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Realistic or Modern me myself and Inhabitance.

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Dystopian, Horror, Mystery, Realistic, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural, Zombies


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this world was once like our own. Suddenly society crashed at the sign of a parasitic intelligence that was artificially created in a lab.

this creature inhabits the body first by putting spores inside the mouth, in which it consumes and acts like the tongue of the person it is inhabiting, it then slowly makes it's way into the blood stream and inhabits the whole body. It chooses what to do next.

It may change the appearance of the host drastically, or barley at all. it never gets rid of the human, but it begins to envelop and replace their spinal chord so it has control. the human can speak cry, and other things that the head can normally do.

killing the host means killing the human and vice versa.

there have been rumors of a cure, but nobody has discovered it. (nor will they for a while)

the parasite usually waits until it is discovered to make a move and mutate.

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