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Fandom May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour: The 110th Hunger Games

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Action, Adventure, AU, Dystopian, Horror, Realistic


I am become enby, destroyer of gender
May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour: The 110th Hunger Games

Soon, twenty three children will be sent to their death again. Districts One, Two and Four revel in the hope of one of their specially trained Volunteers will bring honour to their District. The newly-formed training academies in Five anxiously hope their first Volunteers will come home. The Outer Districts dread the near-inevitable death of their children. The Capitol wait impatiently for their favourite Game to begin. And new head Gamemaker Yukari Excellence is determined to make her first Games the best yet...

Yo! May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour is a roleplay set in an alternate universe version of the Hunger Games. Specifically, Rue won the Seventy Fourth Hunger Games and as such the rebellion never started. Panem is under new leadership, but there’s not much changes to background lore you need to know- the main one being that District Five has begun to start training tributes like the Careers, but also assume the situations in the Districts are slightly better off and less oppressive under the new President.

While you will play the Tributes, I'm not planning to play any Tributes myself. I will control the Gamemakers. Obviously, I’m not expecting to get twenty four players, so not only will you be able to create multiple characters any not filled will die in the Bloodbath or soon after. The RP will not start at the Reapings, but rather at the Chariot Rides, as this is where Tributes can first start interaction.

As this is a rather unorthodox RP, I will need to lay down some ground rules.

  1. Be prepared to die. Do not join if you expect your character to live to the end. This is the Hunger Games, and most likely you will die, as there can only be one Victor. No exceptions. In canon Katniss and Peeta both won, but I will not be willing to allow that to happen here. Anyone with all their tributes dead may sponsor other tributes, to help keep you invested in the RP.
  2. No goddmodding or controlling others characters. Don't dodge every attack. Don’t supernaturally know where other Tributes are even if they should have no way of knowing. Don’t control what other Tributes do, as that would be unfairly affecting their survival. Pretty basic roleplay etiquette, but important to restate.
  3. Be realistic-ish. Just be believable, mostly. Your twelve year old tribute from Twelve did not train with swords all their lives. Your burly Career from Two likely isn’t afraid of blood or fighting unless they have a believable reason. Outside of wealthy tributes, no one’s gonna have anime hair colour, and even then it'll have to been dyed. You can’t block an arrow with a sword, especially if you’re a scrawny thirteen year old. Mostly just use common sense.
  4. This will be quite structured-ish. Ish because I won’t always be online, of course, especially since I’m not American and thus in a different timezone to a lot of you. But you’ll always have the three training days (though these may or may not correspond to actual irl games depending on the pace of the RP, of course.), a private session, and an interview. When you enter the Games, I'll get a thread with the current state of Arena and anything else that could be vital information, under my complete control. As the Gamemakers, I'll influence the Games slightly, by herding together tributes, sending out Mutts, and similar. If in the RP you ever get to a situation breaks any of these rules or just needs someone to judge an outcome or something, please ask me! I hope this all makes sense.
  5. Either use drawn faceclaims or descriptions, please! This is just something personal- I find images of real people used for roleplays a bit uncomfortable, especially since people are gonna die here. So please either use a written description or a drawn image- any style is fine, just as long as it stays within Rule 3!
  6. No relations to canon characters. Just- please don’t. It’s just awkward and messes with the canon. Besides, they’re almost universally a bit cliche. Not to be rude! It’s just something I personally do not want in this RP.
  7. Most importantly, be excellent to one another! This is a fun thing! So please don’t stress about this or stress anyone else about it. If someone breaks these rules, please be polite. Unless they break the rules multiple times or intentionally there’s no need for drastic action. Please don’t bring any IC enmity to OOC. And please, be lenient on me haha. This is my very first time GMing since I was very young, so I may struggle a bit, so please be patient!

I hope this interests you and you would like to join! If so, I shall hopefully set up a CS page, and when submissions start slowing down I'll close the roleplay and we shall start. Hopefully this RP shall last until we have a Victor, but if not I hope at the very least it’ll be something fun and unique, as I haven’t seen a RP like this on the site!


I am become enby, destroyer of gender
I’m glad people are interested! If you want to reserve any spaces while I work on the CS and stuff, feel free! I'll hopefully have my CS and OOC thread up tomorrow or maybe even late today, since I've got a lot of it already laid out.


New Member
This looks great! I'll have a cs up soon, and will probably make one or two others if we don't reach 24 :)

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