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There are a lot of game OSTs that I like a lot and will remember for a long time. I'll just make a list though;

-Stardew Valley. It's so peaceful and happy and you could just spend hours in game watering crops listening to those country-like songs.
-Undertale. Yeah shame me all you want, you can hate on the game, you can hate on the fandom, but you can't hate on the OST. It's literally the only thing the developer had a lot of experience, since he made the majority of the Homestuck OST (which is great as well). The songs give out the perfect mood for each scene in the game, and sometimes you just want to stop you progress and listen more to that soundtrack.
-TF2 and Pokemon, I put those two in the same bullet point thingy because they bring on me the same kind of feeling. I grew up on those soundtracks and I can recognise them pretty much instantly. They make me feel nostalgic in a way I can't really explain.
-The Sims franchise. Another set of games I grew up with, especially Sims 2. The tracks inside the sims OSTs have this special quality on them, you can't exactly pinpoint what, but it makes them recognisable as "the sims songs". Sometimes I'll go across some track on a video or in other videogame and think "wow this is sims-esque". And I believe that's what makes a game OST memorable: the ability to make itself remarkable and memorable even if you're listening to something completely unrelated.

-Osu. Though this is kinda cheating because you can put literally any song into the game.
Soundtracks I'll never forget? I think I'll have to go with these:

Kirby - I grew up with Nintendo and Kirby is my all-time favorite franchise by them. There is not a single theme in any of the games that I don't know the name of. While some of them I like and others I don't, I can't really say that I hate them. They set the right tone for each level and environment in the games and for some reason feel the need to always make the final boss theme the best thing you'll ever hear in a game series directed to kids.
Nier: Automata - I don't even think I'm that far in the game yet, and it the music has already made it the best thing ever and I love the game more then I already do. Just listen to the amusement park boss theme and you'll understand.
Pokémon - ...I really don't know why, I just like it.
Lanota - Would this be cheating a little since it's a rhythm game? Well all the music is original and not songs you can put in so maybe not. Anyway, the songs in this game are just beautiful and hands down the best soundtrack I've heard in a video game.


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A lot of old games I would watch my big brother play like Okami and Loz, one that especially comes to mind is Dark Cloud. I went freaking wild for the whole soundtrack when I was still in kindergarten, still holds true today. As for games I've actually experienced first hand, probably Persona 4, probably not the best game to let a seven year old play, but the nostalgia is still strong.


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Hotline Miami - never played it, but the music is good

Dark souls - all themes in that game could be the final boss theme, it's actually amazing xD

Disgaea - very chill and kinda funny to listen to if you remember where the songs are from

Pokemon - who doesn't remember pokemon themes xP
Oh, i have a lot:
Chased from Stick it to the man.

Courage and strenght -Pirate Warriors saga.

Metropolis- Ratchet and clank: tools of destruction.

Mysterious invaders -Kid Icarus Uprising.

The sewers -Jak3.

Ketchup logic -Simpsons hit&run.

Main theme -Red dead redemption.

Venice rooftops -Assassin's Creed 2.

Shandora ruins -One Piece burning blood.

Death of a friend -Bendy and the ink machine.


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Final Fantasy VI - battle music
May not be memorable for everyone, but for me it holds some special meaning xD

Valkyrie Profile - Hard Chain Reaction
it's the background music in Lezard Tower dungeon. you want to know why it is memorable for me? because I was LOST in the freaking dungeon for HOURS on every single playthrough I did, except maybe the last one, which was my 5th or so xDDD I can remember this music in my nightmares ever since!

Tales of Phantasia - Fighting of the Spirit
Definitely memorable since it was reused in many other subsequent Tales of games ^^

FF X - To Zanarkand
idk why I cry everytime. beautiful


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Contingency - Modern Warfare 2

One Final Effort - Halo 3

Main Theme - Fallout 4

Dragonborn - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

For River - To the Moon

Suicide Mission - Mass Effect 2

Little Trinketry - Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Beauty of Annihilation - Nazi Zombies

Main Theme - Team Fortress 2



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The Vordt track from Dark Souls 3 is just... MMMMMMM, it was the first boss in DKS3 that made an impression on me, the starting dangerous sequence as he launches his mace down at you, signalling that it could only get worse but right now you had too worry about the dance of brute force against dainty power,

And when you think hes staggered or something he stops, stares at you for a moment and you hear that roar.

And the soundtrack switches too an amalgamation of acapella humming and yelling, like a ritualistic chant. And he charges, one. Two. Three times, and when you think it's over and uses a frostbite AOE attack, and you can almost hear the voices coming from him, and the orchestra booms over his jostling armour and mace strikes while you dance between attacks, doing your best too find a weakness.

It's a short fight, but you know when it ends, he brings his mace down one last time, trying too hold up his slowly dying body, relief washes over you and he stares in hatred one last time, his body wisping away into ash.

Fucking masterpiece of a track.


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One of my all time favorites is still the Okami soundtrack. I still listen to it when I need to do something I need to focus on. And it has enough variety that I can pick specific tracks for special occassions.


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Fire Emblem: fates (rendition by Amalee) Lost in thoughts all alone
Legend of Mana "Distant Truth"
Fire Emblem: Awakening "Don't Speak her name!"

I know some old school music, legend of Mana being one of those old games from 2000.


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Well I can start with the pure emotional style

Then we have my own personal favorites that rather fit my style

And a final, otherwise there would be too many, a little special.



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Halo Wars - Insignifcantia

Dark Souls III - Soul of Cinder

Team Fortress 2 - Rocket Jump Waltz

Undertale - Undertale

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