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Multiple Settings Medieval/Fantasy/Slice of life Long/short term Pregnancy RP's within!

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Husband of Chaepeumeon
Greetings! I am Dante, lover of roleplay's. I have been rping on this site for many years now, and have met some incredible partners. Unfortunately, most of them are currently in college, and have become rather busy, and as such, I am in need of some new partners! I have several plot ideas to choose from, and I am even doing something new that I have never done before: short term rp's! While I prefer long term Roleplay's I know everyone gets busy these days, so if a short term sort of story is more you style, perhaps now we can give that a try!

I am incredibly flexible when it comes to length and/or complexity. I am personally 25, so if that's something that is important to you then there you go. As far as pairing go, here are some pairings I have openings for! I do M x F and F x F pairings only!

Forbidden lovers (Prince/Princess X knight/commoner

True Love, but Who's? ((Modern plot))

I even do a couple Fandoms!

Legend of Zelda

Star Wars

Kingdom Hearts

As far as plots go, I will provide a few below!

Forbidden Lovers (new):

Muse A is the crown prince of Mott. He has been tasked with overseeing the testing of witches through drowning. Muse A has never done this before, and Muse B is one of the alleged witches. After being thrown overboard with a large millstone wrapped around her ankle, Muse A feels some overwhelming urge to try and rescue Muse B, who has now been underwater for several minutes. Will he save her in time? Will they fall in love? What will happen? Only you can decide!

Forbidden Lovers II:
Muse A is royalty, having a secret, established relationship. Muse A is of coronation age, and is being tasked with choosing a suitor, though, their heart Belongs to Muse B. Muse B has recently discovered they are with child, Muse A's child. Should this truth come to light, Muse B and their unborn child could be put to death for defying the crown, as pregnancy outside of marriage is a death sentence. What are they to do? Flee? Announce it to the world? Attempt to hide the growing pregnancy? Marry in secret? ((Can swap roles if you desire to be a princess and wish to be pregnant with a commoners child.))

True Love, but Who's?

Muse A is pregnant, though, whether the child is Muse B's or not is currently unknown. Muse A is no longer with Muse B, but Muse B wants to meet to discuss what to do about the accidental child. Muse A and Muse B come to a decision, but everything is thrown off trach when a mysterious man/woman appears to Muse B and the two instantly fall in love. Could this be the true parent of Muse B's child? Can Muse A get Muse A back from her new lovers grasp? This one has a lot of twists and turns, and would be pretty fast paced at first!

As far as Fandom plots go, we can decide those if you are intrested in them, as I currently have no requests aside from one of the characters being with child.
I am open to pretty much anything, and even if you don't see what you are wanting, if the plot involves a pregnancy, go ahead and shoot me a PM! I would be thrilled to hear it!

You can either reply to this post, or you can directly PM! I look forward to hearing from you all!

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