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Fandom MHA Focused Roleplay - Looking For Partners

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Ionia's Sovereign
PLEASE NOTE - I am not up to date with the anime let alone the manga, try not to spoil anything for me that occurs beyond
All for One versus One for All

I've got a bit of a burning itch for one of my favorite series and I haven't had a chance to properly roleplay them in a long time. As such I'm open to a lot of things, including interacting with canon characters, AU scenes, non-AU scenes. A more serious take on the whole becoming a hero journey, engaging in romance and friendship all the standard stuff. The one thing I won't do is roleplay a canon character, it makes me oddly uncomfortable to do so I'll be sticking to my OCs. If the one I suggest isn't to your liking or doesn't fit the idea you have in mind I have around 5 that I could begin using.

Genders/Pairings I'm on board with. Hint it's all of them.
  1. FxF
  2. MxM
  3. FxM
  4. MxF
You can play canon, or OC and it'll be fine with me. I'll even play multiple player characters should I be interested enough. Of course I'm willing to do NPCs as needed and I hope you are willing to as well. My stance on fights is we discuss it OOC and a mixture of character comparison and what we want to happen plot wise will determine the result. I want both of us to reach an understanding and be happy with the outcome as things continue. I enjoy thills and emotional lows, desperate dire situations with real consequences. Our characters may die, be injured or face daunting trials with a lasting effect. Every experience is growth for them and those around them. That being said I do prefer AUs and building our own story and events, but I am open to anything due to the burning passion I have for MHA right now.

Edit: My timezone is EST, I am 19 and I understand the occasional ghosting.

If you are interested, DM me on here.
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im trying
Hey there! I would be up to roleplay MHA with you. I'm not caught up in the anime or manga either so I feel the pain of being spoiled, lol.
I'm pretty much willing to roleplay anything that you want as I don't get bothered by much. (Except playing canon characters as the main character of an rp.)

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