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MHA The students become the teachers!


All characters will be new students entering UA the class that is originally in the manga will be featured as the new teachers and Aizawa being the new principal and deku being the worlds new top hero I'll come up with my list of teachers and the top 10 heroes the UA dorms are still in effect as well. The league of villains will still be completely active and with new villains to antagonize the students there will be only 4 villains hiding within the class and those people would message me to let me know so that no one else will figure it out (kind of like a mystery game) would anyone be interested? Teachers can be rped as side characters of anyone is interested or you can rp them fully up to you

Ooc chat
Character Sheets page
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Okay I'll go ahead and make an ooc and character thread ^^ I'll post the links in the original post and multiple characters are allowed if anyone would like to


Damaged Goods
I am VEEERRYYY interested... however I'm only halfway through season two, so I'm afraid I'd get a ton of spoilers. Should I join anyway, since this takes place after everything, anyway?


Yes you still can this after everything is said and done and everyone is older so there wont be any spoilers for what's happening now there might be references to what's happened in the anime atleast


okay everyone ive posted the link for the CS and the OOC chat ^^ once i have everyones CS ill go ahead and get the rp started as well


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Just been alot of silence, and in other games this has happened in? Well....normally has the game dying off before it even starts hence me getting worried/concerned. Think its why Discord is good for other games to have a constant stream of OOC chatter etc and keep people engaged/aware of things.

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