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Fandom Millennium City: New Beginnings.

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June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.
Who knew who you were in your previous life, but for some reason, one day a certain event made you close your eyes, only to open them and appear in an unfamiliar environment. Looking around you all you could see would be stretched until the edge of the horizon would be bland, uninteresting desert tundra. Nothing but brown sandy ground with some shrubbery that was probably green a few decades ago, as if this was Arizona but somehow way worse. The only signs of civilization being the unkempt roads two way roads.

That and a different completely, different unexpected sight. A bright light far in the distance, that had the shape of a brilliant metropolis that had no right to exist in this environment. Tall skylines, huge zeppelins with questionable ads flying around, space ships fighting each other above it's air space, wait was that a kaiju fighting a mech?

Perhaps you were not in Arizona.

Well at this rate you only had one way of going towards the only sign of civilization was following the roads in the direction of the city. You would be walking in the deserted landscape by yourself with only the road to guide you for who knows how much time.

Until you arrived at a cross roads, finally a building though admittedly a weird one. "Haram Kekab Shop Open 24/7" Written brightly on the hut with neon signs, next to it a van with a camel logo on it, it definitely needed at least a new coat of paint from all the rust.

Luckily you don't seem to be the only confused one around here, looking about you see other people walking into the crossroad. Weirdly they look just as confused as you and when you would interrogate eachother about where you were headed, you would say the city even though you going on completely different roads.

Weird. Well, what do you do?

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I opened my eyes and was treated to a desert wasteland.

Okay. Tough luck already, huh?

Wow, the universe isn't even trying to hide the fact that it wants to kill me at this point. It's just indirectly screaming it at me. That's confirmation for me, I guess, only if I had goddamn concrete proof for my world. I looked around until I found a bright shining beacon of a city far away in the distance. Holy fuck, it looked like a mishmash of all kinds of crap I've seen in previous dimensions. It's probably a chaotic wreck if I make it there, but I'm damn sure not gonna die in this desert.

I walked down the road casually humming unspecified songs. I was trucking along until I landed on a building. I read the neon sign and not to be racist or anything, but those combinations of words scare me. While I was in the crowd of characters, which is classic Vitan stakes at this point, I looked for the person who is least likely to stab me in the back like the whores they are.

The men looked like battle-hardened war veterans which narrows it down to the girls.

Okay, I got redhead over here. Bingo.

"Mind if, uh, I stick with you?" Vitan asked Kobayashi. "You're the only person here resembling the average human being."

She points at the others, moving her finger around.

"Instead of fucking. . ." She lowered her hand. "Pick one."

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is the important Question

Tanya groaned as she opened her cold eyes with a scowl. It appears that Being X had, once again, put her in 'dire straights' it was beyond a joke at this point. The amount of times she had been dragged into dimension after dimension for the cardinal sin of not believing in him. A true tyrant with draconian laws. Although the resemblance was uncanny now that you look at it perhaps Tanya and Being X weren't that different after all. The Devil of the Rhine surveyed the area closely and It would appear that some other people, no, human resources have also found themselves in a similar condition to herself. Most of them looked like seasoned war veterans. Perfect. If there was a form of combat she could hide behind them like the human meatshields they are.

Speaking of meatshields there appears to be two talking together already. It would just be a simple matter of interjecting herself and fully utilizing her cuteness.
The Devil of the Rhine strode over to Vitan and the redhead. Marginal human citizens at best but they will do in a pinch.

"Are you implying I'm not an average human being?"

Tanya asks with a sickly sweet smile whilst also trying to make an effort to hide her very visible submachine gun and combat gear.

"I can assure you I am very much so. It is rude to assume otherwise"

The Argent finishes off in a cold and distant tone of voice

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yup im THE guy

  • Upon opening his eyes Reiner notices the stark change in environment and begins to pat himself down in disbelief. His eyes wide open, he dared not blink whilst he tried to comprehend the reality of his newfound situation. Only a few seconds prior he was fighting in Shiganshina on Paradis Island with his comrades and was brought down to his knees by some form of armor piercing technology unveiled during the fight.

    "Is this... Death...?" Reiner asks himself, plucking at strings to try and grasp the reality of what was happening to him. He looks around, taking in the barren landscape around him and the strange unfamiliar faces. The deep-seeded feelings of guilt, fear, hopelessness and frustration gripped him by his soul. "Shit!" He exclaims, falling to a kneel with his head buried in his palm. "How could I fail?! I carried out the plan step by step...!" Reiner continued to curse himself over and over without care for what anyone around him thought.

    A broken soldier, in a broken world.

Jacob Seed
Location: Desert | Interactions: Reiner | Status: Healthy, no injuries | Equipment: M1911, Knife​

"We survived by following the strong, we survived by being strong ourselves. Society has failed our basic needs for the service of the weak. Cull the Herd." plays throughout Jacob's head over and over again, repeating and strengthening his belief. As the deep sleep came to it's end, the ringing within his ears and the pain from his head got worse and worse until he eventually awoke to find himself in a unfamiliar place, a desert of all things, with no knowledge how he got there. "Hard times create strong men" he smugly remarked as he sat up and scratched his beard.

Once Jacob stood on his feet and got a better grasp of the situation, his attention was taken by the collection of weird individual looking like headless, confused, chickens on a crossroad. "How could I fail?! I carried out the plan step by step...!" took Jacob's attention once again, finding a young man having a mental breakdown right infront of him. He walked a short distance to the young man and offered his hand with a simple sentence as a response "Tools fail, tools are also repaired. Build yourself up. Only You can finish your task."

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Vitan meh.PNG
Speaking of weirdos. A kiddo approached me, telling me she was an average joe while wearing a war outfit. That looks like it's high in the ranks. I don't have any reason to believe she's just wearing it because she likes to play pretend. Uniform way too high quality and genuine looking.

Then I noticed the guns and other shit that is clearly visible. Completely reassuring me that she's not a mundane child.

Is she stupid? Genuinely curious.

If so, whatever army she belongs to. They must be really evil to just send mentally incapable children to battle.

I was about to call her out on her blatant lies until. . .

"Uh, yeah, you're normal. I didn't mean you, by the way!" I gave her a reluctant thumbs up with an unsure smile.

. . . I got intimidated by a fucking CHILD AGAIN!

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Tis the season of padoru
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Stella, roused from her sleep, opened her eyes whilst lying down, staring straight up an unfamiliar skies. Skies that seemed unfamiliar to her. It seemed to be clearer, the sun shining down on her pale face. She would then start to hear voices. Voices that sounds a bit much like people. Sitting up, she would take note of the humanoid entities nearby. They seem to be conversing with each other, pondering their location. Although one woman seemed to be expressing distrust amongst the people she's with, claiming that she'd rather stick to an actual human being rather than the others to a red haired woman clad in white, wearing glasses.

"Women...?" Stella recalled her mission. She was sent to the north pole to rescue a human woman due to an SOS signal. She didn't expect to encounter them somewhere she didn't recognize, nor would there be more. Standing up and grabbing hold of the weapons laid beside her, Stella would attempt to contact her superiors. "PSS Call, do you copy?" She tapped her ear, taking note that even the blank static noise didn't even come through, taking note thar her earpiece seemed to be lost. "Nothing..." She sighed, soon crouching down and lifting a massive, 3 foot cannon with one arm, holstering the massive weapon on her back. She remained gripping her weapon, expressionless, yet you can tell she's confused by the way she tilted her head.

Something's not right. Her weapon doesn't feel like it has the same power as it did before. It felt like she's just carrying scrap, unnecessary. Yet her weapon's her weapon. Maybe someone would know how to fix it. Hopefully. Resigning to the new state of affairs, Stella would observe the skyline in the distance. It seemed lively, with large floating pill shaped things floating about. Curious, she walked towards the group of the presumed human women, soon pointing at one of the floating zeppelin in the distance, hopefully directing their attention to a potential civilization. "What are those?" Her simple, deadpan question. Almost like a child, curious about the world.

June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.
Getting the attention of the blond titan shifter would be an alien voice to him, not anyone from the group of confused individuals. Looking in the direction he would notice the Haram Kebab shop lifting up a flap to reveal the man working there. A heavy looking bloke, wearing stereotypical middle eastern clothing speaking in a heavy lebanese accent.

"No, not really son. But it's closer to hell with me around here." He'd say as he poked his nose with his pinkie finger, seemingly making a sarcastic comment as he didn't joke.

Calling to everyone else there he would speak louder so they could all hear him.

"Are you guys tourists new in town? Why don't you come and have some meal then, Paimon sells the best Haram kebab in this part of the Millenium City Outskirts." He points to the Menu.
Pork Kebab
Assorted Meat Kebab (Ingredients including household pets.)
Lamb Kebab
Chicken Kebab

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Tactical Operations Meido
~Val'sharra Nightshroud~


Condition: Nominal
Wearing: Civilian semi-formal outfit
Carrying: Protector-375 (concealed), Mk1 Dagger (concealed)
Location: ???​


The road ahead over her had become desolate and foreboding in the blink of an eye, and for a moment Val'sharra was taken aback, the sensation of somehow having passed through dimensions one she never quite grew used to. Dirt and sand filled her nostrils as a sharp desert wind kicked up, wrinkling her nose in response as she momentarily coughed out the bits she'd taken in. "I am beginning to think the Creator is personally choosing the more... "interesting" locales for me to end up in," she muttered in slight divine defiance as she began to look around. Roads were certainly a familiar enough concept, and truly it seemed that many of strange situations she ended up in began with traveling along such. Perhaps they acted as a more than just physical transport? There was no denying their liminal nature; forever doomed to be mere passages between far more attention-grabbing places and never truly being appreciated for the importance they themselves held as locales in their own right.

Still, there was little she would be able to to merely on a road itself, which is why her gaze then turned towards just where this path was headed to. Ahh, I see. Roads tended to lead to civilization, and this one was thankfully no rebel on that front: the ball of light off in the distance indicated a settlement of some variety, and judging from the size of the light compared to her rough approximation of how far away she was from it, was likely a city of not inconsiderate size. Whatever this municipality actually was would likely become her best bet at beginning to wrangle the details of her new environ, so without delay, she set down the road at a determined pace, less than eager to remain out in the desert any longer than necessary.

After some considerable time, the former Inquisition agent found herself coming upon a crossroads; still some distance from the city but close enough to make out gross details now. Though honestly, as she drew near, she was beginning to wonder how she had not noticed the blatant commercials and dramatic conflict taking place above the city proper. Maybe it was the light pollution? Or maybe I'm just starving and drier than a lecture on the seven sacraments. There was no denying that the desert weather was certainly harsh; her fair skin and light hair was doing a fairly decent job of reflecting the sun's rays and avoiding any sensation of heat stroke, but the same could not be said of her wardrobe; sweat clung to the dark striped shirt and solid black vest she wore, and her skirt and half-overskirt were definitely beginning to resemble the colors of the surrounding area from all the dust being swirled about.

Thankfully, salvation appeared in the form of a... kebab shop? The demongirl cautiously approached the building, its neon-lit existence a complete contrast to the brown and black monotony she'd been subjected to for the last hour and a half. "Wha..." she stammered out in a far less than professional tone, her surprise completely ruining any sense of decorum she still had left after a literal walk through a desert. This surprise quickly gave way to relief as she drew near enough to read the sign; she was well aware in exactly what the implications of a restaurant that advertised its haram kebab nature were and gave a silent prayer of thanks. All right Big Guy, you get a pass this time.

However, just as she was beginning to feel a sensation of comfort, the hairs on the back of neck quickly pricked up and she whirled about, scanning the horizon for incoming threats. Before her eyes, not one, not two, but several unidentified individuals appeared along the various other roads that comprised the intersection, each looking just as lost as confused as she. She was well trained enough to not immediately go for her gun, but the weight of the P-375 tucked in its hip holster beneath the layers of her overskirt became suddenly much more apparent. Always go for dialogue first, Val. You know that. As she looked about at the others, she was struck by the sheer diversity of reads she was getting; well okay, admittedly pretty much every single guy she saw was giving off military vibes (as was the one rather small blond girl) but the remainder were a bit more scattershot. Indeed, it would seem she was not the only one to make this analysis, as one of the two very obviously civilian girls had immediately made her way over to the other, seeking some sense of safety in numbers the ex-assassin suspected.

Well, just as always, she was stuck in a gap between two worlds, so she may as well do similar and seek out her own kind. The visage of the dark-hared girl with piercing blue eyes and the somewhat outlandish outfit struck her as kin, so she began to make her way over to her to ask her if she knew anything about where they now were- only to witness her quarry do pretty much exactly the same to the quickly gathering group of women. A hand reached up to grab the bridge of her nose. Right, should have seen that coming. Lacking much other recourse, she hastened to join the group, silently listening to what anyone had to say about just what this strange place was.


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yup im THE guy

  • Reiner's frustration fell silent once he felt Jacob's presence shadow over him. The words of inspiration pierced his core, shaking him to the core. He peered through the small gaps in-between his fingers and let the light hit his eyes, he peeked down on the man's combat boots and ragged denim jeans. A style awfully similar to that of his leader Zeke he removed the palm from his face and firmly grasped the hand offered to him by Jacob.

    Looking up to him, as he raised to his feet the resemblance of Jacob to his old commander was uncanny. As if his demons haunted him to push on even in this strange afterlife a stern stare of determination encompassed Reiner's face. "You're right... It's my duty as a Soldier to complete my mission." He affirms with Jacob, a slight shake to his hand to silently show his gratitude and trust for the reality-check. He could tell the man was also a soldier, naturally he introduced himself to a fellow vet; "Reiner Braun, Survey Corps trained in the 104th." He released his hand and looked over at the man of middle-eastern decent. "I've already been through hell and seem demons tare people limb from limb, whatever this place is couldn't compare to the horrors I've seen." Judging by the barren landscape and man's tip to imply he wasn't dead the closest assumption would be that Reiner had somehow ended up in territory of the Mid-East Alliance back on the Continental Mainland.

    "I take it this is territory of the Mid-East Alliance?" He questioned the shop owner, approaching the stand.

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is the important Question

The Devil of the Rhine couldn't help but feel extremely smug. She could already smell the blood in the water, the meatshield was scared of a little girl as most people are. Being cute here wasn't necessary as her own intimidating aura would be sufficient to get what she wanted. This meatshield might be a useful asset in the future for keeping the bullets off her. For some strange reason there is a lack of Being X all together. No random time stops, no random jabs at her atheist nature and no exploding type 95..Of which was now broken. Perhaps interdimentional travel was too much for it. As Tanya turned over the useless amulet in her hand she looked to her backup, the type 97. Her heart dropped as it was also completely busted as well. Perhaps this time Being X wanted to kill her outright. It wouldn't have been the first time he has tried to do that though.. At least her sub-machine gun was still functional for now.
The Devil of the Rhine addressed Vitan in an authoritative tone.
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"That's what I thought. What is your name, timid one?"

Her smile had no warmth.

Tanya now turned to the ignorant woman who doesn't know what a zeppelin is
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"That is a magical cloud that humans ride. Maybe If I fix my equipment I can fly you up there?"
Tanya retorts sarcastically.

Tanya only gives the weird demon girl a quick once over glance.
PixelSymphony PixelSymphony

But now to the task at hand. It appears that someone had opened up a kebab shop in the middle of nowhere. Great. In her past life she didn't enjoy going to kebab shops. Opening late at night it was a breeding ground for the disgusting drunkards that littered the city like the cockroaches that they are.
Tanya gives the Haram Kebab seller a stern stare before addressing him in a very cold and unfriendly tone.

"If it wasn't already apparent to you. Me and my.." she looks back to everyone else "Entourage are new here"

June Verles June Verles


June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.

"Mid East? No not really. It's really hard to tell which side of Millenium City you are in these parts. You see this place kinda screws around with you and your mind and you'll just walk around in circles." He responds to the man seemingly unaware of where they from, and he didn't really care either. Centurion_ Centurion_

"Yeah I know darlin', some of the tourists arrive here from wherever they come from, I don't really listen. Do you guys want a kebab or not?" 2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B
"Vitan. Vitan Armerstrannie."

I just got here! I just fucking got here, and I'm already embarrassing myself with Goo Goo Guns over here. I have no idea what she's capable of, but kids are usually bad news when intimidating. They're already bad in my neighborhood, but I cannot emphasize enough that they're especially worse in other dimensions!

Once I saw the kiddo tell her what a blimp is. I shrugged. Couldn't have explained it better myself.

Then my attention was directed to the Kebab guy. My paranoia did not trust him. Outskirts people are usually bad news! Somethings make him suspicious to me. Who knows, this guy might kill people and sell their flesh as food!

"No, no thanks. Already ate." Vitan denied his request.

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Tactical Operations Meido
~Val'sharra Nightshroud~


Condition: Nominal
Wearing: Civilian semi-formal outfit
Carrying: Protector-375 (concealed), Mk1 Dagger (concealed)
Location: ???​

The blond girl's snappy reponses to the questions asked of her confirmed Val's suspicions of her personality; it would be wise to be cautious around this one, especially after sustaining the sidelong glance that the other gave her as she stood.

The sudden appearance of the man from the kebab shop attracted Val'sharra's gaze as he began what would in any other situation be a rote tourist sales pitch; here though it seemed just as bizarre as anything else. A quiet voice emitted from the demon girl when he mentioned his menu; if nothing else she could at least try the cuisine to see how much it matched the appearance of everything else and perhaps at least present some degree of friendliness to the owner, who likely know a lot more of the area. "Um. If it's all right, I suppose I would be interested in the assorted meat option?"


Interaction: June Verles June Verles
Jacob Seed
Location: Crossroad, Haram Kebab Shop | Interactions: Everyone near by, Paimon, Reiner | Status: Healthy, no injuries | Equipment: M1911, Knife​

Jacob saw something he liked within Reiner, the ability and determination to persevere after everything appears to be lost is something most men lack. He shortly introduced himself aswell as "I'm Jacob Seed" intentionally missing out the 2nd half. Once the greeting was over, both Reiner and Jacob's focus was taken towards the old Middle-Eastern man who has also achieved gaining everyone's attention father quickly. He looks towards the man with high suspicion and asks him a question rather bluntly "Millennium City?".


June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.

"Suit yourself lady, nice to meet you." He says with a nod as he nodded and turned towards the demon woman, his face brightening a bit as he puts his arms out as if to hug them. Chungchangching Chungchangching

"Habibi! It's nice to see some kin finally! I haven't gotten to see much of home or family since I retired from being a king." The very average, even a bit chubby, elderly eastern man would say. "I usually ask for some sort of compensation, but since you're polite I'll be glad to serve you on the house."

He would close the stand flap, the sounds of screaming animals followed for a few seconds before he lifted it up again to present her a perfectly average kebab. "Don't worry about nothing, we got a 5 star hygiene rating." He points to the badge. PixelSymphony PixelSymphony

"Yeah mate, name of the city over there. You a bit drunk? No wonder you're here." Dylan.thomas7 Dylan.thomas7



Shadow 1-8/Sgt. Lucas Kellan


The one deciding to not listen at the time, at least for now was preoccupied with contacting his superiors and/or Echo at the moment. He was away from the VSA or the Vektan Security Agency and no longer was he anywhere near the Helghast or the wall that separated them from the Vektans.

"Director, you hear me? This is Shadow 1-8."

No response. This could be interesting or could end up bad for him.

No choice but to get into the strange city and explore.

Shadow used a area nearby to listen in for important information about the location at hand so far.

So far, there was.. a few soldiers, a bit different than what he was used to seeing but it was different, then there were others he didn't know what to gather on them yet.

June Verles June Verles


yup im THE guy

  • Everyone around him was apparently rather relaxed about the whole situation aside from Jacob who was just as inquisitive as he was. He would have to assume everyone was all in the same boat as him and had no clue what to do or where to go. Reiner didn't know anything more than the rest of the group but he did know that they were not going to survive on sketchy kebabs for the rest of their lives!

    Trying to take control of the situation, he turns to face the rest of the group and raises his voice. "Everyone! Listen up, if anyone knows anything about what's going on here then speak up now!" He exclaims, addressing everyone. "We need to get to that City, look around you; there's nothing for miles but that city!" Reiner turns back to face Paimon and continues to question him, "Hey, you have to know how to get to that city quickly. We're going to die before we manage to walk that far... Any advice, can you help us..?"

    The Warrior felt that he had to do something before people started eating the unknown product from the salesman, he didn't want to reveal his shifting ability and carry everyone to the city yet anyways. Some of these people could be Eldians from Paradis, or perhaps some other enemy of Marley. The best bet was to put some trust into the salesman, he was friendly enough.




Shadow 1-8 kept things low key until he could scope the area out.

At least until he heard the voice of a man with blondish hair. He made himself unnoticeable, except for the voice.

"I have no idea where the hell we are."

"This is no Vektan city, or New Helghan."

Centurion_ Centurion_ (Reiner) June Verles June Verles
Vitan Armerstrannie
I gave the man a reassuring nod. He doesn't seem that bad anymore. I still have my guard up. Nobody's sneaking up on me. Other than that, I was just there for a while. Not doing much as usual. Well, until the voice boomed, commanding all of our attention to the blond man. He asked some questions that I might have answers to. This is my time to shine, to gain respect quickly with my experience of getting my ass beat until I'm mercifully thrown back home.

"I might have an idea." She said, raising her arm. Well, barely. But it is noticeable enough for Reiner to notice him.

"This is just a theory. I think we're all from differing dimensions. This has happened before! I should know, I get sent to other universes all the time." I explained. "No idea what causes it."

And for the other question.

"Also, he has a van." I paused, assuming he doesn't know what a van is. "Think of a mechanical traveling machine made to fit multiple people."

"Mind doing us a favor, Paimon?"

Centurion_ Centurion_ June Verles June Verles

June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.

"Millenium City is where we are lad, or at least the outskirts of it." He responds calmly to the weirdly armed man before turning to Vitan and Reiner, seemingly ignoring her statement about the different dimensions. darkred darkred

"I'd be willing to take you guys there in my van, but I can't. There's a group of bad guys who are hell bent on robbing me and they certainly will if I leave my store alone. Powder Gangers they call em, if you make sure they leave me alone then I'll take you though." Chungchangching Chungchangching Centurion_ Centurion_


Most Call Me Jack

It felt like Maxim had been walking for days. His eyes were bleary and the weight of his combat boots had become increasingly obvious to him. The light on the horizon was all he had to go on. He wouldn't die in this desert hell scape. All that was keeping the Russian sane was his painful awareness that he wasn't dead yet.

He replayed the events in his head. He was hurtling towards downtown Verdansk next thing he knew, he was walking down a desert road.

As Minotaur started to come up on a sign of civilization he was joined by more people seemingly also lost. Quickly Maxim began to realize that perhaps he was dead. There was at least one demon in the crowd. Maxim had always heard tales of horned women, but he'd never actually seen one.

There were more soldiers around him, from various countries. He appeared to be approaching a kebab shop. Minotaur chose not to group up with anyone right away.

He listened calmly as everyone around him spoke in turn. Maxim had gathered a few names and had learned that a gang of some kind was harassing the man at the stand.

"What kind of gang are we talking about here?" Minotaur spoke loudly and clearly, his rough Slavic accent shining through.

June Verles June Verles


yup im THE guy

  • Reiner wasn't phased by the mention of the gang, he was more bewildered by the idea that the gang would even bother robbing this man? What did he possess that was even of value? Was food held as highly as it was in Paradis even with a city that developed close by? There were too many questions that could be answered later, right now finding out the details on this gang was what was important. Just as Reiner was about to speak, a slavic man joined the questioning seemingly after Reiner had made the group aware they needed to get moving.

    He looked to be a soldier too, so far he counted around 4 soldiers all from varying backgrounds seemingly capable of fighting. So long as this 'gang' wasn't a super-fighting military force, Braun liked the odds they had and was ready to take on the foe. "Give us as many details as possible and we will deal with them." he added on after the Slav spoke, reaffirming his question.


June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.

"I don't know lad, they've got like blue shirts and stuff and guns. Dynamite too, lots of it." he responds as he shrugs before pointing in a random direction in the desert. "Apparently they are tourists like you, but they got here together but with some sort of broken down caravan. They started harassing other poor folks like you and now they think they can get in on my business."

"Deal with them in some way will you?" Centurion_ Centurion_ DiamondJack DiamondJack


Most Call Me Jack
Maxim didn't like the sound of a gang with dynamite harassing a legitimate business man. He checked for his sidearm. It was still in its holster. Two magazines were slotted in his belt. 21 shots wasn't ideal given that he had no idea when he would be able to get more ammo.

"I will assist in taking care of this gang," Maxim said. He then turned to the man who had introduced himself as Reiner, "My name is Maxim Bale, you may call me Minotaur. I believe you should know the names of the men you go into battle with."

Minotaur extended his hand.

June Verles June Verles Centurion_ Centurion_

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