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Mecha - RDF - Valkyrie Veritech Fighter


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  • BIG THANKS to Sherwood for allowing me to copy some of the text from his games into this one (saving me a tremendous amount of time and typing)! I have since edited and added a lot my own words, but his info helped make for great base information. =)

    VF-1S Valkyrie - Note: All Valkyries unless otherwise stated are of the VF-1S Command Valkyrie configuration. At this stage in Robotech: Broadsword, the VF-1R model has not yet been invented.
    M.D.C. by Location
    *Sensor Head – 100
    Arms (2) – 125 each
    Hands (2) – 50 each
    "Magic Hands" Utility Arms (3 in right forearm) – 10 each
    Legs (2) – 150 each
    Feet/Vectored Thrust Nozzles (2) – 100 each
    **Wings (2) – 150 each
    ***Vertical Stabilizers (2) – 75 each
    Head Weapons (VF-1S has 4) – 50 each
    GU-11 Gun Pod – 150
    Wing Hardpoints (2 each) – 20 each
    Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment – 175
    ****Main Body – 350

    *Destroying the sensor head will knock out most of the Valkyrie’s sensors. Radar range is reduced to ten miles, long range radio and laser communications are lost and the laser targeting system is destroyed. All of this leaves the Valkyrie at -3 to strike, parry and dodge. Destroying the sensor head will also destroy all point defense lasers.
    **Destroying even one wing will send the Valkyrie immediately out of control and it will be unable to fly in fighter or Guardian mode until the wing is repaired/replaced.
    ***Destroying one stabilizer will reduce al bonuses and speed by half and the Valkyrie is very unstable in fighter mode, but still flyable. Destroying both stabilizers will send the Valkyrie out of control, much like losing a wing. The Valkyrie will be unable to fly in fighter mode until the stabilizers are repaired/replaced.
    ****Depleting the MDC of the main body will destroy the mecha, rendering it totally useless.

    Flying: Fighter Mode
    Sea Level: 1,340 mph
    At 32,808 feet: 2,593 mph
    At 98,425 feet: 3,703 mph
    Guardian Mode 390 mph
    Battloid Mode: 151 mph
    Running (Battloid mode): 100 mph
    Leaping (Battloid mode): 50 feet up or across with no assist. 150 feet up or across with thruster assist.

    Statistical Data
    Fighter Mode
    Height: 12.4 feet
    Length: 46.5 feet
    Wingspan: 27.2 feet full sweep, 48.5 feet full extension

    Guardian Mode
    Height: 28.5 feet
    Length: 36 feet
    Wingspan: 27.2 feet full sweep, 48.5 feet full extension

    Battloid Mode
    Height: 41.6 feet
    Length: 13 feet
    Width: 24 feet

    Weight: 15 tons
    Cargo: There is a small space big enough for a survival pack and a sidearm.
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