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Fandom MHA (My Hero Academia) Interest check (1x1) CCxOC


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Hi! I've been inactive for a bit, but I'm back to being online from my slight break from social media.
Recently, I've caught up on MHA (My Hero Academia)'s season 6, I've reached Dabi's Dance and finished it so far, so I'm really wanting to do a rp on it !

I don't have many rules, these are just the few I do have.
- I do double up's usually, CC x OC, I'm fine on your part if you'd like to do CC x CC. I usally pair an oc of mine with a CC
- I don't mind playing multiple characters as long as you do too, I have a hard time leading a roleplay by myself, it's easier when both of us put effort.
- I usually do descriptive RPs. { i.e - They bashfully looked away due to embarrassment, how could they say something so stupid? Clearing their throat they look up to (insert character or oc). "Sorry...I'm going to go.". }.
- OOC (out of character) I usually use "//" before saying anything
- Don't control or kill off my oc.

I'm pretty lean back with my RP's, I don't mind RPing here, discord, or Quotev. Whatever works for you.
If you're interested hmu. :)


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*peeks in curiously* can i dm you my oc and we can discuss whos on the table cc wise?


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I’m interested! I meet all those criteria, so if it’s fine with you can I send a PM to you, and can we discuss in Discord? I’m still relatively new being on here and I’m a lot more used to roleplaying back there.

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