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Realistic or Modern Merman RP! (BXB/ M/M)

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Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Supernatural


I cause snow storms
Okay so I have this character named Dylan, he is a half mermaid (magical mermaid child, half human and technically a demigod of the God lir in Celtic mythology)
Anyway I honestly really love mermaids and shit and what to do an rp with him, and your character could be a few different ones!

Ocean nerd who ends up finding random scales (to big for any fish) around Dylan and ends up finding out he is a merman


Son of a fisherman who is notorious for doing mermaid hunts (never finding anything but has a gift shop where most of the money is made)

A regular fucking dude who just sees Dylan transform one day

Surfer dude

A merfolk sent to bring Dylan to his father for some magical bs or whatever

Let's just make this interesting!

dylan babey!!!!.png
^ Dylan being a Cheeky bastard

Dylan has some friends! so if you rather romance one of these three: Lovely Bastard.pngmy horse fish boy.png
send me a PM about it and we can chat!
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