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former milk carton kid

hi reader, i’m mainly searching for fandom roleplays right now but in the future, i might be down for some original plots. please make sure you read this entire post before sending me a message ! and feel free to introduce yourself in the thread.

about me ;;
- my name is venus
- i’m over 18
- i type in lowercase ooc
- i live in the eastern time zone
- memes are the key to my heart
- i’m a sucker for slow burn romance
- headcanon, playlist, moodboard, etc friendly
- character development and character arcs make me happy
- anti-mary/gary sue
- my oc bios are usually detailed
- i can roleplay on rpn or discord

preferences/rules ;;
- i strongly prefer mxf oc x canon pairings but for certain fandoms i can do canon x canon and lgbt ships, i’ll let you know when that’s the case
- if we’re doing oc x canon, doubling up is a requirement
- i’m advanced literate but i generally prefer to mirror my partner’s length. at the very least, i’ll respond with 2-3 paragraphs per character and would appreciate it if you did the same
- i roleplay in the third person only
- this is probably common sense on rpn but don’t use asterisks, dashes, or anything else. quotations only
- this is also common sense but use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your responses. typos are fine but i need to understand what you’re saying
- instead of ghosting me, try telling me your concerns up front. or if you just don’t want to continue, let me know
- everyone has a life outside of roleplay and i’m aware of that. if you’re going to be offline for a while, please give me a heads up. i’ll do the same for you
- please put in detail and effort into the roleplay. i’ve had countless amounts of bad experiences where i put in all the work for both characters and have gotten sloppy writing in return. it’s not fun at all
- i don’t use premade starters often. i prefer creating plots with my partner so both of us can be involved. i am open to hearing your ideas !

fandoms ;;
bolded names are my current cravings. if you don’t see any you’re interested in, you can try telling me some of yours and i’ll see if i’m aware of any, no promises though. this list will be updated frequently

- american horror story
- creepypasta
- dc comics
- dunkirk
- dream a little dream
- everymanhybrid
- freaks and geeks
- gotham
- harry potter, marauders or riddle era
- it
- license to drive
- marble hornets
- marvin’s room
- marvel cinematic universe
- pet sematary ii
- red queen series
- running on empty
- soul eater
- stand by me
- star trek 2009 film
- star trek: the next generation
- star wars prequels, originals, or sequels
- stephen king novels
- stranger things
- supernatural tv
- that 70s show
- the end of the fucking world
- the last of us
- the long walk
- the office
- the pacific
- the walking dead tv
- toy soldiers
- twin peaks
- wayne
- young justice
- z nation

characters i’m looking for ;;
american horror story, tate langdon
american horror story, kit walker
american horror story, michael langdon
american horror story, kyle spencer
creepypasta, ben drowned
dc comics, tim drake / red robin
dc comics, dick grayson / nightwing
dunkirk, tommy
dream a little dream, dinger holfield
everymanhybrid, evan / habit
freaks and geeks, daniel desario
gotham, jerome valeska
gotham, bruce wayne
harry potter, tom riddle
harry potter, remus lupin
it, richie tozier
it, bill denbrough
license to drive, les anderson
marble hornets, timothy wright / masky
marvin’s room, hank
mcu, peter parker / spider-man
mcu, bucky barnes
pet sematary ii, jeff matthews
red queen series, maven calore
running on empty, danny pope
soul eater, death the kid
stand by me, older! chris chambers
star trek 2009 film, pavel chekov
star trek: tng, wesley crusher
star wars, anakin skywalker
star wars, luke skywalker
star wars, poe dameron
stranger things, steve harrington
stranger things, jonathan byers
stranger things, will byers ( older )
supernatural, dean winchester
supernatural, castiel
the end of the fucking world, james
the long walk, peter mcvries
the office, jim halpert
the pacific, merriel ‘snafu’ shelton
the walking dead, carl grimes season 5-8
toy soldiers, joey trotta
twin peaks, bobby briggs
wayne, wayne
young justice, tim drake / robin iii
z nation, 10k

characters i can play for you ;;
the list would be too long since i can play almost any character from the fandoms above. on the rare occasion that i can’t/won’t play a character you choose, i’ll let you know.

canon ships ;;
the names in bold are the ones i’ll be playing.

american horror story, tate langdon x hayden mcclaine
dc comics, nightwing x zatanna
freaks and geeks, daniel desario x lindsay weir
gotham, ed nygma x oswald cobblepot
it, bill denbrough x beverly marsh
marble hornets, skully x jessica
mcu, peter parker x gwen stacy
star trek: tng, wesley crusher x robin lefler
star wars, han solo x leia organa
stranger things, billy hargrove x nancy wheeler
stranger things, jonathan byers x nancy wheeler
supernatural, dean winchester x ruby
the end of the fucking world, james x alyssa
the long walk, peter mcvries x ray garraty
twin peaks, bobby briggs x shelly johnson
twin peaks, bobby briggs x audrey horne
wayne, wayne x del

writing sample ;;
When Lisa Curtis walked into the school library one early Tuesday morning to help out the librarian, she did not expect to see her boyfriend there. Mainly because he would never be caught dead in a library, libraries bore him. But he WAS dead, literally. There was a rustic shotgun sitting by his black combat boots and a bullet in his head, as well as a large puddle of blood staining his dark hair and the carpet around him. It was ironic, Charlie was actually caught dead in a library with half of his face covered in his own blood, a thin line of crimson dripping down his ears and over the bridge of his nose and his brains were blown out over the encyclopedias on the bookshelf behind his corpse.

Lisa didn’t scream. Her mouth was parted and she took slow and shallow breaths, then the stack of Zoobook magazines that were in her hand dropped from her grip while her hands stood in place. When they fell, the lion issue got drenched in blood. The blonde took a step back as her mind worked frantically trying to process the scene in front of her. She ended up stepping on a piece of Charlie’s brain by accident, which caused the eerie silence to cut off as the squelching sound of brain under Lisa’s shoe echoed across the room. Then, Lisa gagged and threw up the blueberry pancakes she had for breakfast. Forward slash a few days after the incident and Lisa was back at Spokane High with dark circles under her eyes from the recent development of insomnia.

“So she stepped on her boyfriend’s brain?” She heard while trying to make her way to her locker the first Monday she came back.

“Dude, that’s sick. Do you think she did it? You know, the jealous girlfriend thing.” Lisa heard someone else say.

“It’s 1996 you degenerate, not a 70s slasher movie turned chick-flick. What are you, blazed? ” The same person’s friend shot back in response. Lisa wanted to blow her own brains out at that statement. When she finally reached the hallway her locker was in with a solemn look and a pale face, she spotted her best friend Wednesday leaning against her locker and chipping off the paint absentmindedly. She looked up after realizing that Lisa needed to get through.

“Did you find his liver in your mailbox?” Wednesday asked morbidly while toying with a piece of her dark hair, occasionally yanking out dead strands and flicking them away.

Lisa wore a deadpan in response and replied to her friend in a monotone voice, “Fuck you.”

“Jesus, chill out. I’m only joking.” Wednesday sighed, stuffing her hands into the pockets of her jeans.

“Yeah, I know.” The blonde grunted. She emptied out her bag and grabbed the few books she needed for the next 2 hours before slamming the rusting door shut with a loud bang. “The bottom of my shoe is still red.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. It must be terrible, every time you step on the ground it’s like you’re smearing Charlie’s insides everywhere.” Her friend indulged in Lisa’s odd coping mechanism as they began to walk to first period together, climbing up the stairs that led to the science wing. “At least he’s always with you, right? On your shoe.”

”Yeah,” Lisa said in an absent voice. “On my shoe and in my heart.”

Wednesday wrinkled her nose at the last part, “Are you getting sentimental on me?” She found it kind of funny that Lisa still didn’t realize she was the one who shot Charlie Delato in the head that fateful Tuesday morning. But at the same time, why would Lisa be suspicious of her? She was her best friend after all, right?

”Nope.” She murmured. “Not at all.”

”Good.” Wednesday finished as she soon stopped by her Chemistry classroom. Before Lisa walked off to Biology she decided to throw salt in her friend’s wounds by adding, “The librarian is keeping those encyclopedias, by the way. The ones with Charlie’s head on them, blood and everything still dry and intact. She says it’s for remembrance, whatever the hell that means. But we all knew she had a thing for him. Maybe it’ll be shower nozzle masturbation material for her? You know, for sentimental value.” Diabolically, Wednesday emphasized the words ‘sentimental value’ before walking into her rightful classroom and leaving Lisa in shock.

For the second time that same month, Lisa Curtis felt like throwing up her pancakes. She stood in the hallway and stared into the room with a stunned expression while kids pushed passed her and ignored her. They were banana pancakes this time though, instead of blueberry. She should really stop eating them and go for waffles instead.

if you’ve read this entire page and are interested, send me a message !!
— venus ₊˚ ✧
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