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Fantasy May God Have Mercy on My Soul

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Your Favorite Nightmare
May God Have Mercy on My Soul

AD 1374, Fall

By Decree of His Holiness, and by the Great Majesties of Europe, the chosen People of God have been called by their Lord to step forth to partake in the Great Crusade.
Satan has brought Hell on Earth and laid ruin to the Holy Roman Empire. Germania has been swallowed whole by a fiery pit leading straight to the depths of Hell itself. What resulted was the spread of evil and chaos across the whole of the European Continent, from the coasts of Iberia to the walls of Constantinople.

His Holiness calls upon the valiant Anglo-Saxons of the British Isles, the great people of France, the righteous rulers of the Byzantine Empire, the Holy people of Italy, to the farthest reaches of the Mediterranean to step forward and fight for your God and Savior, that we may preserve life on Earth and save ourselves from the clutches of Satan.

The Pope will arrive in Vienna on the 31st of October, Hallow's Eve, to announce the start of the Great Crusade and bless our campaign against the darkest evil. Heed the call. Fight for our world. Strike Satan true with the sword of our Lord and end the nightmare that has shrouded Europe.

May God Have Mercy on Our Souls

Signed His Holiness,
Pope Gregory XI

Hey, everyone! So, basically, this is an rp steeped in the Christian mythos, delving mostly into demonology and takes place in an alternate timeline where Satan quite literally brings Hell on Earth by ripping open a pit in the heart of Germany. There will be several stages to this rp. The Journey to the Edge, The Pit (Based strongly off Dante's Inferno), and then the Final Battle: The Mind of Satan, The Heart of Satan, The Soul of Satan. It is a perilous journey and extremely dark. There are a lot of gruesome, gory scenes, as well as a stress factor, which I'll explain.

Your character is going to need to monitor their stress, either by praying, meditating, or resting. I will let you know how much stress your character accrues depending on the things they witness, do, or have done to them. I REPEAT. THIS IS A DARK RP. There will be implications to many things that will be omitted for the sake of not going too far and breaking any rules. The maximum amount of stress your character can have is 200. At 50, your character will become Paranoid. At 100, you character will become Manic. At 180 your character becomes Hopeless. This is danger zone for your character. At this point, if you're not trying to destress, you're a walking ticking time bomb waiting to blow and cause everyone to suffer. If EVERYONE is at 180 or above, EVERYONE risks failing the Crusade. And by failing, I mean you all die horrific, diabolical, painful deaths. Now, we don't want that to happen so be sure to rest up while you can. Stress levels won't really be an issue until you get to the 4th/5th Circles of Hell and failing the Crusade won't really be an issue until you get to the Final Battle.

Note: Many of this is BASED off the Christian Mythos but many of this is also adapted to fit the framework of the story. It is by no means to be taken as an accurate representation of Christianity and is PURELY a work of FICTION. I would also ask to keep any OOC talks away from religion, politics, or anything of the like to avoid any messy discussions where we can. This is all in good fun and if you have any genuine questions about where I got inspiration for some of the demons or places you might encounter in my fictionalized version of Hell, I'll be happy to tell you. Hopefully this interests you guys and if you're up for some gothic horror, you'll get plenty of it and more! 😈


I am so down if you need me. Being a Christian and an avid reader, I am pretty sure I can help you with anything you may need. Plus, not much would need to be explained for me.


Your Favorite Nightmare
I am so down if you need me. Being a Christian and an avid reader, I am pretty sure I can help you with anything you may need. Plus, not much would need to be explained for me.
Thanks so much! I’m glad to have you on board. Hopefully, more people show some interest so I can start considering what to do when setting up the actual thread


Your Favorite Nightmare
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The official thread is up! Make yourself at home and settle in. CS's will come soon after

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