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Juuri, Daughter of Atticus
  • ceebi

    MAY 30 2018 PLANET TAMMA


    The sands that were carried through the howling wind made a muted thwack, against the metallic roof of the container. The violent gust outdoors was easy to ignore in the shelter, it was safe here. It was not Juuri's intention to be caught anywhere near tonight's sandstorm, and she was not at all prepared. She would not be able to return home until the storm was quiet. She was not worried. In fact, she was quite calm, even feeling at ease enough to hum a lullaby as she worked. It was a lullaby she had long forgotten the words to, one sang by her grandmother to her and the other young when she was a child. A time before even her first birthmarks had come in.

    Now, her hands littered with tens of golden dots, wrung the cloth over her make-shift wash basin. These markings were the tell-tale sign of aging in her family, and hers told the world she has been around for twenty-two cycles. With ginger care, she replaced the folded cloth on the forehead of the stranger. The reason she had been caught in the sandstorm in the first place.

    On her way home from a day spent patrolling the borders of her hometown, Avan, for animals wounded after last night's storm, she had spotted the collapsed figure deeper into the wastes. Never one to ignore a helpless creature, Juuri had rode out to it on her steed Jo'ni, a reptilian horse. The beast slept curled up deeper in the container, tired from the day of riding and soothed by Juuri's voice.

    She continued humming, brushing the slick dark hair away from the stranger's face. At first glance, Juuri had believed him to be Terran, a distant cousin of Tameruian people. But the unnatural coolness of his skin perplexed her, at first giving the appearance he was dead.