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Fandom Minimal (a request thread)

Endless Expert

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Good morning.
I'll be honest. Building a request thread causes me anxiety. So, I'll be brief.

About //

① where
✓ discord
✗ threads
convince: google docs, private messages, email / instant messenger

② pairings
✓ female / male
✓ male / male
convince: female / female

③ frequency / length (ask for clarification!!)
✓ quicker, shorter replies (multiple posts per day)
✗ one post per day or less, any length (see note)
convince: slower, longer replies (multiple posts per day)

④ characters
✓ original / canon
✓ canon / canon
✓ single, double, tertiary
convince: original / original

⑤ plots / settings
✓ canon
✓ alternate universe
convince: original

Fandoms //

ღ Currently Craving ღ Yu-Gi-Oh! & Squid Game ღ

Avatar: The Last Airbender | BioShock | Borderlands |
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Digimon | Final Fantasy | Good Omens |
Kingdom Hearts | Marvel | Merlin | Monster Hunter | Pokémon |
Stardew Valley | Squid Game | Undertale | Yu-Gi-Oh!


Originals //

Please do not post in the thread. Thank you for reading.
Good night. ✰
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