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Fantasy Midnyte's OC Roleplays


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Requirements: First off, I wanted to start with requirements for being a roleplay partner. One I would prefer if you were 15-20 since I myself am seventeen and this is what I am most comfortable with. Two I would prefer a semi-lit to literate roleplayer. I typically write 2-4 decent sized paragraphs or six smaller paragraphs, with proper grammer and in third person, so I would prefer if you could match that! I can accept first person as well. Not a requirment but I would love OOC talk, whether that is on the website or discord would also be fine! I love planning out a story and plot, talking about OCs, and world building, very, very, much. I am also always willing to create new characters and play NPCs. I can do M//, F//, or F/M pairings but prefer M//. (Nonbinary pairings included!!) I would prefer you to be LGBTQ+ or at least supportive since I myself am queer and trans, and have lots of queer and trans characters.

OCs: This is not all my OCs or an in depth discription, but, I would like to give a little bit on them. My most fleshed out and used OC is Connor, a demon who ran away from hell being heir to one of the nine thrones. He is intersex and uses he/him pronouns, and he is bisexual with a preference for men. Viridian is my second most used character, being a Lamia who is the governess of a small village, a pro-nonhuman activist, and a talentend singer. She is cis-female and uses she/her pronouns. She is Bisexual with no real leaning preference. My third most popular OC is Jasper, who is a human and works at his parents cafe and bakery, working as a baker and cashier. He is a cis-male using he/him pronouns. He is mlm/gay. I have plenty more characters if none of them spark your interest, as well as more info on all three of the ones I listed.

Prompts/Plots: I have many bases for prompts and plots but I have some bases that I would love to build up ideas for together!

  • This Plot is basically the plot behind all my characters. There are three realms, Overrealm, Middlerealm, and Underrealm. Middle realm is where earth and space is, Overrealm is based off of heaving, housing angels and other devine creatures. Underrealm is based off of hell, housing the demons and the damned creatures. On Earth there is a fight, between humans and nonhumans (mythical beings of all sorts), the humans believing they are superior and want control over the nonhumans, while the humans want to live on Earth with the same freedoms as humans. There is a slow outbreak of war stirring while people pick a side on who to fight on. It's a long lasting war but in the end equality for all wins and pursues.

That's all for now! I'll be sure to add on as I think of more ideas as well as creat a seperate thread for fandom searches!! I hope you all have a lovely day!! <3


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Heyo! I was wondering if I could roleplay the original plot with you? Based off your OC’s lore! If possible, I’d like to roleplay on discord! ^^ ( Vanillazine#4453 )

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