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Mecha - Broadsword - MBVHT-A1 Mjolnir


Kaerri's Man. =)
(I give absolutely no one except Kaerri permission to use this design in their games. This is an entirely original creation of my own.)

"It's a tank with automatic dodge. Cera, you're a monster." - My wonderful Kaerri upon reading this with delight for the very first time. =)

Mjolnir MBVHT-A1 - Main Battle Veritech Hover Tank

Description: Auxiliary Specialist, Traverser, and Wild Card, Cera of the Ura-Meltrandi, designed the Mjolnir to be a hard-hitting and hard-to-kill veritech hover tank able to take part in extended campaigns against the enemy's top-of-the-line mecha. While it lacks the arm shields of the VHT-series Spartas mecha, the tank has limited flight capability, terrific armor, reinforced pilots compartment, automatic dodge capability through its hover veneers (with a trained driver), a diverse weapons suite, and a 120mm main gun that can indirectly destroy targets out to 21 miles away.

Commander/Driver and Gunner - two M.E.C.T.-trained veritech pilots are required to make the most out of the Mjolnir's combat capabilities. If there is only one pilot available, the pilot must choose whether to use the Mjolnir's driver's or gunner's position.

Driver-only conditions - with a trained pilot at the controls, Mjolnir is capable of performing Automatic Dodge (dodge attempts that do not take up actions to initiate) through the use of its thruster veneers. However, it can only fire its main gun three times per round with a -3 penalty to Strike (as the driver's console differs greatly from the gunner's console).

Gunner-only conditions - the Mjolnir can make use of its autopilot features to go from point A to point B (no auto-dodge), but the gunner may fire the main gun five times per round with full bonuses.

Traversing - this bypasses the M.E.C.T. requirement, allowing the veritech to be completely controlled by a single operator. With technopathy in use, the Traverser is considered both the driver and gunner. If two Traversers are using technopathy on the same Mjolnir, their bonuses from technopathy accumulate. The Mjolnir was made by and for Traversers.

Mjolnir Main Battle Veritech Hover Tank
M.D.C. by location:
Sensor Head – 125
Arms (2) – 175 each
Hands (2) – 65 each
Legs (2) – 300 each
Hover Veneers (6) - 75 each*
Main Cannon – 200
Rapid-fire Laser Cannon – 125
Multiple Rocket Launcher - 100
EU-13 Gun Pod (2) – 100 each
Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment – 200
**Main Body – 525

*Every 2 hover veneers destroyed reduce hover and flight speed and ceiling by 25% (maximum 75%). If 4 are destroyed, the Mjolnir cannot auto-dodge until they are repaired or replaced. If all 6 are destroyed, the Mjolnir has to rely only on its main booster and can only fly at a pitiful 25% of its normal speed (12 mph/19.3 kph) with a flight ceiling reduced to 250 feet (76.2m).
**Destroying the Main Body renders the mecha inoperable.

Hover Tank Mode: 120 mph (193 kph). Flying: 50 mph (80 kph).
Guardian Mode, running: 30 mph (48 kph). Flying: 50 mph (80 kph).
Battloid Mode, running: 60 mph (96 kph). Flying: 50 mph (80 kph).

Leaping: 80 feet (24.4 m) straight up in all modes. 100 feet (30.5 m) lengthwise in Battloid and Guardian.
Flight: Can hover in the air up to 1,000 feet (304 m) high in all modes. Lands on its feet without damage when dropped from a height up to 2,000 feet (608 m). Typical altitude in Tank mode is 2-15 feet (0.6 to 4.6 m) off the ground, with thruster-assisted “leap” up to 80 feet (24.4 m) high.

Statistical Data
Tank Mode
Height: 12.6 feet (3.8m)
Width: 15.3 feet (4.6m)
Length: 25 feet (7.6m)
(Image credit: The very talented Kemp Remillard)

Guardian Mode
Height: 17 feet (5.1m)
Width: 15.3 feet (4.6m)
Length: 25 feet (7.6m)
The bottom half/waist down (only) of this picture (the Rifts Northern Gunbot Robot Killer). Basically, the tank mode sprouts sturdy and somewhat nimble legs capable of crossing terrain without the noise and ground debris of the hover tank engines (which are now on the bottom of its feet).
(Image credit: The incredible Chuck Walton)

Battloid Mode
Height: 25.4 feet (10.8m)
Width: 17 feet (5.1m)
Length: 20.1 feet (6.1m)
This Valiant Destroid without the arm shield. Add a giant tank gun over one shoulder, the rapid-fire laser cannon over the other, and two EU-12 gun pods to complete the picture.
Valiant Destroid by Chuck Walton for Marines Sourcebook.jpg
(Image credit: The incredible Chuck Walton)

Weight: 23.7 tons dry
Physical Strength: Robotic P.S. of 42
Crew area and cargo: Two comfortable leather chairs. The cabin is able to seat three with just enough room for two rifles and two survival packs.

Say it with pride! 8D
(Image credit: Military Humor)

Weapon Systems

M-325 120mm Smoothbore Cannon
The Mjolnir's main weapon is capable of firing several different types of ammunition for sustained periods. With a gunner with the M.E.C.T. Mjolnir skill, the weapon can fire up to once every three seconds (five times per round). Without a trained gunner (driver only), the use of the autoloader can provide cannon fire once every five seconds (three times per round). Use of the main cannon in Battloid mode is possible, but limited to three times per round. When firing in Battloid mode, the Mjolnir must be set in its firing stance (a Weaver-like stance which does not take an action but must be declared.) If the Mjolnir in Battloid makes use of the main gun without setting in this stance, the Strike is allowed with full bonuses, but the pilot must make a Piloting roll with a -15% penalty. Failure means the Battloid has lost its balance and falls (lose Initiative and one action).

Range: varies by ammunition as described below and is listed in direct-fire terms. With a spotter, the cannon can fire indirectly up to three times this listed (direct) range. For indirect fire in Robotech: Broadsword, see Dannigan's rules at the bottom of this page.
Mega-Damage: varies by ammunition. The cannon can fire the following types of rounds:

Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS). A round that uses a dart made of depleted uranium or tungsten to pierce enemy armor.
Range: 7 miles (11.2km)
Mega-Damage: 3d6x10+30 M.D.

High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT). A shell with a shaped charge warhead.
Range: 5 miles (8km)
Mega-Damage: 2d6x10+30 M.D.

Multi-Purpose Anti-Tank (MPAT). A HEAT round with an added proximity fuse to allow it to engage slow, low-flying aircraft such as helicopters and for air bursts over targets.
Range: 5 miles (8km)
Mega-Damage: 2d6x10+30 M.D. to a 50 foot (15.2m) radius

Canister. A shell filled with tungsten shot that acts like a giant shotgun shell for use against buildings, dug-in infantry, and thin-skinned vehicles.
Range: 3,000 feet (914m) (Cannot be fired indirectly with any hope of accuracy.)
Mega-Damage: 1d8x10+30 M.D. to everything within a 25 foot (7.62m) area up to half range, 1d4x10+15 M.D. to everything within 50 feet (15.24m) area at full range.

High Yield Incendiary (Plasma). An extremely lethal anti-personnel round filled with superheated plasma.
Range: 4 miles (6.4km)
Mega-Damage: 2d8x10+30 M.D. to everything in a 25 foot (7.6m) area from the initial blast. Sets all combustible substances ablaze and continues to burn, doing an additional 4d8 M.D. per minute for 1d6+1 minutes.

Rate of Fire: Five per round (with gunner) or three per melee round (without gunner). Three times per round in Battloid maximum (with or without a gunner).
Payload: 75 rounds
Note: Typical loadout for the Mjolnir Hover Tank is 24 APFSDS rounds, 24 HEAT rounds, 12 MPAT rounds, 10 Canister rounds, and 5 Plasma rounds.
Note: Instead of smoke rounds, the Mjolnir's rocket/missile pods are used instead.

2. JTS-MRL Model 300 Multiple Rocket Launcher. This system is able to bombard hard targets in volleys or shoot down incoming missile volleys. Being a rocket system and not missile-guided, the MRL uses only the gunner's Weapon System skill, Mjolnir Mecha Elite Combat Training, W.P. Heavy bonuses (if any), and Special Bonuses from the Mjolnir to determine Strike bonuses.
Range: Varies by rocket type.
Mega-Damage: Varies by rocket type (typically 6D6 to 1D4x10 M.D. each).
Rate of Fire: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12.
Payload: 12 (one "magazine" of 12 backed by second separate rack replacing the first via autoloader when the first dozen run dry.)
Note: A reminder to my players; rockets are not computer-guided missiles. Rockets have their own benefits and disadvantages. See Shop Talk for details.

3. Cera's Anti-vehicle "Blaster Cannon." Lord only knows where Cera dug this up. This is the secondary anti-vehicle weapon atop the main gun (like the "Ma Deuce" .50 caliber machine gun of the M1A3 Abrams). It does well against hardened targets, has an intimidating sound and rate of fire, and has a range equivalent to keep up with other mecha gunnery systems. It is useable in all three Veritech modes.
Range: 4,000 feet (1219m)
Mega-Damage: 1D4x10+20 M.D. per burst.
Special Attack - Strafe: Strafing an area causes 6D6 M.D. to up to four targets no more than 30 feet apart from one another. This takes one action to perform.
Rate of Fire: Each pulse blast counts as one attack
Payload: Effectively unlimited.
Note: When I think of this gun, I think of The Empire Strikes Back when the Millenium Falcon is making its escape from Hoth. Remember the Falcon's bad little laser cannon? =)

3. EU-13 80mm Pulse Beam Cannon. (From Shadow Chronicles, page 69). The EU-13 is a high output, rapid-fire laser cannon designed as the main energy weapon for the Alpha. It is a three-barrelled Gatling-style laser configured as a rifle and does remarkable damage for such a relatively small package, firing either single shots or rapid-fire bursts. It is powered by a rechargeable Protoculture cell that is inserted into the weapon like a magazine, and can be switched for a new one easily. Both cannons can be used by either the commander or the gunner.

Cera was able to add a pair of EU-13 Gun Pods (the submachinegun-style gun pods used by the Alpha Veritech Fighters) to the Mjolnir's arsenal. They are usually used one in each hand in Battloid mode and can be fired at the same target (using the Paired Weapons - Ranged skill). Both can be put away on each of the Mjolnir's thighs via magnetic clamps to make use of the mecha's hands. In Tank/Guardian modes, they are on the sides of the veritech and fixed forward. In this mode, they are able to fire but at -3 to Strike (the tank must aim straight at the target). Both gun pods cannot thus strike the same target unless it is 15.3 feet (4.6m) or greater in size.

Range: 4,000 feet (1,219m)
Mega-Damage: 4D4 M.D. per single blast, 1d4x10 M.D. for a five round burst.
Rate of Fire: Each single blast or five round burst counts as one attack.
Bonus: +3 to Strike thanks to its laser targeting system.
Payload: 100 single shots or 20 five shot bursts per Protoculture magazine.
Capacity: The Mjolnir carries 4 spare magazines.

4. Hand to Hand Combat.
Restrained Punch: 1d6 M.D.
Full-Strength Punch: 4d6 M.D.
Power Punch: 1d6x10 M.D. Counts as two attacks.
Tear/Pry/Crush with Hands: 2d8 M.D.
Stomp: 3d6 M.D. against targets less than 15 feet (4.5m) tall
Kick: 5d8 M.D.
Leap Kick: 1d8x10 M.D.. Counts as two attacks.
Body Block/Ram: 3d6 M.D. per 20 mph (32km) of speed. Uses two attacks and has a 60% chance of knockdown against targets up to 50% bigger. Victims of a successful knockdown lose initiative and two melee attacks. In Tank mode, this damage increases to 4d6 M.D. per 20 mph if the Mjolnir strikes a target head-on due to a ramming prow set on the front of the vehicle.

5. The Mjolnir carries 12 uses of chaff/flares for defense against enemy missile systems.

Dannigan's Mjolnir design notes
1. The height/length/width measurements are approximates. The Tank and Guardian modes differ here only in that the Mjolnir gains the lower body of the Battloid mode.

2. The M1A1s M256 Smoothbore can (according to various Internet resources) directly hit targets out to five miles. I took the 105mm stats of the VHT and increased them both in damage (+30 M.D. per round, improving both the mean and the minimum damage) and in range (out to five miles or at least 20% more than the 105mm). Not wanting the Mjolnir to have the same technology of a main tank gun of the 20th century, I boosted the direct range for the Mjolnir's APFSDS out to a maximum of 7 miles (or 21 miles indirect fire), added 2 miles to each of the other types of rounds except for the canister (shotgun) round which stayed at 3,000 feet.

3. Transformation notes: The Mjolnir is fast and mobile in Tank mode, but loud and easy to spot from the clouds that tends to kick up with its hover engines enabled. In Guardian mode, it is slower, but makes a lot less noise while kicking up a lot less dirt and debris from its hover engines. Think of it as a mobile gun platform. In Battloid mode, the veritech is capable of hand-to-hand combat, firing both EU-13 gun pods simultaneously, and making use of a humanoid body. In all modes, it has limited flight capability.

Special Bonuses: +1 on initiative, +2 to strike, +1 to parry and dodge, +2 to roll with punch. These bonuses are in addition to any bonuses from the Mecha Elite Combat Training Skill.

Bonuses from Mecha Elite Combat Training (MECT): +1 attack per melee at levels 1, 3, 6, 10, and 15. +1 on initiative, +1 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge, +2 to disarm, +2 to pull punch, and +1 to roll with punch.

Dannigan's Steps for Indirect Fire.
This requires a spotter in a separate location to acquire targeting data. All Indirect Fire attempts are performed at half the gunner's usual strike bonus, but up to triple the range of the tank round (except for canister rounds) plus the gunner does not need line-of-sight on the target! Using this method, the tank is often completely out of danger while able to destroy an enemy it does not need to see. Range may be increased further if the Mjolnir can find elevation (or fly to its ceiling of 1,000 feet).
1. Spotter must provide precise latitude and longitude coordinates to the Mjolnir tank crew. A successful Navigation or Land Navigation skill from the spotter is required. Failure means the round completely misses the target (time to adjust! Roll the skill again).
2. The M.E.C.T.-trained gunner must accurately interpret the coordinates. A Sensory Equipment roll from the gunner is required. Failure means the round completely misses the target.
3. The Mjolnir must be placed in a position where the main gun can reach said coordinates (GM discretion).
4. A Called Shot at -2 to Strike is made by the gunner (target number GM discretion).
5. If the shot hits, subsequent shots can be made with less difficulty (Called Shots no longer need to be made).
Note: If either the Mjolnir or the target changes location, some of the steps above must be repeated (GM discretion). The spotter can change location all she likes! =)

(I give absolutely no one except Kaerri permission to use this design in their games. This is an entirely original creation of my own.)
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