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Fandom MCU Interest Thread

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Marvel's Minon
Hey guys!
I’m currently looking for a Marvel RP and wanted to see if anyone was interested. I’m currently looking for a few pairings that I’ll list below. I can pretty much play anyone for you if you’re interested in doubling! I typically only play MxF when it comes to romantic pairings (nothing against the LGBTQ community I just don’t believe I could do those pairings justice).

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the new spiderman movie yet but I will hopefully in the next few days.

Short and sweet! If you’re interested please comment below or PM me!

Pairings that Im looking for:

Tony Stark x female OC
Howard Stark x female OC
Loki x female OC
Peter Parker x Tony Stark x female OC (family Rp basically)
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I'm over 13... I want a Unhappy Meal
I think I would be interested in maybe a LokixOc RP

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