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Fandom medieval fantasy fandoms and originals

Sub Genres
Magical, Romance


New Member

wheee love to see a quick and dirty search

myb i'll make this pretty later
myb i won't

anyway, i'm On One™️, and im feelin those fantasy vibes babyyyy

ive got two fandoms im interested in and then a bunch of originals i guess

Galavant 🌟
i love this show SO much
do i know what i want out of it?? no!! do i still want it?????? yes!!!
i'll play whoever you want me to. canon? oc? just say the name and it's yours

BBC Merlin⭐
i also love this show very much
i'd loooooove if we could do arthur x my oc (in a light disney cross over with sword in the stone. i want my girl to be the squirrel turned human alright?? i have no desire to make merlin into an old man or follow sword in the stone in any capacity, but i was thinking maybe? we could have a plot where he's warming to magic and discovers merlin's secret and in an endeavor to know his secret bff more is like okay merlin !!! show me magic then!!! and the lil magic lessons from sword in the stone could be a thing, and then my squirrel girl could enter the party! i don't know i just know that i was heartbroken as a kid that the squirrel didn't get to become human....)

but i'm also totally fine with just vanilla arthur or merlin x my oc
and of course whoever you want against your oc! or canon! i'm not picky

Medieval Fantasy AUs✨
disney stuff but medfan??? rapunzel is my favorite and i'd want to be my own version / oc of her but we can do any other disney role for your side! and we can talk ships n ocs n stuff - i'm super duper not picky about this as long as i can be rapunzel
also fairy tales in general? good stuff

Original Fantasy✨
arranged marriages
cheating royals
royal x royal
arranged marriage x not their betrothed
royal x guard captain
princess x knight
monster x human
fantasy sacrifice x savior
etcetc, all your typical cliches

About Me
call me w/e you like. if you're curious about the username it's the japanese romanization for seasalt icecream from kingdom hearts aksdfasdf
i'm 26
my triggers are: smoking, alcohol, drugs, substance abuse. don't mention em don't bring em up they're triggers my guy i'm not being edgy
limits: ye olde nasty shit like incest, pedophilia, assault, what have thee. pls lmk know your triggers and/or limits! i'm obviously very happy to respect them
i like pms on rpn, email, gdocs, and discord
i double! we're doubling, this is double town
all my ships are gonna be m x f with my oc as the f, but in a distinctly bi way if that makes sense or eases my fellow queers
speaking of queers you can ask for whatever you want on your side. nb? trans? f//, m//, ace?? ask and ye shall receive

alright i think that's it, back to watching galavant i guess aklsjhdfgk pm me here if you're interested! pls don't just ask if i'm still doing something, actually let me know what you want out of it. thaaaaaankkkss 💋✨

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