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MFD Killed Saith Kai

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This is a roleplay between Sonchero and MFD Killed Saith Kai. Please don't post unless you fit this criteria.


In my nascence, I endeavor to purvey the environs, pathos, and mythos for a foray into an antediluvian libretto, a storied history of Adam's descendants in the tumults of a domain assuredly condemned with Ouranos' progeny, set to the melody of a mythopoeic zeitgeist that arrests a nimiety of content from the phanerozoic eon and anthropology back to the advent of behavioral modernity and the birth of art, this pedantry given an equilibrium by incorporeal and metaphysical subjects. From plenary verse all conjoined from precipice to precipice, Ask and Embla kin were conscripted into cohabitation with brobdingnagian djinns and fiendish herpetological hellions, annealed only with promethean pittances, incandescent and viand perspicacity, to which end perhaps only deluge would ransom.


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Fantasy, the very word invites the recognition that what one is about to experience is a fiction, a fallacy, a dream. The very notion is a fundamentally flawed understanding of what fantasy truly is. You see the fantastic concepts that you bare witness to, whether in a state of fever or euphoria speak to life things that are more real than that glass of water that is put to your lips. The messages, the signs, the evacuation of an ego telling you that you already know it all. I mean you've lived and loved long enough to know what's what fight? How can the intangible, the unexplainable, the metaphysical reaction that makes your hair stand on end, ever have power over you... Because that's what was right? Power. A fist, a gun, a scalpel, and a bill too take away your oh so precious currency. Those things are real. Dreams? Those are the thing that really entertain you though. The script of your subconscious laying the path out before you and placing the yellow brick roads and rabbit holes around every corner. Don't fear the moment you close your eyes, fear the moment they rise.
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MFD Killed Saith Kai

Professional Occupant of Vacancy
Basic Profile Skeleton?

Name: Full name if you have one.
Gender: Male, Female, Non-gendered, or Third-gendered
Species/Race/Breed: Human, Zoomorph, Elf, Whatever.
Age: Number of years since birth
Birth Season: Season in which character was born
Character Class: Basic archetype for skills and abilities
Weapon of Choice: Weapon or weapons character specializes with
Skills: Any other skills worth mentioning.


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Name: Tevon Mitchium
Gender: Male
Species/Race/Breed: Human
Age: 14
Birth Season: Late Spring
Character Class: Soldier/Warrior
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Skills: Shield Bash, Dual Wield

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