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Multiple Settings medieval adventure and romance. mxf.

About Me
- Female
- 30. Old. Not overly concerned about my partner's age, but 18+ would be preferable.
- CST time zone
- MxF romantic pairings only. Typically I prefer to play the male role, but I'm equally happy to play the female! Let me know what you prefer. I also love a good bromance or girl power side pairing.

Style and Preferences
- It's very important that I write with someone I vibe with. What does this mean? I want us to be on the same page about the direction of the role play, the timing of the romance, etc. If we have differing opinions and ideas, let's talk it through! I'm super chill. The worst thing that could happen is that we agree that we want different things and part ways. I'm going to make my intentions and desires as clear as I can on here so that you know what you're getting into. I'll be honest... if anything I say on here is a potential dealbreaker for you, you may not want to contact me. I'm super chill and flexible in a lot of ways, but I've been doing this for along enough (15+ years omg) that I'm pretty set in my ways as far as what I like and don't like. Historically, I have reluctantly agreed to plot ideas I didn't actually enjoy, but I'm a little more selective these days. I may tell you straight-up that I'm not feeling your idea, and that's okay! It's nothing personal.

- Some basics. I write 2-4 meaty paragraphs on average, but I can certainly write more depending on what's going on, and I like to mirror my partner's length. I prefer my partners pump out at least 2 solid paragraphs, but I can get intimidated and burnt out if someone's sending me novellas every single time. Let's find a happy medium. As far as timing, I try to reply a couple times a week, but I can reply more than that if I have the brain space and if I'm really engaged in the story. Feel free to reach out if you haven't heard from me in a bit, but I cannot abide a partner who pesters and berates me constantly. Please be respectful. On that note, if you disappear for weeks or months and then come back and want to pick up where we left off, I will almost always say yes! No explanation needed.

- I write in the
3rd person; please do the same.

- I'm looking for someone who is going to be as engaged with this story as I am! You don't have to be super bubbly and we don't have to be BFFs, but my word, please show that you're interested and eager and contribute! I've had the most fun with role playing when I chat with my partner OOC about the next steps, whether it's something in the immediate future or way down the line. It's fun to brainstorm and plan ahead! There's still room for spontaneity, but having a framework (even if we build it as we go) is really fun.

- Romance! Let's talk about it. I love it. I need it. I really need a partner who's going to be as excited about the primary pair's romance as I am. It doesn't have to be super fast; in fact, I consider myself something of a Slow Burn Expert. That said, you want fast? I'm here for it. You want established? Let's go. Exes getting back together? I'm in. As long as it's a good story and a compelling relationship, I'm open, though I do have a slight preference toward a slow (but not TOO slow) burn.

- Doubling? I really don't like to start off doubling. I prefer to start with a primary pairing, and we can add side characters as needed, with or without little romances of their own.

- Limits. Very important! As a rule, I tend to keep it PG-13, but I'm not opposed to the occasional dark theme. There are some things I cannot abide in a role play: rape, incest, slavery, adultery, big age gaps (in a romantic pairing), and smut (per site rules, but also per my own preference; I'm all about the "fade to black"). Pregnancy is pretty much going to be a "nah" for me 95% of the time. I do like to incorporate violence in a lot of my stories, so let me know if you have an issue with gore (though I would also call my gore PG-13).

- A pet peeve that seems to happen over and over to me: my partner controlling my character's thoughts, words, actions, or past. Don't make assumptions about my character's history or what my character is doing. Above all, if you have any doubts, ask. Communication is very important to me! I can't stress that enough.

- Setting-wise, I'm really only looking for something Medieval. I'm not trying to be super historically accurate, but I draw inspiration from 12th-14th century Europe (and, let's be real, movies), and I prefer we make up our own countries most of the time. I don't like to exert a ton of energy world-building on the front end, but world-building as we go can be fun!

- Let's talk about fantasy. I really tend to avoid it, if I'm being honest. That being said, I'm not completely opposed. I would really prefer keeping it light; like, maybe magic is a thing in our universe, but we don't have fantastical creatures like elves and such. Something like that. If you want to include fantasy elements, just let me know! I'm sure we can reach an agreement we're both happy with.

- Character sheets. I like them, tbh. It's good to have a reference, even if it's just basic stuff. If we use face claims, I prefer a realistic photo or drawing. I'm pretty easy going, so just let me know what you prefer!

- I prefer that our main characters be in their twenties. If we're doing a "childhood friends to lovers" type of vibe, we can start off younger than that to establish things, but I don't want to spent a lot of time doing that.

- I have ghosted people before. I'm sorry if I've ghosted any of you, especially if it bothers you or you take it personally. I mean no personal offense! Here are some reasons why I might ghost someone: if I feel like I'm the only one invested in the story and moving it along, if I feel like my partner and I are trying to steer things in different directions, if we don't seem to want the same things, if something has made me deeply uncomfortable, or - by FAR the most common - if I simply run out of steam for writing because of external life things. That happens. All of this being said, I will make an effort going forward to communicate more clearly and let my partners know when I'm not happy or if life is draining my muse. On the flip side, I don't get offended if someone ghosts me. I will always assume the best, and if you contact me later on wanting to pick things up or start over, I'm almost always agreeable.

- PM only. I like having separate threads for OOC and the story.

- If there's anything else you need to know about me before you want to consider partnering with me, just let me know! I'm happy to explain and clarify whatever you'd like.

The Good Stuff
Here we are! Maybe you've made it through all my preferences and are still interested, or maybe you skipped to this part to see if I have what you're looking for. Either way, I'm glad you're here!

- Characters I play: My males can be anything from commoners to princes (tho I'm not super keen on playing a prince tbh), but they're always going to be warriors. I like fight scenes and ass-kickings, so they're going to be adept in combat. Sometimes they're introverted Loyal Bois, sometimes they're reckless idiots with good intentions. My females may likewise be commoners, noblewomen, or princesses. They're always smart and resilient, but sometimes they're fiery rebels and sometimes they're just about to bloom into their own independence.

I will give you a list of pairings, but first, some themes. I prefer to start with some themes/elements we're both interested in and decide on a pairing from there tbh. But feel free to skip down to the pairings list if that's what gives you the most inspo!

- forbidden romance
- arranged marriage (not between our characters, but where one or both of our characters is promised to someone else but they fall for each other instead)
- journeys gone awry
- longtime friends fall in love
- lost princess
- fancy schmancy events - a ball or maybe even a masquerade if I'm in the mood
- wartime drama
- espionage?? maybe...

Obligatory Pairings List

- princess x guard (could be royal guard, soldier, knight...)
- noblewoman x guard
- noble(wo)man x commoner
- noblewoman x nobleman
- prince x commoner

I have TONS of premises and TONS of little plot bunnies, and I have no plans to list them all here. If any of these pairings and/or themes excite you, just let me know, and I can guarantee you I have ideas that will encapsulate all of it. That's literally why they're listed here.

So yeah, hit me up with any ideas you have in mind, or if you're just like, "I want to play X kind of character and like these 3 elements from your list," we can come up with something no problem!

Pretty much anything here? I think I'm feeling slightly inclined toward a pairing that doesn't include royalty, just because it feels a little limiting. Give me two nobles who love each other but have various obstacles between them; give me a soldier and a noblewoman who fall in love; give me a nobleman who defies his family's expectations by falling for a common born woman. And I really need danger and adventure. But if we vibe really well and you want a princess x guard or a prince x commoner, I'm here for it!

PLEASE avoid commenting here unless you're unable to PM. Let's take it right over to PMs.
And for the love of all things good, please do me the courtesy of providing me with some information when you contact me. Doesn't have to be the novel that you see here, but it really saves us some time playing 20 questions if you let me know up front what your preferences are regarding character roles and plot ideas. You definitely don't have to show up with tons of plot ideas, but just give me an idea of what interests you. I will be kind and respond to you if you just say, "Hey, let's rp," but eventually I will give up trying to extract information out of you like a fractured upper 4th premolar from a dog (vet joke, sorry).
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