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Fandom MCU roleplay! Long term 1x1 ocxcc adv lit!

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Hey! 23 year old female here seeking other adult writers to work with. Today I’m on the hunt for something a tad different. Today I’m actually searching for fans of the MCU. I’m looking for people passionate about plotting who’ll listen to my ideas and help me work out wether we can make some of them happen! Please be advanced literate. I’m seeking clean long term roleplays!

I tend to use anything from three paragraphs right the way through to four or five. I can use more, it depends on the scene and investment in story etc! I’m looking for oc x canon ships. But it’s worth noting while I’m not a new fan I haven’t seen some of the newer movies, I took a break from marvel a little while ago as such I haven’t seen some of the new material! So please try to avoid spoilers.

I’m looking for you to play canon, use third person and a lot of detail! I can do double ups but I am getting a little sick of them, I do tend to end up giving the other person everything they want and sacrificing a tonne of plot ideas and even shipping ideas for my oc. If you want to do doubles that’s fine, but please do not make my oc feel inferior or like a side character, if I feel this is becoming the case I will raise the issue! I do not play males unless it is doubles so please don’t ask! I do not play canons unless it’s doubles, I am strictly looking to play my oc unless doubles are requested!

While I have set characters I pair with lately I’ve been craving the god of thunder Thor or Steve Rogers! I have all these intense ideas and I feel really proud of the plot I’ve created for him. I’d love to find someone able to play Thor and maybe include a love triangle perhaps? If that’s the case I’d love to do something with Loki but that’s not totally necessary! I do also have some ideas for Captain America and The Winter Soldier I’d love to try! I’d love to get a love triangle going here as well where possible.

I do have set characters I’m looking to roleplay with and I’ll list them here for you all. So I’m looking for; Thor, Peter Parker, Loki, Captain America and Tony Stark. In your dm please tell me your age, literacy level, if you want doubles or not and the characters you can play best! It’s also helpful to know whether or not love triangles are on the cards!

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