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Fantasy Mirror Shards


Haunted and Beautiful.
Hey everyone,

It's an idea for something of an Inuyasha-inspired story.

The premise is that a Powerful Relic, the Darkrend Mirror, shatters. The shards are scattered throughout the land granting power to those who find them.

Your character comes from a modern time; a University student. Her world is no different from yours or mine, cellphones, internet, cars. One day, she finds a mysterious mirror fragment which ultimately allows her to travel to a fantasy world. Turns out she found the middle-shard, a piece of the Darkrend Mirror that allows her to sense when other mirror fragments are nearby.

My character is what's known as a Shard-Demon (a mortal whose been bound to a mirror shard).

Together, our goal is to hunt down the pieces of the Darkrend Mirror and ultimately use its power to unknown ends.

There’s definitely room for growing the story so I’m happy to discuss any ideas you may have.

Below is an excerpt:


The storyteller paused with a stilled finger, revelling in the silence of held breath.

The village children stared with wide-eyed wonder as firelight danced over the crowd. A little girl near the front broke the silence. "Then what happened?"

"The mirror shattered!" The storyteller exclaimed, pulling mirrored parchment shreds from his cloak and tossing them in the air to rain down on the children. They giggled and gasped, trying to catch them.

"That fateful night," the storyteller continued, "The Darkrend mirror was forever broken! Shards lanced across the sky like comets , streaking to all corners of the realm!"

"And what happened to the mirror monsters?" Asked a tall, skeptical looking boy.

"They vanished, all of them! Fading like dust... every monster the mirror ever created... gone. The war was over!" He surveyed his audience, allowing for some well-timed cheers and applause. As it quieted, he spoke. "But the mirror wasn't done with us yet, you see. It became known that the power of even one shard was enough to make a man stronger, or faster - wiser even. Men fought over the shards, coveting them, allowing the mirror's influence to darken their hearts and corrupt them. Twist them into the very monsters we'd once fought."

"You've gotta be kidding me!" One young boy said, tossing his arms in the air. The girl next to him had an opposite reaction - fear.

"Afraid not, lad," said the storyteller. "In fact, it only gets worse. With monsters running a mock once again, those in power decided to do something unthinkable... unfathomable... something twisted."

Another captive silence. "You want to know...?"

All the children nodded, joined by a few of the parents. The storyteller lowered his voice. "They took children, no different from you, or you..." He looked over the crowd. "They stole them away in the night and used the darkness of the mirror itself to bind their souls to a shard."

The children gasped, eyes open wide. The girl who moments ago looked spooked, paled.

"They created something never before seen... a new breed of man. 'Reflections', they called them. Trained soldiers meant to combat those twisted by the mirror. These Reflections were to be warriors of valor and justice."

"But that's not what we got, is it, storyteller?" Interrupted a burly man standing behind the crowd of children, silhouetted by the bonfire. Even in the dark, the storyteller could make out the silvery scar running down the man's face.

The storyteller hated interruptions, but based on the man's scowl, it was a safe bet how he got his scar. "No, my good man, it's not what we got ."

"What did we get...?" Asked the scared-looking little girl.

The storyteller leaned in and gave her a sad look. "Shard-demons."
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