3in. He weighs 212lbs and has chestnut colored fur with cherry red eyes. His fur is longer in the back of his head and he grooms himself twice monthly to maintain his “fur style”


Gear: Ronin “Evil Twin” Daikatana- a well forged blade once belonging to his beloved friend Mokuba. It is a 4 1/2ft long blade with a foot and a half long handle. The gold ring that splits the hilt is actually where the hilt can split apart revealing a 1ft long hidden dagger. Made from a master bladesmith, and maintained with love, this weapon performs admirably.

Apelike Attributes- Jinku is Stronger and more agile than even peak humans, barring magical enhancement of course. He also has the added dexterity of his feet being hands.

Iaijutsu- A series of Quickdraw slashing techniques that can quickly end fights. “Evil twin” actually lets him use a surprise second stroke.

Ittō-ryū: the one sword school techniques, the most common stance Jinku uses. Its his most comfortable stance.

Nitō-ryū: The Two sword School techniques. Jinku’s best Stace as he has mastered switching hands, and can wield effectively with each of his four hands.

Magical Nope- Jinku does not trust magic and will often leave such things to “experts”.

Honorless- You’d think a samurai would be honorable. But Jinku is a ronin, he will turn tail and scurry off as soon as its clear his sword cannot solve his problems.

Just a Monkey with a sword- Things like oozes, ghosts, and other creatures without sliceable forms, jinku knows he stands no chance against and as such will avoid them.

Background: In a faraway land, the Apefolk lived in peace until warring tribes wizards took their jungle home and subjugated them for labor. Jinku was born in this subjugation, but during his lifetime it would end as one tribe won out over the other. He was taken in by the losing faction and they fell into hiding with the majority of their kind being killed or fleeing into the deeper jungles. Those who adopted Jinku would send him to be trained and educated so as to serve them as a bodyguard. It was at this Shoguns dojo that he met Mokuba and the two became fast friends over their shared history of servitude and their shared lamentation at the apparent future of continued service.

After several years the two would run away together, taking the blades they had earned, and becoming ronin wandering the countryside. They were forced to flee their shoguns reach leading them to board a vessel heading to a different nation altogether. There they would live together acquiring a job as bodyguards and saving up to one day buy a farm and settle down, perhaps seek out a family. At least in Mokuba’s case. Sadly for him one day his friend would be found dead in a river with a slit throat. As his only known companion he received his remaining possessions including the sword. Taking his fallen companions weapon he has sought to find his friends killer and avenge him at any cost…His investigations so far have lead him to Mograi during the festival.
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