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Fantasy MH: The Guild OOC



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I wrote my character sheet under the assumption that this would be taking place in the new world, as indicated by the fact that we're having to take a long boat ride to get there. I can change things around a bit if this is not the case.
If that's a problem for anyone, they haven't voiced any concern yet so I think we're good. I was gonna do a couple original monsters too so I'll make an in-world explanation later.


Okay cool! Was literally writing my CS when this question came up over my "reason to seek employment" and glad I looked here. I'll go ahead and post my CS but I'm still working on the bio. Should be fully done later tonight or tomorrow afternoon
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Ok, I think I can safely say that after this much time no one else is going to be applying to the interest check, so we're left with three options.

1. If you guys are cool with being a two man team (kind of like an actual hunter pair), that's fine.
2. If you want another party member, I can write one up on a moments notice.
3. We let the whole idea fade into obscurity, never to see the light of day.

If you're interested, feel free to respond. But know that I won't judge you if you don't want to take part now.


I'm fine with either options one or two, I'd prefer not to settle with option three cause I love this idea, but I don't want to force anyone into it if they don't want to. That being said I really like the idea of a hunter duo or trio!


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Yup, I'm fine with duo or trio as well. Seems like it's pretty much up to: do you want to play a hunter, or would you rather be solely GM? Cuz two hunter team or three hunter team both work well for me.
It is up, write your responses at your leisure.


Hey guys, I was going to get to work on a template and first post, but this RP seems kinda dead? xD

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