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Fandom Millennium City: New Beginnings.

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The powder ganger menace
  • June Verles

    Depression? Never heard of her.
    And so our party of brave adventurer- mhmmm... Our party of individuals with mixed morals would made their way to fulfil their end of the bargain with Paimon. Soon enough with Shadow's ( darkred darkred ) expert scouting ability they would come upon a hill side overlooking what seemed to be a fenced compound, with multiple guard towers and blocks. Some of the more military orientated personnel would be able to tell that this wasn't a military base, but instead some sort of prison from the architecture. ( Centurion_ Centurion_ Dylan.thomas7 Dylan.thomas7 )

    So far however they could only notice one man wearing a ragged blue uniform at the front, guarding the door with a shotgun and what seemed like sticks of dynamite attached to his hip. However, curiously enough Kobayashi might be the one who knew most about this area. ( marc122 marc122 )

    So, party. What do you do?

    Chungchangching Chungchangching PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss PixelSymphony PixelSymphony 2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B Thepotatogod Thepotatogod