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Fandom Miraculous ladybug AU group rp sign up

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Index progress

Picking characters and filling oc form
Sub Genres
Magical, School, Super Powers


Archer of justice
there are ancient jewelry called miraculous told to have tales of magical powers.....the most powerful being creation and destruction..................but because of this there are evil people who want them to use the miraculous power for evil and chaos. thats why there are heroes recruited by someone called the guardian........to stop these villians from carrying out their plans


But now the guardian must recruit more heroes to help the miraculous heroes fight the villian as they too are getting more powerful as our heroes
will you help them or fight agianst them?


Welcome to the group,
You may use a oc or canon character, this rp will have different heroes/ villians and miraculous than the show but will have the main characters like adrien and marinette.

Adrien/chat noir: @MishaBear
Nino/carapace: open
Alya/rena rouge: @TheHaileyWilliams_
Chloe: open
Luka: open
Nathaniel: open
Juleka: open
Sabrina: open
Kagami: @ApfelSeine
Gabriel agreste/hawkmoth: @ApfelSeine
Natalie/mayura: @ApfelSeine

Oc form:
Hero or villian:
If you are a normal classmate then you don't have to fill out the miraculous or hero villian part of form
Looks in normal form:
Looks in hero or villian form:
Bio: how you got miraculous and story about the character

The rp will be in pm, oc page will be in character sheets.
1. Be active
2. No ghosting
3. No op characters, cant revive people or raise the dead

Main RP Page: Fandom - 🐞Miraculous ladybug group roleplay 🐞

List of whats happening in group:
  • Night patrol: after the afternoon ends its straight to late night patroling...(lily will not be showing up)
  • Next day: lily will be at school but not as herself.....maybe as himself... and has to hide under a different name till she can fix her problem.
  • Akumatize: we had a plan to akumatize sparrow but with cookie being offline we need to come up with a plan b. Batfang will be able to help if needed.
  • There might be a unveiling at the muesum at some point of art
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