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Mecha - Southern Cross - Myrmidon Veritech Scout Tank (VHR-2)


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BIG THANKS to Sherwood for allowing me to copy the text from his games into this one (saving me a tremendous amount of time and typing)!

VHR-2 Myrmidon Scout Tank

Born of the same project that developed the Spartas Hover Tank, the Myrmidon is a reconnaissance platform that is frequently fielded next to its larger brother to provide electronic warfare support. Designed along the same lines, the Scout Tank has three modes of operation; transport, tank, and Battloid. It shares many of the same systems as the Spartas, including power plants, engines and even transformation gear.

Never designed to be a heavy fighting vehicle, the Myrmidon was fitted with only one integral weapon system. Mounted in the arm shields are a pair of triple barreled ion cannons like those found on the Spartas. These are mainly for defense and to add covering fire for any reconnaissance troopers who might be operating alongside the mecha. An optional EU-11 gun pod can be lashed to the hull of the Myrmidon, but the large weapon is awkward in the smaller hands of the mecha and it is rare for a pilot to use one.

M.D.C. by location

Sensor Head – 35

Arms – 95 each

Hands – 40 each

*Arm Shields – 350 each

Legs – 125 each

Main Vectored Thrusters – 85 each

Triple-Barreled Ion Cannons – 100 each

EU-11 Gun Pod (optional) – 100

**Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment – 125

***Main Body – 255

*Destroying an arm shield renders the weapon housed within it inactive and exposes the arm to damage.

**Only available on the -1A2 and up-armored variants.

***Destroying the main body renders the mecha completely inoperable.


Transport Mode: 150 mph

Tank/Guardian Mode: 15 mph

Battloid Mode: 55 mph

Leaping: 80 feet straight up in all modes. 90 feet lengthwise in Battloid and tank/guardian modes.

Flight: Can hover in the air up to 20 feet high in Battloid and tank/guardian modes. Typical altitude in transport mode is 1-15 feet off the ground.

Statistical Data

Transport Mode

Height: 3.5 feet

Length: 15 feet

Width: 5.7 feet

Tank/Guardian Mode

Height: 12 feet

Length: 18 feet

Width: 6 feet

Battloid Mode

Height: 16 feet

Length: 6.5 feet

Width: 9 feet

Weight: 14 tons

Cargo: Just enough for a rifle, survival pack, and a pair of binoculars.

Weapon Systems

1. MIW-20 Triple Barreled Ion Pulse Cannons: These are the same weapons mounted on the VHT Spartas as a secondary weapon. These cannons are the Myrmidon’s primary weapons, and can only be deployed and fired in tank/guardian mode.

Range: 1,800 feet

Mega Damage: 1d6x10 MD per single pulse. 2d6x10 MD when fired simultaneously at the same target.

Rate of Fire: Each single or double pulse counts as one melee attack.

Payload: Effectively unlimited.

2. EU-11 Gun Pod: This is not standard issue to the Myrmidon, but can be added on when the extra firepower is needed. This weapon can only be used in Battloid mode.

Weight: 250 lbs

Range: 4,000

Mega Damage: 1d8 MD per singe blast, 1d4x10 MD for a five round burst

Rate of Fire: Each single blast or five round burst counts as one melee attack.

Payload: A fully charged capacitor is good for 140 single shots or 28 five round bursts. The capacitor charges at the rate of one blast every two minutes in its housing, and an empty capacitor takes over three hours to charge in full.

3. Hand to Hand Combat

Restrained Punch: 1d4 MD

Full Strength Punch: 1d6 MD

Power Punch: 2d6 MD

Tear/Pry/Crush with Hands: 1d4 MD

Stomp: 1d6 MD against targets under 6 feet tall

Kick: 2d4 MD

Leap Kick: 2d8 MD. Counts as two attacks.

Bonuses with Mecha Elite Combat Training: +1 attack per melee round at levels 2, 4, 8, and 12. +2 on initiative, +2 to strike, +2 to parry, +4 to dodge, +1 to disarm, +2 to pull punch, and +2 to roll with impact.

Myrmidon sensors and abilities

1. Radar that can track airborne targets to a range of 40 miles and ground targets out to 10 miles depending on terrain. The radar can track up to 25 targets at once.

2. Combat computer

3. Communications suite with a powerful encrypted military band radio. Has both wide band and directional signals with a range up to 200 miles.

4. Passive nightvision with a range up to 1,200 feet

5. Thermal imager with a range of 800 feet

6. Infrared sensor that allows the mecha to se in the IR spectrum. Range is 500 feet.

7. Tactical camera that can record up to 180 minutes of video

8. Motion sensor detects objects within 1500 feet.

9. Headlights that works in the visible light band.

10. Distress beacon with a range of 250 miles

11. Smoke dispenser that has six charges and make a cloud of thick, white smoke 60 feet across.

12. Chaff/Flare dispenser with six charges. Has a 75% chance to confuse both heat seeking and radar guided missiles.

Myrmidon Gallery in spoiler =)


(Image credit: palladiumbooks.com)

(Image credit: palladiumbooks.com)
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