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Full Guideline for Character Sheets


Code-Name: (Optional)





Hired by: (Insert government/mercenary group/faction here)

Powersuit: (Mercenaries are able to buy powersuits from any faction. What powersuit do you have?) (Optional)

Favorite Weapon: (Optional, make something up!)

Pet(Try and keep it small, it has to exist in any of the games mentioned)

Powers: (Check rules under \"power\") (Optional)

Sub-Culture:(Optional)(What region/culture does your character come from? Make something up!)




There are five major government factions:

Covenent (HALO): The most powerful invading force in the galaxy. Their aim is to extinguish all humans, and to indoctrinate Citadel species into their empire.

Mars Alliance (UNSC) : The Primary human faction. They have over 300 planets with a population of 30 billion. Their capital planet is Mars and most citizens call themselves martians. They are famous for their legendary spartan warriors. (HALO)

Halghast Empire (KILLZONE) : A small cluster of planets that seceded the Mars alliance. They are a supremacists society with a militaristic culture. The Helghast empire is hostile to non-helghan and aliens alike.

Earth (FALLOUT) : A planet Separate from the Mars Alliance. The Martian Alliance do not accept them due to it's destructive history. Although it has suffered from a nuclear holocaust, they have recently been accepted into the Citadel Council and have begun colonizing Attican Traverse planets. Although earth does not represent humanity as a whole, Earth is considered the center of trade between the Mars alliance and Citedel council.

Citedel Council (MASS EFFECT): A unison of species throughout the Galaxy that work together to ensure there is stability throughout the Galaxy. They use ancient alien technology known as, "Mass Relays" to connect different species across the galaxy.


Major Names:

Mercenaries factions: perhaps the "free-est" faction in the galaxy. They have no racial boundaries, they can be hired any time anywhere by any faction.

Master's Army: Made up of only Necro-humans and Meta-humans (Necro-humans are ghouls from Fallout, Meta-humans are super mutants from fallout). An organization that existed since the nuclear war on earth, this faction believes they are superior to standard and conduit humans. With their massive amounts of funding from the terminus system (space outside Citedel control) they pride themselves of taking any mercenary contract that goes against humans. They do this so they may have the chance to forcefully infect humans with the FEV virus, a disease that will turn humans into meta-humans, therefore conscripting them into their ranks. (FALLOUT)

Blood Pack: Made up of Vorcha, Krogan and Meta humans. A ruthless faction that has a gross reputation of destroying, and/or mutilating, anything within their path. Unbound by petty things such as morality, this group prides itself in taking "untouchable" contracts.

Eclipse: Made up of Asari, Salarians, and conduits. Rivals to the blue suns, this faction makes up for it\'s lack of discipline by putting a strong emphasis on biotics.

Blue Suns: Comprising mostly of Standard Humans, Turians and Batarians. Rivals of the Eclipse, this faction stays up to date with the latest weapons technology to make up for it's lack of biotics.

Eclipse and Blue suns often take up contracts that pit them against the other

Independent mercenaries also exist.

Miscellaneous Organizations

Reavers: A group that accepts anyone from any race or species, they are an intergalactic gang that controls the largest drug smuggling operation in history. Although their leader's history is shrouded in mystery, they say she's able to watch all of her gang members through the use of a drug known as "The black tar".

Dust men: Initially, it was a conduit uprising against the oppression conduits faced in the Martian colonies. Within time, they lead to the full secession of martian outer colonies against the oppressive alliance. Even after the Covenant destroyed Harvest and started the war against humans, the Dust men insisted that the alliance was the greater threat. It wasn't until the Covenant destroyed Charybdis IX that the Dust men changed it's objective. Charybdis IX was the base of dust men operations, after the Covenant destroyed it, the Dust men were in complete disarray. Now, Dust men primarily spend their time trying to defend the outer colonies from the Covenant.

First Sons: A conduit Supremacist group. Unlike Master's army, the First Sons hide in the shadows to advance their goals. They have secret funding and ties to nearly every group in the Galaxy. They use their power to further increase their conduit powers and research.

Follower of Apocalypse: A charity organization, Followers of Apocalypse dedicate their lives in helping those in need. Believing in philanthropy, these pacifists offer education and medication to any species in need.

Mavericks: A term used for dysfunctional robots, Mavericks are reploids or cyborgs that pose a threat to organic beings. Some exist from a virus, others are simply malfunctioned, but there is a rising number of Mavericks that despise organic beings out of their own free will. All Mavericks believe that they are superior beings to some extent.

Jedi Order: On E.D.N. III, (Or the Halghast homeworld, whatever you want to call it) a group of children found ancient texts revealing an ancient order of knights that used telekinetic powers to ensure there was peace throughout the galaxy. These children, coincidentally, discovered that they had powers that were described in the texts. When they grew older, they founded the first Jedi council, comprising of not only humans, but also species from Citadel space as well. Although their base is on Eden (We're calling E.D.N. III Eden now), they've began to take a more active roll in galactic politics. Though small, this order has proven to be very effective for their "Heroic achievements" and is welcomed among most government factions

Sith Order: Utilizing the exact opposite force the Jedi Order uses, the Sith order exists to gain power within the Galaxy. While the Jedi believe one must free itself from worldly attachments, the Sith order believes it should use it's emotions to aggravate themselves to gain more power. Where as the Jedi try to ensure peace, the Sith will climb for control, even if it means creating a path of destruction.

Because the Sith and Jedi were both founded on the same world, they often battle each other for control on the Helghast colonies. Jedi also do peace keeping work for the Citadel while Sith prefer to do mercenary work for the Reavers.

Any species can have "the Force"


Standard Humans: Perhaps the most abundant species in the galaxy, humans have no superpowers. Humans are capable of gaining small bursts of powers with vigors and plasmids (BIOSHOCK). Only the humans from Eden and Earth like to use them, it's been deemed taboo within the Mars alliance. They do, however, make up for their lack of powers by using their advanced technology.

Human Conduits: Power levels vary. On earth, conduits are required to master the "four elements". The powers are Ice, Fire, Electricity, and telekinesis. Conduits are incapable of having augmentation, their powers short circuit any mechanical parts they have. Vigors/plasmids may be used by them, but it's always weaker than their native born powers.

Meta-Humans (Super mutants from Fallout): Powerful and resilient, Meta-humans have proven themselves to be great warriors as well as great poets. Meta-humans are created once a Standard human is exposed to the FEV virus. Becoming a Meta-human can be done legally on earth, but Conduit bodies are incapable of becoming a Meta-human. Meta-humans are incapable of using augmentations(their bodies reject them). Vigors and Plasmids are commonly used among the Meta-human population. (BIOSHOCK)

Necro-Humans (Ghouls from Fallout): As frail as standard humans, and less menacing than Meta-humans, Necro-human lifespan is virtually limitless. Any standard human can become ghoulified legally on earth, Conduit bodies are incapable of ghoulification. Ghouls cannot use vigors or plasmids(they deteriorate their bodies). Ghouls often use augmentations.(DEUS EX)

Reploids: Exclusive to Taiwan from earth, Reploids are a unique sub-race of cyborgs from the nation of Neo-Arcania. In Taiwan, the line between human and robot is indistinguishable, Reploids are required to have human lifespans and humans are required to have Reploids augmentations. Although the augmentation can range from 10%-90% body change, it's generally around fifty percent.

Citedel species and Covenent species are an option. Characters from these species start off in their own species faction. They are allowed to leave

Citedel and Covenent species are able to use Vigors/Plasmids or augmentations like standard humans do.

Power Suits

Power Armors

All armors give enhanced strength and agility, enhanced durability and kinetic barriers, and slight healing regeneration abilities. Most of these armors are were derived from the Crysis suits discovered on earth.

Spartan armor: Exclusive to Martian alliance: Spartan armor typically has two abilities. Jetpacks, a propulsion system that allows the wearer to maneuver through the air. The second is armor lock, this temporarily diverts all energy into a shield, making the wearer temporarily indestructible.

Helghast armor: Exclusive to Halghast Empire: Has Invisibility abilities(lol that rhymed) and enhanced nano-vision, allowing the wearer to see through walls, both at night or during the day. This armor is gives up durability in exchange for flexibility and speed. Helghast armor also distributes the performance enhancement drug known as Nectar. Nectar is highly dangerous and addictive but Helghast armor allows the user to induce Nectar in stable efficient amounts. Helghast armors are infamous for their trademark use of glowing red eyes.

Systems Alliance Armor: Exclusive to Earth Alliance. With earth's decentralized government, requirements for entering the Systems Alliance military varies from region to region. Because of this, all members must take systems alliance standard military training. How much training soldiers go through are labeled N2-N6, to show how highly ranked they are. The standard armor is Onyx Armor supplied by the Citedel. If you are rank N7 you have permission to purchase different kind of armor that the Citadel approves. Depending on whether the size is light, medium, or heavy, Citadel armors will either give well flexibility for conduit abilities and plasmids or provide a strong layer of protection with enhanced mass effect shielding.

Cultural armor: Exclusive to home locations. Cultural armors are suits that match the wearer's background orientation. Although they are most often used out of pride or for ceremonial purposes, they all have standard mass relay and nanosuit protection. Earth is famous for it's wide variety of cultural armors and Jedi are identifiable by their unique uniform sets.

Remnant armor: </em>Exclusive to Terminus system colonies. Remnant armor is made up of old, worn won armor scraps. It provides minimal protection and is normally made out of necessity. Remnant armor is most widely seen near the Terminus system, where planets can\'t get access to the newer, more efficient armors.

Resource Integration Gear: Exclusive to outer Martian colonies. Rigs were originally used to aid workers in hazardous situations. Miners, Scientists, Archaeologists; They all used rigs to help them survive in inhospitable environments. During the colonial rebellions, rigs were the most common use of armor by the rebels, this is due to their abundance and lack of other, more combat oriented armors. Rig armors do, however, provide much more regenerative enhancements than the other armors do.

Warframes: Exclusive to Earth. Following the Nuclear holocaust on earth, humans lost a great amount of research and technology due to the destruction from the bombs. The most famous research that was lost was called “the X-files”. It was said that these files contained secret alien research, research that far advances what the Citadel and Covenant is capable of today.

There are rumors that these X-files have been found. The Earth government has one of the smallest, and perhaps most poorly trained military in the galaxy (compared the the Martian alliance and Helghast empire). Because of the Citedel's restriction in Earth's space navy, Earth has made up for these setbacks by forming an extremely elite special operations branch. The Tenno branch is small, you must be handpicked and recommended by high ranking officers to join the spec ops. The training is excruciating, using training methods from before the nuclear holocaust. And most notably, the armor is the most advanced armor in the galaxy. The material Element E99 (SINGULARITY) used to make them is extremely scarce, and so far the resource can only be found on earth. There is a rumor that Imulsion(GEARS OF WAR) from the planet Eden can also be used to create Warframes, but no one is sure if Warframes from that element has been successfully created yet. It is for these reasons that, although the number of Tenno is certainly unknown, it is said that there are only three hundred of them in existence.

Known Warframes are:




















Special Weapons

Lighsabors: Designed for Elegance in combat, these energy swords are nearly weightless and have the capability of cutting nearly anything.

TMD: Time Manipulation Device. A glove that has the ability to alter time for short amounts of time. These gloves are a rare military secret. They are expensive to upkeep and require large amounts of energy. The bursts of energy manipulations are short. Abilities can range from mass deterioration of objects to reverting enemies into embryo puddles.

Bubble Bomb: Releases a small 20 feet diameter sphere that stops all projectiles from penetrating the shield. It only deflects fast moving matter, so although it may stop gunfire, people can still enter inside the sheild.

Regeneration bomb: Releases a small sphere that quickly regenerates/heals armor/people inside.

Hologram decoy: Creates an identical clone of yourself wherever it is dropped.

Chrono bombs: Similar to the bubble bomb, they create a temporary shield that disrupts time within its 20 foot diameter range. The time bombs last 10 seconds and may reverse, slow, or stop time.


Conduit: Only humans are able to be conduits. Conduits have the power to manipulate the "four elements". Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Telekinesis. Although they are be able to use all four powers, all conduits have one "primary element". The element that they are most efficient with, and are virtually limitless to the conduit.

Augmentations: Augmentations is a term used for cybernetic parts. Conduits are incapable of augmentations because they would short circuit them if they used their powers. Augmentations are able to be used by any species. The neuro augmentations are perhaps the most useful for day to day usage. Neuro augmentations give the user photographic memory, are able to slow their perception of time, and are known for being very skilled in persuasive arguments. They also have built-in connection to the inter web. These can be used by any species.

Vigors/Plasmids: Cheaper to get then augmentations. These are drugs that allow the user to gain powers similar to conduits. Although it\'s only a quarter as powerful as a conduits powers, there is a very wide variety of Vigors and Plasmids that people have access to. These are illegal in the Mars alliance and Citedel space, but even there, the Reavers have been known to supply these to the criminal underground. Any species can use Vigors and plasmids, Conduits are the only ones who don't use them because most of them believe that they're "unnecessary".

No one is capable of using augmentations and vigors/plasmids at the same time. The vigors/plasmids cause the body to reject augmentations. You can only have one or the other.

Biotics: Superpowers given to any species when exposed to "element Zero". Most of these abilities range around telekinesis, and if one is exposed to Element Zero, there is a one in ten chance to gain these abilities. If someone does, their telekinetic abilities can surpass a conduit who's primary element is telekinesis. Biotics can use augmentations. Biotics can use Vigors unless they receive augmentations.

The Force: It's unknown where this power originated from. Either way, their telekinetic abilities are as powerful as a biotic. There are rumors that force-wielders have other abilities, but these sightings are too inconsistent to know for sure. Like biotics, they can use vigors unless they have augmented parts. Any species can be a force-wielder.

Prototypes: Powers from a result of the Blacklight virus. The ability given from the Blacklight Virus is oftentimes called "Zeus" powers. The Blacklight Virus can give the recipient extreme shapeshifting and regeneration abilities on a molecular level. 99.99% of humans or aliens infected will die. If the recipient gains Zeus powers, they will become incapable of using vigors/plasmids, augmentations, and are incapable of gaining the force or biotic abilities. Prototypes are also incapable of producing offspring. Any species can be a protoype, but they forfeit ALL other abilities under the powers category.
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