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Fandom Millennium City: New Beginnings.

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From Courage comes Wisdom and Power.
Blue eyes looked around a little after being more or less dropped in the middle of nowhere via a magic portal and wondered what he did in a past life or two to deserve this as he rubbed his tired face with a gloved hand.

'Hylia help me..' He said, taking in the sudden crowd that looked like they had gone one round with a group of monsters and somehow came out alive on the other side. His long ear twitched a little underneath of his hood hearing something about a motel before lightly speaking up.

"I do have a question before we all go...where the hell am I?"

June Verles June Verles

Chungchangching Chungchangching
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Chungchangching Chungchangching

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson
It was unfortunate for Slade to miss the opportunity to take part in a gunfight against the Powder Gangers, but it is not far from being too late, he can still join in the group if he sees it as necessary. When Vitan uttered the word "holocaust", he thought of it as a very grim way of describing the event that just happened recently, but he can picture it perfectly, to be exact. "Holocaust? You don't mean it in an obvious way, right? If you mean by that word, then you could be referring to those World War II shenanigans. Just to be clear, I'm not a Nazi and will never be." He said.

With everyone taking the chance to loot the remnants of the deceased members of the Powder Gangers, he doesn't see it as necessary to loot it for himself because he doesn't see it as that useful to him. He has no intention of taking away a dead person's stuff and he lets everybody else take it for themselves, even Vitan who was amazed by how cool the loot was to her. Otherwise, he is not interested and will remain this way for the time being unless he discovers something interesting and unique, then he might take it for himself.

As with finding out who the leader of the group is, Vitan has no idea and she doesn't identify someone who is a leader. "Overwatch" was her answer, which is not understandable, but it gives a vague idea of what she was implying. He is not disappointed and will keep it in mind if they do have one. Maybe leadership isn't something the members of the group aren't familiar with it yet and they must try to find a strong suit into finding one through extensive teamwork. Maybe not.
Tank Top Vitan.PNG
I sat up to the pretty boy asking where he is. The weapons on top of me slid off my clothing. Man, this "Where the hell am I?!" shit is standard stakes for dimension traveling. Get at least one to three of these questions in a new group. I'll try to use my regular mad-libs template style explanation of what's going on.

"Well, kiddo. You're in another dimension. This happens a lot to multiple people and you guys are just the newest batch of individuals facing this predicament. Not me, though. I've been doing this since I was legal. . . Or, in your words, 18 years old. And since this is another dimension, expect somethings far beyond your imagination." I said, pulling out a revolver.

I knew what the hell a "Link" is. I'm not that uncultured. So, things like guns are probably completely alien to him.

"Like this. Think of a bow but better and more efficient. I'd show you an example, but I'm pretty sure if I shoot this: The 'arrow' would deflect off the walls and hit somebody here." I laughed a little. "Which, uh, would be funny, but I'd get beaten for it."

I tried to keep it something he would understand. Trying not to say slang is painful to me.

"Oh, and, uh, Deathstroke? I meant it as a 'Cataclysm' thing. Wasn't thinking again. Just in case, let me put this disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that I say. Burn it into your minds!"

He better not think I'm a Nazi. I might joke around with calling myself despicable shit such as a Politician. But it's when I'm incredibly high on my own adrenaline. I almost never mean it.

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Justîse "Justice" Deshaies
| Location: Paimon's Kebab Shop > Van | Status: Healthy | Equipment: Surgical Kit | Rituals: Sehen | Souls: 0
| Interacting: Centurion_ Centurion_ (Reiner Braun) | Mentioned: PixelSymphony PixelSymphony (Val'sharra Nightshroud), Chungchangching Chungchangching (Vitan Armerstrannie), marc122 marc122 (Kobayashi), Thepotatogod Thepotatogod (Stella), Dylan.thomas7 Dylan.thomas7 (Jacob Seed), darkred darkred (Shadow Marshall), 2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B (Tanya Degurechaff), PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss (REV), Sleek Sleek (Alpha), GeorgeTownRaja GeorgeTownRaja (Deathstroke), Hero of the Wilds Hero of the Wilds (Link) |

Their heels fluttered with clacks against the pavement. Beside the van, a boyish figure in a sleek, silken vest-and-tie, a black choker and with flowing, ribbon-tied hair frolicked along, pacing feverishly in a childish waltz. Their whimsy march and its tapping like percussion meandered for a moment, twirling and winding until it brought them to face with the misfits - at which point, their eyes of indigo gleamed like gems in their sockets.

"Good evening," they smiled. "How did the errand go? I'm sure they weren't a problem for you, yes?"

As their features began to form, the contradiction of their body appeared; neither definitively masculine, nor completely effeminate. Depending on the angle, one could make a case for either - they were tall yet petit, with a soft jaw and flat chest and rosy cheeks and broad shoulders, and with arms that could be considered fit by one standard or just average by the other. Every square inch of their shape was a juxtaposition of the last, never settling for one or the other, like a war of proportions that had ended in a stalemate.

But that hardly seemed to budge them. They knotted their hands behind their back.
"My name is Justîse Deshaies. That's J-u-s-t-i (circumflex)-s-e, spelled as spoken - but you may call me 'Justice'."
Then, with a small, old-fashioned curtsy: "I'm delighted to make your acquaintance. I hope we can get along."

Justice propped themselves up against the van's rusted side, scanning the group intently - then abruptly, their gaze caught on the makeshift bandage swaddling Reiner's arm. With a saunter to his side, they gently took his bicep and gave a glare at the spot of blood seeping from the shoulder, pursing their lips as they spoke:
"Oh, a bullet wound? I should take a look at that. Combat isn't my forte, so the least I can do is tend to your injuries."
Then, they swiveled around to address the others - "Has anyone else sustained any damage?"​
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Tactical Operations Meido
Val_post.jpg~Val'sharra Nightshroud~

Condition: Wounded (bullet between the ribs)
Wearing: Civilian semi-formal outfit, blood-soaked
Carrying: P-375 (concealed) , Mk1 Dagger (concealed)
Location: Haram Kebab van, rear compartment


The trip back to the kebab stand was made in relative silence from Val, torpor beginning to kick in as her adrenaline has well and truly bottomed out at this point. Part of her had wanted to ask their patron for another morsel to go, but alas, it would appear priorities would be priorities, and before she knew it, she was piling into the back of Paimon's beat-up old van, bloody as she was, to be crushed against her most recent compatriots and shuttled to the far-off city which seemed fated to be their destination. Only as she entered the van, it quickly became apparent that the little old food stand proprietor had somehow managed to make space and physics bend to his whims, as the palatial interior far exceeded what she had figured the exterior dimensions of the vehicle to be. "Well!" she said, a lilt of uncharacteristic surprise interjecting itself in her usual careful tone, "I would be lying if I said this was how I expected to be making my way into the city. How exactly did you manage this, your former Majesty? This certainly doesn't feel like some manner of illusion just to make us feel better for the ride," she added, feeling the plushness of the cushions beneath her as she sat at the foot of the girl in the hoodie who seemed hell-bent on attempting to lay across every piece of upholstery possible. Some few moments later, as the panel popped open, she chuckled somewhat at the specific locale chosen to act as their initial hideout. "Cheap hotels and bloody clothes? Who could have predicted I'd be back in the Business this quickly..." She shook her head. "Cheap hotels are fine be me; the less questions the better. And I certainly hope you're a good talker, or that they take trade in dynamite, because I don't think a single one of us has a crown to their name at the moment."

With that said, she leaned back on the divan, weariness beginning to overtake her eyes as the van started off on its journey. She almost certainly would have completely passed out and accidentally ended up bashing hoodie-girl with an errant horn in the middle of her nap had one of the new members of their party not spoken up, which through a series of events sent a veritable arsenal of weapons crashing to the floor, waking Val out of her semi-conscious state with a start. She rubbed her eyes slightly, and refocused on what all was going on, blinking her eyes rapidly to try and make heads or tails out of what all was being asked. Ah, the standard suite of first-time dimensional traveler questions. Yeah I'll let her handle that. She leaned back again with a yawn, only to sit back up again as the other new party member asked whether anyone else had "sustained any damage". Strange phrasing but I'm not in the position to judge at the moment. She raised a hand, waving it slightly. "Once you're done patching up the Captain, I'd be greatly pleased if you could do something with the small parting gift in my ribs one of our recent guests chose to give me." And with that, she slipped back onto the cushions with a thud, her energy minimized as she waited her turn in the meatball surgery line.


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Mention: Chungchangching Chungchangching
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Deathstroke/Slade Wilson
"Understood. I'm sure we will get along just fine." Slade said to Vitan calmly.

He notices an unusually feminine boy named Justice, who appears to be friendly and helpful when it comes to fixing a person's injuries. Also, he is a doctor, Slade assumes. He isn't quite familiar with the group's members yet and he still has a long way to go.

He doesn't seem to sustain any damage, considering he just stumbled upon the Powder Gangers' base and was in the middle of having a short conversation with Vitan. He later spoke to answer Justice's question about anyone sustaining any sort of damage from the gunfight, which, sadly, he hasn't.

"Not for me. I just came about in this place and I haven't gotten the chance to engage in combat after I had decided to do so. So, I'm pretty much new here. But regarding me sustaining any injuries? Not at all." He replied.



Shadow 1-8/Sgt. Lucas Kellan/Shadow Marshall
Condition: Alright
Wearing: Military armor, Stealth suit
Carrying: VC-15 (Concealed) Mk32 Dagger (Concealed), bloody, Picked up Revolver and extra ammo, (Concealed)

Location: Peimon's Shop >>Peimon's Van
@Mentions- PixelSymphony PixelSymphony (Val'sharra) @Haz, (Justice) Hero of the Wilds Hero of the Wilds (Link) Centurion_ Centurion_ (Reiner Braun) Chungchangching Chungchangching (Vitan) marc122 marc122 (Kobayashi) Thepotatogod Thepotatogod (Stella) Dylan.thomas7 Dylan.thomas7 (Jacob Seed) darkred darkred (Shadow/Lucas Kellan) 2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B (Tanya) PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss (REV) Sleek Sleek (Alpha) GeorgeTownRaja GeorgeTownRaja (Deathstroke)

[Open for chat/etc via van]

Shadow looked over at the newcomers: Two of them, one with unusual strange ears, someone he'd never seen anything like in his world and a man who called himself Justice, which introduced themselves by saying they'd heal anyone who was hurt at the moment.

Perhaps this Justice was in fact a doctor of some type or healer.

But right now, leaving the scene was essential. Everyone, perhaps, or at the very least he had loaded up on a few essentials. Everyone who at least was leaving the scene was going into the strange van at the moment.

From the inside, Lucas moved toward the couch with a few others inside.

"I hope someone in this place has experience with tech."

He frowned for a second and let the plushness of the coach allow him to relax for a few seconds before forcing himself to sit straight up.


Memories of Vekta City, the VSA, Director Sinclair thoughts all mixed into one, along with all these new faces.

He couldn't get comfy with anyone here. All part of the business at one point. However, he had pulled himself toward a line with his director earlier. Echo had begged him to betray his side, see the light in his actions. He'd escaped certain death from Sinclair... or did he?"






Kobayashi stared at her food. It was morning back at the apartment; Tohru had prepared breakfast of white rice and miso soup for her and Kanna, who ate the entire bowl of rice in one bite. There was a rather faint ambience that had not been there before. The chair also felt rather unusually soft for a wooden piece of furniture. For her guardian in particular, she had prepared coffee in a yellow cup. Yet, she wouldn't take it.

"Is something bothering you?"


Kobayashi reached the back of her head and scratched it, as Kanna, who had just eaten a large gulp of rice, observed. To Kobayashi, the last thing she had seen before blacking out was a view of the chaos from in the Powder Gangers' fortification. Around the time, she felt a bump against her head. Right now, all she was focused on was the ambience. She could not place a finger on it, but the low, growling hum was just...


"Kobayashi," Kanna began. "You still haven't eaten."

"I know, I just--" Kobayashi stopped scratching her head, then laid it on her chopsticks. It was a rather unusual string of events; first, Tohru had come back after , then she was in Millennium City, and now she was back in Oborozuka? Surely, there must be some sort of sense to this anomaly.

"...Wanted to take my mind off things."

That being said, what exactly was off about the place that which she had become accustomed to?

Kobayashi surveyed the area. The layout was just right, not to mention the setup of the couch with the absent corner, the calendar poster with illustrations of maids, and the kotatsu. But the hum was still ever-present.

'What could be making that noise?

Sone's drill could not be making that noise. It was louder, not to mention shrill.
Sasakibe's cooking could not be making that noise. If she had a blender, it would not make a noise that low.
Yana's death metal playlist could not be making that noise. It was...y'know.
The microwave was not cooking anything at all.

This could mean only one thing...'

"You do realize I'm in a moving car?"

Tohru and Kanna dropped their chopsticks. The room had gone quiet. The hum had not changed at all, yet at the same time, it suddenly stuck out more than before. Not only that, but she could now hear seemingly distant, muffled voices around her.

She was unsurprised, but disappointed, not to mention...saddened.

"Knew it."

Just then, Kobayashi rolled up her sleeve to pinch herself.

"Kobayashi-san!" Tohru panicked. "What are you doing?!"

. . .

Kobayashi gasped, awakened. As she had been knocked out, she could barely register the magnitude of the room's grandness. The lush red carpet, the extraneous golden, jewelry-decorated walls, and the silky-soft seating... What person could afford this at all?

That wasn't the problem, though; the biggest question was, who carried her in here while she was out cold?

Looking around the roomy interior, Kobayashi saw a few new arrivals, the first of which she could immediately recognize. Link, or rather his Breath of the Wild incarnation. The second new arrival was a person whose name she was unable to catch, but was, right off the bat, an admittedly pretty-looking one. He, she...they had a clear male physique, but despite that, they straddled the line between male and female with their mannerisms, hair, choker, and just the overall androgynous presentation of their clothes.

She wasn't even going to question it. Grell played with gender identity to this degree before, and she was familiar with him through Black Butler, a manga and anime she had read and watched respectively. Still, that the line between fiction and reality is being blurred is now...intriguing.

That being said, where were they going now? From the looks of it, the group hadn't appeared to lose to the Powder Gangers. She turned her focus towards the pretty person (Justice) who was tending to Reiner's wounds.

Kobayashi let out a melancholic sigh. If only she was actually back home.

"Excuse me, sir," Kobayashi asked. "But where are we going?"

June Verles June Verles (GM), Haz. Haz. (Justice), Centurion_ Centurion_ (Reiner), Hero of the Wilds Hero of the Wilds (Link)​


yup im THE guy

  • Reiner regrouped with everyone else somewhere down the line, everyone else spent time looting whilst he was resting. Being alone gave him a lot of time to think, he questioned his mortality alongside many other issues. Was he really dead? Others in the group threw around words like "multi-dimensional travel", things outside of his understanding. If this really was some kind of different world, what about Eldia and the Titans, the Empire of Marley? Did they just not exist here? There were too many questions that went unanswered, but he'd figure it out in due time.

    The technology in this world was far more advanced than anything Reiner had ever seen in Marley or Paradis, if he had any questions he knew he'd have to ask someone more experienced with things from this time at least. None of this was any much bother to him, what did matter was completing his mission. What that even was anymore was a mystery to him too, everything was still up in the air. Was he to destroy this new world and conquer it for Marley? Was it his duty to be the soldier he always dreamed of. The idea caught on quick, all the resentment and pain caused from having to betray those at Paradis. He'd grown too attached to all those there, he felt a feeling of belonging and unity back there. It tore him in two having to throw it all away, he wished things were different so he could live the life he really wanted. Perhaps this new reality was his chance to do exactly that.

    So deep in his own thoughts he was hardly even phased by the sheer display of technology and wealth as he stepped into the van, he chose a large empty seat, close to the entrance of the van. "Saving a seat for you, General." Reiner says bluntly as he passes Tanya and takes his seat. He sees Alpha eyeing him down, either worried about what happened between them or curious about him and he chooses not to give her the attention she is clearly craving for.

    It seemed that he wouldn't get any more time to rest and clear his thoughts either, as what felt like everyone to him wanted or needed something from him. That was nobody's fault but his own for taking up the unofficially declared 'deputy-in-command' role among the newly formed team. Another pretty looking demon took an eye for him, one he hadn't seen in combat at the prison; was this how it was going to be? How many more people were they going to pick up along the way?

    Justice came close to him, their weirdly seductive tone and mannerisms crawled up his spine and burrowed deep into his ears.
    Their gentle touch nearing that hot-spot of burning pain in his shoulder.
    The barrage of questions from the formally dressed office girl.
    Alpha's guilty stare from across the van.
    Val's inquisition into the gathering that was forming around him.

    All of the weight building up, all the pressure of keeping these people alive, caring for them was weighing ever heavy on his shoulders. He could almost feel himself being overwhelmed mentally, he wasn't in the right frame of mind for any of this right now. All he was doing was grabbing at straws and reaching no conclusions, he'd barely even got here and was already living a facade for who he really was. From what cursed bloodline he was from and from what demonic powers it gave him, it wouldn't be right to get involved with any of these people. He couldn't put any more strain on his mental state, not after Paradis.

    His externally blank expression suddenly switched as he suddenly aggressively yanked his arm from Justice's touch. It became even colder, focused on something. His eyes almost looked hollow, like there was nothing going through his brain, like he was programmed to just purge it all from his parameters. "I don't need your help, go tend to Val over there." He redirects Justice, scared of another first-aid mishap. "General, what is our duty as a soldier?" He asks Tanya out of the blue, "What purpose do we serve in this new world?" Reiner questioned, staring into space.


Hero of the Wilds

From Courage comes Wisdom and Power.
Chungchangching Chungchangching [Vitan]

darkred darkred [Lucas]

Haz. Haz. [Justise]

Link looked at Vitan when the other had pulled the gun out and had started to explain it, trying to resist the urge not to rub his face a little. Goddess, what kind of world was he transported into this time?

Mentally shaking his head, he lightly folded his arms a little across the worn leather armor he wore over a dark blue tunic, as one long ear flickered lightly at the new voices.

“I know what a gun is, and this isn’t my first rodeo with portal jumping…” He said, his voice cracking a little as if he wasn’t used to speaking a lot, before turning his attention to the other’s now, shaking his head lightly when Justice had asked if anyone was injured, saying that he wasn’t injured since he had just arrived here.

Shifting a little on his feet, he looked around a little before his eyes landed on Lucas and held up his hand slightly when the armored man had mentioned something about tech.

“I have some experience, but from what I am seeing, this isn’t like anything I’ve come across….though..”

His eyes swept across the group once more. “I know how to cook if that’s more of help, at least with large groups of people.”


Tis the season of padoru
Heat: 27% --> 0%
Interaction: June Verles June Verles Haz. Haz. @Paimon'sTotallyNotSuspisciousVan
Black Blade
Sawn Off + Ammunition(30 Cartridges)
In the brief period of rest before heading back to Paimon, Stella decided to head back inside the building they've raided and take whatever she could. In her search, she took one of the Sawn Offs, examining it herself revealed several cartridges with it. Given that her ranged weapon has been reduced to a mere club, Stella kept the Sawn Off, placing the cartridges inside her jacket.

>Obtained Sawn Off + Cartridges x30

Afterwards, the Black Rock Shooter followed everyone else back to Paimon, who offered to take them towards the City in the distance to drop them off on a 'motel'.

Stella took a seat at the deceptively small van, which was revealed to be much larger inside. She would remain silent for the duration of the trip, not minding her injury which was just above her prior stitches.

Although when a strange long haired man asked if anyone else was injured, she raised her hand, hoping he'll take notice.


Mask? I wear no mask.

Justîse "Justice" Deshaies
| Location: Paimon's Van | Status: Healthy | Equipment: Surgical Kit | Rituals: Sehen | Souls: 0 |
| Interacting:
Centurion_ Centurion_ (Reiner Braun), PixelSymphony PixelSymphony (Val'sharra Nightshroud) |

As Justice took seat by Reiner's side, the man suddenly yanked his arm from her grip, causing her to flinch. Yet, where there was strength in his limbs, in his glazed eyes there was nothing. Those spheres of hollow glass had hardly inched, as if they hadn't even registered her presence, transfixed on some distant point in space. She knew that look; those were the eyes of a man who wasn't really there, whose soul had stayed behind and all that remained of him now was a carved-out husk set to march without direction. A soldier without purpose - effectively, a dead man walking.

Well, isn't that familiar?

The figure drew a reluctant sigh, rising. But, as she turned heel, she addressed the man from the corner of her eye--
"That hesitation will be the death of you, you know,"
--and walked away without another word.

But something was off. Something lingered in her voice. An impossible pitch that danced along her tongue, that spoke where her murmur went silent. It was like a soft baritone laced with venom; a doppelganger sound that went off-key. 'Something' that, unmistakably, shouldn't have been there.


"You called?" Justice piped up from the adjacent cushion, prodding at Val'sharra as they laid across the settee with a coy look and their chin cupped playfully between their palms.
"Captain wasn't feeling too well. Needs some time alone - you know how it goes. Now then," they reclined, producing an old-fashioned physician's kit from their vest and spreading it across their lap, "you said it was in one of your ribs?"

So said, Justice buttoned down their shirt and pulled up their sleeves, revealing tight-wraps of black cloth around their stomach and biceps. Their gloves came off with deafening snaps, left to hang by strips of identical bandages wound around their palms. By this point, they half-resembled a goth mummy, their body mostly swaddled in black gauzes from the neck down, the skin peeking through in patches.

Then, they furrowed their brow in deep focus, and began to chant:
"Meine Augen von Seiner Erde, (My eyes of His earth,)
Meine Sterne von Seinem Himmel, (My stars of His sky,)
Zeuge Sie die Welt meines Schöpfers, des Allmächtigen, (Witness the world of my Maker, the Almighty,)
und all dessen, was sie verbirgt. (and all that it conceals.)
Erblicken, Kasterborous: die Nachahmer-Sterne. (Behold, Kasterborous: the Imitator Stars.)

A low whistle in the van. Runic patterns formed across the cloth, blotches of lavender becoming seals. As the wind rose, the bandages - as well as the choker around their neck - slowly unraveled, betraying what hid below those swathing seams.

Eyes. Like sockets in their flesh, spheres of solid marble bearing pupils, irises and blood vessels were buried in their body, identical to human eyes in all but texture. Two on each arm, one tucked below their spine, and one embedded firmly in their throat, just below the larynx.
They whirred and turned like dials, the lot of them, twisting in place like monocular circuits, an eldritch display that seemed everyday for Justice - whose own two eyes had lit up with violet rings, their permeating gaze peering through Val.

"Color me surprised," they finally spoke, looking up at the demoness. The bandages went taut, reassuming grip on the marble orbs.
"Normally, the bullet would've passed right through you, but it looks like this one struck your sixth rib, softening the penetration. It's lodged seven inches deep, between your lower vertebrosternal ribs, five and six."

Then, with an uncanny nonchalance, Justice buttoned back their vest and slipped on their gloves.
"Do you mind lifting your shirt?" they asked, drawing a pair of forceps from a small nook in the leather kit.​

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June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.
You would be driven around for a what felt like a few hours, the party unfortunately not having any windows to look outside as they went on their journey, hopefully the sheer extravaganza of the room was enough to make them comfortable and occupied. Sliding the window at the front again Paimon's face be revealed again as he called out to the group.

"We'll be in City soon ladies and gentlemen. But before we get in properly let me give you some advice, you don't have to be a half wit to realize this isn't your home anymore, but unfortunately not even I know how this whole place works. Usually when universes crash against each other they implode and disappear, a bit of a shitty situation but you just move on." He says with a shrug, destruction on a multi-dimensional level seeming like just an unfortunate event.

"But this place is different, something or someone is holding it all together, forcefully. Even I can't leave, so heed my advice. Reality is just your mind crumbling under what it doesn't understand, if you believe you'll be somewhere you'll be there, that should help you with getting around town."

At that point the van stops. "Well, get out then."


It certainly didn't look welcoming to say the least.

"You guys have fun, the people working are real nice."

@DiamondJack Chungchangching Chungchangching Haz. Haz. Centurion_ Centurion_ 2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B Thepotatogod Thepotatogod PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss PixelSymphony PixelSymphony darkred darkred marc122 marc122 Dylan.thomas7 Dylan.thomas7 Sleek Sleek GeorgeTownRaja GeorgeTownRaja Hero of the Wilds Hero of the Wilds
The rub on his face made me stop. Was I not doing this right? Come on, it's pretty solid. Getting a little self-conscious here. He told me he knew what a gun is and this isn't the first time he's been sent to another dimension.

"Well, clearly you haven't been in many since you'd stop asking this question by now."

Then my statement was confirmed by him having little knowledge of technology.

Called it!

Aaaaaand the chef comment.

"Ahahahaha! Of course, you know how to cook."

He already has no Y chromosomes. Why not make him a kitchen bitch as well?

The hours of the drive had me laying there. About to fucking shoot myself in the stomach for any stimulation to this goddamn boredom. Talking ain't gonna fucking cut it. Thankfully, Paimon has graced us with his presence again, informing these heathens of the going ons in interdimensional travels. Then he says that universes that crash against each other usually get wiped off the face of the universe which alarmed me. That's definitely new. Who's there to say that the universes I've been in haven't been destroyed.

"Well, fuck. If that's the case. Some of the dimensions I helped save might be gone meaning that I just delayed the inevitable. Well, if I can turn my depression into a warm and comfortable sweater. I can certainly turn my own survivor's guilt into a sense of Godlike triumph. Let's go!"

Then the van stopped. I hopped off and looked at that nightmare of a building.

"Okay, wow, can you at least make it less obvious that you want to kill us? Jesus Christ, man."

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Black Blade
Rock Cannon -Inoperable-
Sawn Off (30x Ammo)

On the remainder of the ride, Stella kept her silence as she listened to Paimon's words. This city is apparently something akin to a paradox. It shouldn't exist, yet it is. With Paimon's words, she confirmed that this isn't indeed the Earth she knew. If not evident by the fact that there are more humans that she is allowed to exercise deadly force. One more thing was brought to her attention though, and it's the fact that leaving is impossible.

Which means that Stella's purpose is ultimately null and void. She is meant to be mankind's last fighting chance against her world's invaders, after all. So now what?

Arriving at their location, Stella pondered this as she and the gang got off at a foggy area, with gates nearby. Threatening, to say the least. Knowing that there's little to no choice on where else to go, Stella furled her hood and held her blade, standing near Vitan, as if ready to protect her as she admitted the area's eeriness.


is the important Question
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Tanya watched as the disgruntled Ginger return her SMG and take back his pistol. The Argent chuckles to herself. So much for being a military marksman...

"You weren't that bad, Jacob, no need to sulk"
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It appears operation Kebab shop was a success. Paimon agreed to shove them all into his van like the intro to a horror film. Something akin to the Blair Witch project. Or something else akin to a cheap indie game. At least this group as a whole was somewhat capable. Perhaps they would be useful meatshields after all. Meatshields are useful.
Hopefully the group had salvaged a form of rifle or something with a range longer than spitting distance.

Getting into the van she nods at Reiner and sits next to him.
Centurion_ Centurion_
"Our duty as soldiers is to serve and defend the Fatherland. 'Fatherland' is metaphorical there. What is my fatherland would be different to your definition of 'Fatherland' In other words you have to fight for what you believe in."

Finally they all arrived and The General addressed the people in the group who were willing to listen

"We work well as a team. As long as we follow our allocated roles I believe no obstacle should be able to topple us. I believe Mr Kebab over here has some truth to what he is saying. As for exploring the place I'd say we need to be on high alert in case anything else happens. Having your throat slit while you sleep is not the greatest way to die."

Tanya looks at Reiner being coddled by Justice and laughs.
Haz. Haz.


yup im THE guy

  • Somewhere along the line, Reiner fell asleep. He was a tormented soul, troubled by dreams of those he knew back in Paradis or having nightmares of all the horrors he had witnessed and committed throughout his life. This dream was about Historia, the Eldian girl he had a crush on back in Paradis. The two were flirting and joking in the dream, it bought him peace until a demonic looking soldier from Marley came sneaking up from behind the clueless Historia. The Marleyan soldier's face was distorted and mangled, with ominous red eyes. The uniform tattered and bloody with a torn red armband loomed behind her raising a disfigured blade behind his crush's back. "REINER... YOU ARE A TRAITOR AND A FAILURE TO MARLEY AND YOUR FAMILY...!" It taunted him, its voice echo'd through his ears.

    He reached forward to pull her close to him and save her, but the distance between the two began to exponentially increase further and further whilst the entity prepared to swing and kill the girl. The deep feeling of dread plagued his stomach and his heart went into overdrive until it swung and he called out, waking from his dream in a panicked state. "Historia, WAIT!" He loudly blurts out, holding out his right arm out trying to grab at something as he woke. Reiner looked panicked and disturbed, he'd jolted with his injured arm and the makeshift cast had come off. He clutched his chest with his left hand as his heart went wild, hot steam and ember looking particles rose out from his wound as it began to close under his shirt. Realizing what he had done, he tore off the bandage and stormed out of the back of the van. He walked to the entrance of the hotel and pressed his hand against the wall, looking down at the floor he took deep breaths to calm himself down.

    It was clear he suffered from PTSD, he was one of the few lucky enough to overcome it, many Eldian soldiers fighting for Marley came home victorious and often killed themselves the same night they returned to their family.



Tactical Operations Meido
val_post_3.png~Val'sharra Nightshroud~

Condition: Wounded (bullet between the ribs)
Wearing: Civilian semi-formal outfit, blood-soaked
Carrying: P-375 (concealed) , Mk1 Dagger (concealed)
Location: Haram Kebab van, rear compartment


"Indeed I did," Val'sharra responded to Justice's question as to the location of the bullet. "Ricocheted off of some piece of junk and caught me down low; I ended up taking a stim to cut off the bleeding but I'd greatly prefer it if I didn't spend the next few years worrying about walking through a metal detector for other than the usual reasons." She sat up and attempted to make herself as amenable to whatever manner of examination they intended on performing, curious as to whether it would be physical or arcane in nature. The latter appeared to win out as the wan figure's ebony wraps came undone and began to float unbound in midair, held aloft by an unseen power, and before long runic sigils much like those she'd seen the librarian of the Order use to scry on persons of interest appeared, doing what she suspected was a similar purpose upon her. This alone did not particularly surprise her; however what the bandages revealed beneath caused her pause, as marble eyes in places where eyes should generally not be revealed themselves, turning and whirring in a manner most unsettling. For the moment she said nothing, but this was a subject that would warrant further investigation at a later date; for now, she would much prefer not to disrupt Justice from removing the little metallic infiltrator that bugged her so.

"My my, and without even offering to take me out to dinner first," Val responded with a faint, tired smile to the eldritch channeler's request to partially disrobe. She untucked her slate-gray dress shirt from her skirt, then gingerly peeled away the fabric from where it had been glued to the wound with still-sticky blood. "Please be gentle; I'd like to claim this is the first time I'd had someone inside me, but alas the demands of my former occupation somewhat encourage this sort of thing..." Her words trailed off with as she awaited the surgery, preparing herself for the sensation that was to ensue.


Paimon's explanation of multiversal collision both seemed reasonable and ludicrous, which was a fairly good indication he wasn't lying. In the few times she'd been able to research the concept of just how she was moving between realities, one of the primary concepts she kept running across was the concept of superconceptualism, namely that the whole process just was never going to make sense to an individual, because an individual was inherently predisposed to be bound by the concepts and philosophies of their own universe which almost to completetion stated the universe was exactly that: a UNIverse, as in the only one. So a certain portion of multiversal travel was in fact having to let go of a lot of ideas and rules of nature which had been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be true in one's own reality because of the simple fact that they were no longer IN said reality any more. Truth be told, it wasn't an easy concept, and more than once Val had been guilty of making assumptions that quickly proved to be incorrect sheerly out of personal bias. Thankfully, there did seem to be some commonalities between the 'verses that at least allowed for somewhat feasible transmission across dimensions, case in point, here she was able to talk to everyone without much difficulty, and similarly, the concepts of food, vehicles, and admittedly, combat were familiar concepts to both her and quite a few of the others. I'd thank the Creator for these ties that bind but I fear that would be causing the same issues as had early on.

Well, no matter, for now she needed to pay attention to the tasks at hand, and right now that meant extricating herself from the back of the van and checking out where they had ended up. Praying she had not left any blood stains as a part of her medical treatment, Val hopped out the back, the van now back to looking like a beat-up old utility vehicle again from the outside, and took a look around at the new environs. "Your former majesty," she began to Paimon, a hint of sourness on her tongue, "I think we're going to need to have a word as to what your definition of a motel consists of." The gothic architecture that stretched out before her looked nothing like some neon-lit flat-top safehouse: this looked more like they'd just stepped out onto the set of some mid-grade horror movie set. Speak for yourself, girl, rang her inner thoughts, as she suddenly become very self-conscious of the horns on her head and her stark-white skin, still spattered with crimson traces of blood.

"R-right, well that's good to know then," she responded to the kebab dealer's final remarks with, "Thank you for the ride, I... suspect we will have a noteworthy time here." Her face struggled to keep its flat composure as at that very moment Tanya mentioned the very possibility of having their throats sliced. "Yes. Very noteworthy."


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Depression? Never heard of her.
"What? What are you guys on about? This place is great and it doesn't even discriminate. Look don't make old frank upset by making him wait for your luggage." Paimon would address the party from the driver seat, leaning out of the window.


"That's me fellas, Paimon over there called us in advance that you'd be staying with Hotel Transylvania. May I have yer luggage?"

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Outside Paimon's Van
Alpha would watch everyone talk, not paying attention to the newcomers. One of them seemed to have medical experience, and a surgical kit. The sight reminded her of her old friends, and her hand would slide up her own neck, her fingers sliding over a brand that read in big bold letters "A-007". Reiner would question his purpose, and Tanya would respond in kind, after which he'd fall asleep.

Alpha turned her gaze to Tanya, with a sort of resentment. She reminded Alpha all too much of her handlers and the researchers associated with them. Alpha would just watch her intently, as they rode and those around her talked and got acquainted. Nobody seemed to acknowledge her, which was fine by her for the moment. She'd just think and mull everything over, till they stopped.

This seemed to be it, and as people started to roll out, Alpha would start to follow suit. Then, Reiner would spring to life, and Alpha would slip and fall from the Van, startled, and summoning her weapon on raw instinct, pointing it into the van as Reiner started to....smoke? He'd rush past, not seeming to notice her, but she couldn't see anything, only that he was smoking at the wound.

She'd lower her right hand from where she laid on the ground, letting the weapon disappear as she slowly rose to her feet, panting as she recovered, and dusted herself off. A big, patchwork, blue-skinned man would greet them. He seemed friendly enough, so maybe Paimon wasn't lying. He asked for luggage, and Alpha would look herself over.

"I don't have anything else on me except for my clothes. No luggage here."

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Morgan was the last out of the van.


She hadn’t really been paying attention to the others, and had since “dozed” off - as in she became inactive for the entire ride.

It wasn’t until Paimon opened up on his end, and explained what was going on that she became active again.

Though to her - it was akin to a quick nap.

She looked around at the spooky locale that they had ended up in, whistling.

“That certainly is spooky.”

She wasn’t scared, more disappointed. Even more disappointed when a goofy-looking Frankenstein monster came to greet them.

“We have nothing except the clothes on our back, and pieces in our hands.”

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Free to interact with

Jacob Seed
Location: Outside Van | Interactions: Reiner | Status: Cut and Bruised | Equipment: Hunting Rifle, Pistol, Knife​

Jacob stepped into the old man's van and sat down with his rifle resting in his lap on an empty seat somewhere near the entrance as he didn’t feel like walking far, keeping his head down as he purposely ignored the obvious reality altering dimension shift and simply thought hard to himself. No matter how much he tried to ignore it, it would eventually appear in front of him and so it did, how was Jacob meant to explain away the young girl getting inside his head? How was Jacob meant to ignore the “bigger on the inside” van? He questioned and attempted to answer many questions that circled his clouded and almost destroyed psyche, he debated if this was all a dream then recalled how real everything felt and remembered how his ‘usual’ dreams would play out, he even questioned his reason to keep going if this bizarro world was revealed to be reality. Mentions and theories of ‘alternative dimensions’ passed by Jacob’s ears many times throughout his short time here however since everything felt so feel he considered the possibility but what would that mean for his future? Each answer he mustered lead to even more unanswered questions.

His eyes sparked as his mind started making sense of everything, “This is a test, I have been rebirthed a new, god is testing me just like what Joseph would preach.” he thought to himself before stopping to recollect his thoughts into something comprehensible “I will fulfil my purpose... I will cull the herd and prevent the collapse in this unnatural hellish place.”. For the remainder of the trip, he would block out the outside world and repeat and strengthen his theory to the point of practically brainwashing himself.

Eventually after a indeterminate amount of time within his own thoughts, the van stopped at the ‘cheap hotel’ the old man promised. His attention was drawn over towards the active commotion from a crazed lunatic screaming within his sleep, storming out of the van with a look of terror plastered across his face and a apparent steaming arm. Jacob grabbed his rifle and slowly walked out of the van while approaching Reiner from behind, ignoring the Frankenstein’s monster and taking a better look at his steaming arm which appeared to be regenerating his flesh. “An animal is born with inherited traits, some of them good, some of them bad. A weak, clustered, polluted mind is a common trait these animals share. A mind can be cleared of weakness by accepting the reality of the world, reject your flight and continue fighting until you find purpose. I will give you that purpose!” he exclaims towards Reiner, in his almost pitiful state.

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It couldn't be.

After all that time spent on waiting, Kobayashi was certainly prepared to make do with a lowlife living, but...to this degree? Certainly, she's had time to think; if she, a salesman making a young prodigy out of a walking puppet, an elite soldier, and Tohru knows who else were going to find a place to live this early, it wouldn't matter who any of them were. Chances are, they wouldn't be living comfy off the bat, whether or not Justice had told her.

But even for her already-low expectations, a straight-up abandoned mansion was all they were getting? Paimon must be crazy.

'But, if he's going to drop us here, then...' Kobayashi looked back at the van, recalling its luxurious interior. 'Surely he knows more than meets the eye.'

Of course, the classic saying of "more than meets the eye" couldn't ring truer for a couple things. Of the more notable examples, Tohru was a mere dragon, but she was a person with little self-will of her own until their meeting at the mountains. Reiner was a proud, loud soldier working under the Survey Corps umbrella who was, as she saw in person, mentally unwell, having faced hardship of his own in a world of survival from the Titans.

On that front, maybe she might've been too quick to jump to conclusions on him.

If she were to apply the same logic to the place Paimon dropped them off at then... 'Maybe this might not be bad after all?'

To herself, however, it was a rather optimistic guess at best. At worst, it was delusion. After all, there was very little everyone around knew of Millennium City, let alone this place.

Paimon's words seemed to echo her thoughts as well, but little was done to quell her own doubts...until a deceptively-friendly Frankenstein's monster showed up, asking for the guys' luggage. At least Kobayashi could breathe easy again. Looks like he was right.

"...Good evening," Kobayashi said. "I believe my clothes and phone are all I have."

The office lady looked back up to the mansion, then back to the monster. "How long are we expected to stay?" She asked.

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Deathstroke/Slade Wilson
Slade has arrived at what appears to be a dark mansion. Unsurprisingly, he is not scared, knowing how less intimidating it looks. He stepped out of the van as he glared at the mansion before going somewhere else, suggesting that he was not ready to enter the mansion yet while the others do.

He wants to interact with members of whatever group he is in and to eventually work for them in the meantime. Not only does he want to abandon them later on out of neglect, but to form a bond with them from now on. After all, he is not evil, at least.

Then, there's Paimon, an optimistic fairy, who asked the group if she could carry their luggage. Slade is not carrying any pieces of luggage and all he has is a variety of equipment and weapons under his helm. He is not used to carrying more than one, anyway. Technically, he is not carrying any pieces of luggage.

"Luggage? I'm not carrying luggage besides having equipment and weapons on me. Although, I appreciate you for asking." He replied.
Then there came Stella, standing near me. Of course, I looked at her and noticed the revealing outfit. I ogled her a little. I mean, that's to be expected if you show a lot of skin. Whatever dimension she's in must be a hell of a ride to whoever is attracted to women. I casually mouthed "Damn bitch, you fiiine." without making any audible noise before realizing what I was doing. I straightened myself up and decided to help her out. Who knows, this shit might be some kind of strategy to distract people and make them uncomfortable during a fight. Sounds like something some people would do. But if that's the case, she really should only do this when a fight is brewing. So, that's probably out of the question.

I grabbed her jacket and attempted to zip it up, looking up at her with a disgruntled look.

"I'm surprised nobody pointed this out already. Don't walk around with a lot of skin exposed. That is, unfortunately, not allowed in most dimensions."

I listened to Tanya, of course, looking back at her.

Yeah, she's right. We should stay high alert. Working together certainly helps, and this team isn't as dysfunctional as I thought. The first introduction to each other was a little rough around the edges, but bonding with murdering bandits has always been proven to be a great strategy to get people on each other's side. Or if you're a COWARD: Solving conflict together strengthens friendships.

Then he introduced Frank and all of my worries went away.

My fucking view on Paimon keeps bouncing all over the place so fast and so randomly that I might as well use it to explore this dimension efficiently.

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