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Realistic or Modern Memphis Survival



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Character Sheets
Zander Black.

He is twenty-three years old.

He is the former guitar player for a band. He left his native California for Memphis, hoping to find more success there than back home. He played in multiple groups and even solo before the outbreak.


He currently possesses a knife, a backpack, a water bottle, a jacket, and some non-perishable food items.

Zander is a surprisingly gentle man despite the rockstar persona of being loud and vibrant. When things are serious, he takes them seriously. He's friendly enough, and tends to gel well with people. He enjoys his fair share of vices, but is by no means dependent on them. He's not much of a leader, much preferring to go with the flow of things. He's not generally violent or aggressive, but will act in self defense if need be.



Name: Gracie Smith
Age: 21
Occupation: Baby sitter, house minder/student
Gracie never knew her parents but she has always had a pretty good life. Her mother gave her up to a gay couple who couldn’t have kids of their own. Both her fathers were very loving, and she was one of the rich kids on the block which was probably why she wasn’t bullied so much for having two fathers and being adopted.

Gracie was encouraged to get a job at early age so she began working fast food when she was 14 years old. She was a shy kid but she worked hard and her teachers always appreciated the extra effort she went to in class.

She hadn’t saved up enough money by the time she turned 18 to move out but she was babysitting for a single dad with three young boys quite regularly and one day he asked weather she wanted to live in the little granny flat on his huge property for free. She just had to maintain the house, look after his kids on weekdays and help out with the gardening.

Thinking it was a great way to get a little independence while she studied her course in film editing she took it on. From then until now she lives there, studies Editing online and looking after three kids that aren’t hers.

Just her backpack with everything she could find in a hurry:
A kitchen knife
A pair of garden snippers
A few canned baked beans and one canned tuna
A small first aid bag containing:
20 small bandaids
8 large bandaids
1 half empty tube of antiseptic cream
A compression bandage
Normal roll of bandages
A pair of tweesers
An unopened tub of burn cream
3 neurofen tablets
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Subject name: 'Faith'

Age: Presumed to be early to mid twenties

Hair color: Platinum Blond

Physical observation: Largely unremarkable from the standard 'Witch' strains along infected individuals. Gray skin, golden-yellow eyes and predominantly elongated claw-like hands measuring at least 12ft at length.

Psychological report: See below for further details. Subject possesses sentience atypical for Stage Five infected individuals.

Eye color: Golden

Sentient?: Yes

Infected?: Yes

Strain: GFLU-2291 "Witch" variant.

Subject report enclosed below:

[02/08/2019; 16:30hrs]

Alright, so this is where my official report begins. Subject is held in a reinforced 10x10 containment cell. All personnel are to wear Level-5 or higher HAZMAT protective gear. Subject's diet consists of raw red meat, preferably fresh if any source is found. She- it.. This Witch in question is extraordinary. From field reports of the conventional Witch type, they're photosensitive, irritable, consistently distressed and will attack at some of the slightest provocations (I.e, flashlights, proximity or loud noises). This one is different. I shouldn't even be giving it a name. Hell, our entire department is going livid enough as it is when we actually managed to bring it in. Voluntarily, might I add. It actually took off at the sight of a gun being aimed at it, and through repeated attempts at communication we actually were able to draw it out of hiding. It understood us. No crying, no screaming no... wailing.

As of the time of writing, it is capable of limited vocalization. Usually just resorts to nodding its head, answering basic questions and the like. Intelligence is on-par with normal cognitive development of a teenager or young adult. We're currently trying to teach it sign language with one of our interpreters at the moment. However small progress is, perhaps hope isn't lost for Infected individuals like this. Since there's no hope of treatments we've found beyond Stage I Infection, attempting to deploy the latest virophage to counter the 'Green Flu's' effects would most likely kill it. Key biological functions are still being kept alive, albeit in a significantly altered state.

Tensions are rising in the department with each passing day. I fear that our subject's time in our hands is drawing to a close. Come hell or high water, I'll make sure that my team can keep ahead of the clock.

[SESSION LOGOUT 02/08/2019; 16:45hrs]


[SESSION RESUME 13/09/2019; 09:30hrs]

...God-damn it all, the department director assigned to our project as of now wants her dead. Says it's just like the rest, needs to be killed so no-one else becomes a casualty. We're pushing papers and trying to delay this as long as possible, but the subject's life is on the line each passing day. That's why I'm doing this. At 0800 tomorrow, Subject name 'Faith' is to be released without tag, and documentation of a false elimination report is to be finalized and on the director's desk by 0900. Someone's gonna die when "they" find out, but I'm going out knowing that this.. Witch- deserves a better chance out there than on an autopsy table.

This is Johnathon D. Miller, project supervisor, signing off. Godspeed to us all.



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Character Sheet
Name: Fred Black
Age: 28
Fred grew up and lived in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. There is not much to say about his childhood, he came from a family of six, two parents and four siblings. He was the second oldest out of the group, he had an older brother, and two younger siblings. The oldest was Robert, and of the three other siblings, they were the least alike. Robert was rebellious, vengeful, and no one was allowed to have the last word but him. The two often would clash over the simple things growing up, such as rooms, stuff, and general behavior. He was the black-sheep of the family. Then came Fred a year later, he was calm, and often stayed close to the adults. He often occupied himself in his own imagination, Lincoln logs, legs, drawing, and writing. Unlike Robert, school for him was a breeze, as his regular GPA was around 3.8-4.0 When it came to his social life, he mostly stuck with the same people since he had known since kindergarten. They were the kind of kids that would get excited over the new Star Wars movies. This actually led to his parents giving him a lot of freedom. Next came his sister, Amelia, she was a mama's child. What their mother did, she did, though, she got away from that as she got older. Though, the attitude decided to stick with her into adulthood. She was as smart as Fred, and had the motivation, but school would always come second or third in her life. Surprisingly, since Robert was usually a pain, they shared many common hobbies. They both were fans of movies, and the two were always the most excited for family movie night. Robert, if he was there, usually spent most of the time in the kitchen. Then came the youngest, Zander, he was his own person. He was a outdoors kid, there was never a moment in his life where he would choose to stay in his room. If it was raining, well, the woods provided enough cover. If there was snow, well, that means he would spot the animals better. The person he was closest to in the family was Robert. I wouldn't say it was quite surprising, as they both had a unique personality. And neither would play the rank and file game. To be clear, they weren't best friends but they talked to each other the most out of the rest of the family. His mother and father were average parents, father worked in the mill, and his mother was a manager at a moving company. Their vacations were once a year, and sometimes to call it a "vacation" would be a stretch.
Fred entered college, and got a degree in Chemistry. His college life was average, a few close friends, and only go to the bars on two conditions, there was nothing that needed to be done the next day and there was a sports even going on. After college, he moved to Memphis to work for a Motor Company. There, he would develop and test different kinds of fluid, such as transmission, synthetic oil, and the like. He and his girlfriend rent a house in South Memphis.
Equipment: Briefcase, cellphone, keys, dress shirt and pants, tie, belt, black shoes.
Traits/Personality: Levelheaded, distant to strangers, intelligent.

(Best stock photo I could find)
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Character Sheets
Name: Sebastian DeLuca
Age: 19
Bio: Sebastian was born and raised a Memphis boy. He was born in the local hospital and is the middle child, his older sister being 25 living in New York, and his younger sister being 11 living with him and his parents. Although he is in fact 19, Sebastian still lived with his parents and younger sister at the beginning of the outbreak. He was taking classes at University of Memphis and worked at the family owned retail store near the downtown area.

Equipment: A backpack containing the following: Canned goods, water bottles, matches, first aid kit, extra ammunition, 2 changes of clothes, pictures of his family, various medications. He also has a 9mm Glock 26 that his father had as a concealed carry weapon, which he has in a holster on his side. Combat knife
Traits/Personality: Sebastian lived a modest life prior to the outbreak, living with his parents and little sister. He held a deep love for all of them, but especially his sister, who he helped raise alongside his parents. Sebastian used to be a very open and loving individual, but that has changed (something I will reveal in first post will explain this), and he sometimes may be viewed as cold. He is very obviously broken now, but he still survives, telling himself that maybe one day things could be normal again. He will still lend a helping hand to those who need it, but he is likely to choose himself first over others. He is also very intelligent, and has been trained various survival skills by his father.


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Name: Aria
Age: 23
Bio: When Aria was 21 she got pregnant with her then boyfriend James. Apon learning she was pregnant James left Aria as a Single mother. her daughter, whom she named Elizabeth(Ellie) was born 9 months later. Aria was a medical student before the outbreak and knows many medical procedures.
Med box: Bandages, anti-infectant, Band-aids
Bachpack: Baby formula(running low), canned food
Other: Metal Pole
Traits/Personality: Maternal, kind, loyal, basically a hufflepuff


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OccupationWestward-Bound Survivor Group Second in Command (Post Apocalypse)
FamilyUnnamed Mother (Deceased) Michael - Brother (Deceased) Mack Thompson - Boyfriend (Deceased)

Addison “Addy” Grace Carver is a redheaded girl who seemingly defied the odds by surviving the zombie apocalypse. Before the world went to hell, people would describe her as sensitive, “with the soul of an artist.” When push came to shove, she had the guts of a killer.
Her Facebook page, as revealed in the episode Full Metal Zombie, indicates that she "studied at ACC" and lived in Albany, New York, prior to the zombie apocalypse. In a flashback, she is seen wearing a red and gray/silver Letterman jacket with the letter "W." This backstory is contradicted in Day One, which shows Addy at a WHL game between the Spokane Chiefs and Tri-City Americans (both teams based in Washington state) when the zombie outbreak began. This is also when she met Mack, who was a player for the Americans.

It is revealed that she had put down her zombified mother on the first night of the breakout, being the repressed memory that torments her through the first season. Because of this memory and her short time with the cannibals, Addy possibly suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which put a strain on her and Mack's relationship and could be the main reason she decided to leave the group and join the all female community of abuse survivors.
In Warren's Dream it is revealed that she was bitten by Murphy's daughter Lucy, giving the pair a way to communicate telepathically. This could have happened because of the injury to Addy's eye.
Addy uses a mace (made from an aluminum baseball bat) known as the Z-Whacker as her signature weapon


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