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Realistic or Modern Mermaid Roleplay


The New Boy Wonder
  • I'm a 21-year-old gay male.
  • Looking for 18+ partners please, due to possible mature themes, like swearing, violence, etc. I have no triggers or hang-ups.
  • Preferably pm rp, but I can offsite RP too, just ask
  • I speak very casually in out of character chat, but I promise I'm very literate in RP and I capitalize everything
  • I do anywhere between 2-8 paragraphs per response, depending on what's happening in the rp/ how interested I am at the moment
  • please be literate and know the basics of spelling and grammar
  • Prefer MxM or FxF roleplays if romance is involved, but I will roleplay MxF if there is no romance.
  • hopeless romantic here, so I prefer romance in most plots. At least for my pairings, your pairings can be whatever you want them to!
  • please be willing to double! I almost always double.
  • Someone who is proficient in using NPCs.
  • If you made it this far, tell me your favorite movie!
  • most of the time I will ignore you if you just message me "hello".
  • I need more meat in a message, like who you can play, who you want me to play, etc...

I've been binge-watching FreeForm's Siren and in the wake of the second season's mid-season finale I've been left inspired. I'm looking to do something inspired by that series and the Animal Planet Mocumentry, Mermaids: The Body Found with the mermaid's culture. The merfolk would be the "Splash" type aka water=tails, dry=legs. But it'll be more refined than H2o or Mako Mermaids in the sense that saltwater is required to transform, just not any type of liquid.

I have a couple of ideas for the plot, but I'm very open. I'm mostly just looking for interest.

I'm a fan of horror and what I'm looking for definitely falls a bit into the "creature" feature category of the genre.

I'm looking for an almost Humans vs Mermaids plot. A pod of merfolk off the coast of a fishing town in Maine vs a family who's made it their business to hunt them for sport, profit, and selling them on the black market for parts.

The mermaids I see being very tribal, much like dolphins in the sense of hierarchy. I see them as being polyamorous with seeing procreation as something that is needed and something to express themselves. I also see them being a culture of hunters and gathers in the water. Mermaids being more maternal and matriarchal leaders while the mermen are the protectors, hunters, and warriors of the group. I like the idea of both males and females having the "Siren's song" being almost like a mating ritual and the reason mermaids 'drag sailors to their deaths' is mostly because they attempted to procreate with land people and the men drowned because they can't breathe underwater.

And as for the transformation between human to merfolk, I feel it's probably a painful body horror like a werewolf and they basically "shed" their tails, gills, and webbing and it grows back when they get wet. They're not really evil, just misunderstood predators like sharks.

I'm also interested in the idea that merfolk have a religion or superstition based around the moon or lunar cycles because of the sway it has on the tides. Just not really sure how to expand on that much.

I guess I'd try and describe it as H2O: Mako Mermaids for the vampire diaries crowd. I'm not against the idea of mermaids secretly living amongst humans. I'm more into the idea of Merfolk being in a sense "water werewolves". I don't know. I hope I'm explaining this well.

Like, I see most of this probably taking place more on land, but being in a beach/fishing town there'd be enough opportunities for water to be involved. Maybe for whatever reason, a group of mermaids is drawn to the land because one of there own gets swept up in a current and gets marooned and wounded on a beach to be sheltered by an unknowing human because they changed and got their legs before they were saved.

And then I still have the want of a family who knows about the mermaids and who goes out and hunts them or something. I have an idea for a grizzled fisherman grandfather who saw them during world war 2 in Germany and his family. Maybe he has a son and a grandson who know about the mermaids and go out on the boat to "fish" while in actuality they're going after the mermaids cause the Grandpa is too old and withered. Maybe the grandson has a girlfriend or something and is against what his family is up to with the mers. I don't know.

I'm a semi-lit roleplayer and at times I can be totally literate. I write at least three or four pretty long paragraphs for a standard response and it can be longer depending on my time and inspiration.

I tend to match my partners post lengths if I'm not given much to work with though, so please be willing to put in some work into your replies and due to the commitment level, I'm looking for more experienced players. I've been honing my roleplay skills since I was about 12 or 13, so I have a good 7-8 years under my belt. I don't normally care about skill level, but this idea will take a lot of time, constant brainstorming, and tweaking, etc. And I'm not trying to discourage new players from applying. If you've only been doing this for a few months or a couple of years, but you think you can keep up, please still apply. I just want a disclaimer that this might be hard for someone who hasn't done a roleplay like this before.

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I would be interested in what you have to offer. I really like role-playing mermaids (or mermen truly) and I just lost my role-playing partner. So if you are still looking for someone, maybe we can be compatible! I'm over 18+ so don't worry about any restricted use of anything. M×M is my favorite to play (and I love the romance!). I usually prefer shorter replies but I can do a good paragraph. I'm very literate when it comes to roleplay. I do prefer offsite though as it's easier for me. Let me know!


Hey there! I am also a big big H2O/Mako Mermaids/Siren fan and I always do MXM Roleplays. I really love the plot you have down!

(Also, my favourite movie is Interview with the Vampire)
Hey there! I am also a big big H2O/Mako Mermaids/Siren fan and I always do MXM Roleplays. I really love the plot you have down!

(Also, my favourite movie is Interview with the Vampire)
While we're waiting for his reply, want to start a roleplay with each other? We could do our own mermen story.

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