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Fandom MHA Oakwood Hero Academy (Re-run)

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Anime, School, Super Powers


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So, y'all know the drill. This is an RP set in the same timeline as MHA at the same time as the main story.

Oakwood is a hero school in England, the best in the UK in fact, and it's accepting a new year of students. It won't be easy and it sure as hell won't be forgiving, but the students of Oakwood become great heroes by the end.
- Headmaster Thomas Verne Orchard

Oakwood is a hero academy with prestige rivalling of UA and the Oxbridge (Oxford & Cambridge) schools in England. It proudly in 25 acres of forest, with the bustling district of Hart (IRL voted best district to live in) surrounding the school. As part of overlying British culture (the original boiling of cultures), all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds are welcomed here, as long as can either/both of our academic/physical entrance exams are passed (British students can also study for and take GCSEs here). Quirkless applicants can join the hero course as well.
Note that even though Oakwood is technically a Private School, we are still funded by the government and have no tuition cost.

You can be:
- A student
- A teacher
- A pro hero
- A villain

(How many characters are we allowed?)
- Multiple characters are encouraged (I don't know how much interest there will be for this so I might as well pad the roster) but one is fine.
(What's minimum post length?)
(How often should we post?)
- I would like everyone to post at least once per 5-7 days unless you give a valid reason on leave or return. Minimum post length is a paragraph, more is encouraged.
(Where is this RP set?)
(What part of England?)
- This is based in the district of Hart in North-East Hampshire (Southern England). It's where I live so I can give a better idea of the location. Oakwood is more based off of the school I go to and the schools I've been to.
(Do you have a CS?)
(When will you put CS up?)
- I'll get CS up soon after I have minimum player count, it's common practice.
(How many players are you looking for?)
- I think somewhere from ten to twelve is a good maximum size for this kind of RP. I'm fine with the minimum being 4 as I tend to do well with small groups.
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